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This observation happened on a recent holiday while I was sat at the beach. I was aware of a family clustered on the rocks about five metres from me, and in particular a young lady, early 20s with long, black hair (and dressed in a rather fetching black and white two-piece swimsuit). Suddenly my attention was well and truly grabbed when she cupped her hands over her nose and mouth and sneezed loudly into them with a stunning 'HEEYYEESSSHHHOOO!!'

Trying to observe without making myself too obvious, I watched her build up and deliver a further five sneezes, equally loudly, into her hands with about 30 seconds gap in between each release. And if that had not been enough, there must have been some type of pollen that was irritating her nose in the area, because over the course of the next hour or so, she proceeded to have at least 8 of these little sneeze-fits, some when she was standing up, others while she was lying down.

The best was when she sneezed on her way down to the sea (which could only be reached by slippery rocks) and kind of half slipped over as the sneeze forced her body to convulse involuntarily. The rest of her family found it very amusing, and although i could have quite happily listened to her fits all day, they left shortly after this.

Sun, sea and sneezes... perfect holiday combination :D

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Oh-kay. Time to forget that rule which says it's impolite to look at other people at public places. I have to start collecting some nice summer obs! detective.gif

NoV, thank you very much for sharing this!

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They say pollen isn't usually as bad by the seaside. I can imagine how her nose would react if she were further inland. But alas, then there would be no two piece swimsuit.

Lovely obs. Thank you.

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Niceee! Bikinis and sneezing fits have still to cross paths in my universe, but it does sound like it'll be worth the wait!!

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