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This was inspired while listening to the amazing “Summer Fit”, by our very own Dusty. I had an idea for this story while reading New Mutants v.2 issue #10 while listening to her delightful sneezes. To get the full experience, go to Dusty's Youtube channel and queue up the track. This is posted with her permission.

For those not familiar with the X-Men, Emma Frost is a telepathic ex-villain who has joined the X-Men and is now teaching a small squad of mutant students at Xavier's school. She used to be a bitchy ice queen, but she mellowed out a little lately, although I imagine she would rather cut off her nose than sneeze in public. Cessily Kincaid is a 16 year old mutant girl, whose body permanently transformed into liquid metal. She recently joined the school, and although outwardly cheerful and friendly, has had trouble adjusting to the change.

Emma: http://tinyurl.com/947w3xz (some of the pictures here are a bit naughty, but none are pornographic)

Cessily: http://tinyurl.com/9dmld3o


“What's that?” His massive form slouched in a stuffed armchair, Santo Vaccarro eyed the platter suspiciously.

“These are French pastries from the finest patisserie in New York”, Emma Frost said regally. She reclined gracefully in a elegant desk chair, a croissant sitting delicately on a lace napkin by her elbow.

“Iceman always got us pizza”, said Julian Keller. Along with Cessily, Brian and Dallas, Emma's team of mutant heroes-in-training sat arrayed along one side of the conference room.

“Drake has no class,” Emma sighed. “Pizza is for peasants.”

A breeze from the open window made Emma's eyes and nose itch slightly. She had a touch of hayfever, which was usually kept in check by custom-prescribed medication designed for her mutant metabolism. She reflexively pushed the itch in her nose back down.

“So, back at that other school, your kids were like a team, right?” Julian blustered ahead with his usual lack of tact. “The Hellions?”

“We are not at that school and you are not the Hellions. That dream is over.”

“If you say so.”

“I say so. However, there will always be those who are destined for greatness. And it is my job to teach you how to be one of those select few.”

Her nose itched again, and she pushed the feeling back again. One of the advantages of being one of the world's most powerful telepaths was an almost complete control of her brain's pathways.

“As you know, the students here eventually get codenames. Traditionally, these are chosen by the faculty, and many students dread getting something embarrassing or inappropriate. So, tell me what would you like to be called? Santo?”

“I dunno,” he shrugged. “I guess Rocky would make people think of that movie. Rockslide, maybe?”

Emma nodded. “Dallas?”

“I'm guessing Shadow would be too cliché. Specter, maybe?”

((Author's note: If you have Dusty's 'Summer Fit' open, start listening to it now.))

Emma sniffled, and then It Happened. The tickle flowed into her nose again. She tried to push it away, but inexplicably the itch slipped through her mental grasp like wet soap, blossoming into a prickly urge spreading through her nose in less than a second. She tried to grasp it again, and again it slipped away. Emma felt her breath hitch and realized she was going to sneeze, like it or not.

She placed her coffee on the table, and brought a hand to her mouth as she inhaled deeply and her eyes squeezed shut. Emma normally had a moderate, controlled “Chew!”, but to her surprise and horror she erupted in a snotty “hi-KHKHKH-oo!” followed a second later by a wet “heh-TSSS-oo!”

Emma opened her watery eyes and was mortified to see two parallel strands of snot running from her hand to her mouth and nose. Blessedly, a small stack of linen napkins sat on the table next to the tray of pastries. Doing her best to remain at least somewhat regal and aloof, she plucked one up and wiped her face.

“Bless you, Ms. Frost”, said Cessily, always the polite one.

Emma sniffled twice, and her nose tickled again. With every last bit of her mental strength, she grabbed the incoming sneeze and throttled it down to a soft “heh-eh, heh-eh, heh-ngggg”. Emma started to relax, but maddeningly, the urge rose again almost immediately. This time, she only had the strength to force it down to a “heh-TSS-oo!”

“Bless you again,” said Brian.

Emma slipped into Brian's short-term memory, and died of embarrassment upon seeing a vivid image of herself, eyes clenched and nostrils flared, a cloud of mist clearly visible in the stream of sunlight, settling on the tray of pastries. She grabbed another napkin and stood up. “I need to... take a powder,” she said curtly, heading for the door. Another tickle grabbed her nose, but she scrunched it into a “heh-nnnhh”.

The ladies' room was only a few doors down. Scrubbing her face, her first impulse was to telepathically erase her students' memories of their Headmistress's embarrassing incident, but she reluctantly pushed the thought away. That's what the White Queen would do, but this is the new, improved Emma Frost, devoted to doing good by others. Or something. The urge rose again, and Emma didn't bother to hold back. “heh-CHHHHH-oo!”

A pang of regret welled up near the door. Emma turned to see Cessily, in the process of reforming after sliding under the door. “I'm sorry to intrude, Ms. Frost, it's just...” Her face appeared out of the shimmering quicksilver, her eyes downcast. “I even miss sneezing,” she sighed.

Emma softened. Being permanently transformed into liquid metal had been rough on young Cessily, and the past few months had been harder. Being a mutant wasn't easy, and on top of that, her unusual appearance had set her apart from the other Homo Superior in her class at Xavier's. Just a moment ago, Emma recalled, Cessily had been nibbling on the edge of a lemon Danish, even though she had no need to eat. It simply reminded her of being human.

“I'll leave you alone.” Cessily turned to the door.

“Wait.” Emma inhaled sharply, and suddenly, Cessily felt the Headmistress's mind in hers. In her liquid metal nose, Cessily felt an itch rising into an urge. Emma gasped again, her eyes closed, her head tilted back. “heh-KSSSSS-oo!” Cessily felt Emma's forceful sneeze in her mind, followed by a honking noseblow into a paper towel.

“Thanks,” Cessily smiled warmly. “I... I needed that.”

“There's not much I wouldn't do for my students,” Emma smiled back, in Headmistress mode again. “Do sit down, I'll be back in a moment.”

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Oooh man, I think I drifted back out of X-Men around when Emma turned tail, but she is definitely a fierce lady. Love her reluctance, and that telepathic projection at the end, really interesting and... I'm not sure if 'sweet' or 'cute' are the words to use, but it made me all fluffy happy inside. Nice job!

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Nice. I really enjoyed this one, the little thing at the end was interesting. Mind melding, projection, whatever you want to call it, it was awesome!!!

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Great story and concept :) And you know what - its made me realise that I HAVE always wanted to go into someones mind and experience what its like to have an uncontrallable allergy fit :D Maybe its just me...

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“Drake has no class,” Emma sighed. “Pizza is for peasants.”

ahahaha you nailed the characterization (what I know of it, anyway heh.gif)

I never considered her being telepathic that she could have a stronger grip on her sneeze reflex. Interesting.

She tried to push it away, but inexplicably the itch slipped through her mental grasp like wet soap

I love that comparison.

Just a moment ago, Emma recalled, Cessily had been nibbling on the edge of a lemon Danish, even though she had no need to eat. It simply reminded her of being human.

awwww! cry.gif

Omg and she lets her "feel" her sneeze at the end. So sweet. smile.png

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