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Waffle Sneezing


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Okay so this is my first post so sorry if the writing is not the best. Anyways, this happened last week on Wednesday. Let me tell you about my dad. He is 6'1 1/2, and has green eyes and dark brown hair. If my mom and dad are both in the same room, and he sneezes, my mom is always like, "Ewww!" or "Germ gel!" and she hands him the germ gel. But when my mom or I sneezes, no one says anything.

So back to the ob. Well my mom was not home, she was at a meeting. When my dad came home from work, it was time for dinner. I convinced him to make waffles. While he was stirring the waffle mix, and getting ready to pour it, he sneezed a loud, "A-Schroof!". I did not say a word, and tried to keep from showing anything on my face. He had sneezed into the mix!!! I saw the spray. It was gross! (mostly cause it was my dad)

At dinnner time, it was a little awkward eating the waffles, but I got over it and acted like nothing had happened. But still in my brain I was thinking, "ICK!"

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Omg ewwww! Why is it that some people have no sense for hygiene in the kitchen? My dad sometimes did similar (not quite that gross though) things when I was younger but I would get away with a "not really hungry" and instead turn to my secret stash of candy bars in my room haha. Kudos to you for being able to eat the waffles without puking!

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