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Jensen's got a cold


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Having a sick day at home and felt like torturing Jensen Ackles. It's not much, but I'm thinking of continuing it. Hope you enjoy. Not really slashy yet, although relationship is infered. Hope you enjoy. Unbeta'd as usual, because I'm lazy.

"Feeling any better?" Jared asked, walking into his co-stars trailer.

"hURSHHHHT!" Jensen bent double with the force of the sneeze, head barely missing the countertop.

"Jeesh! Sit down before you crack your skull open."

"It'd save the bakeup people tibe," was muffled behind the ball of tissues Jensen was snorting into, before flopping down on the bed.

"I think they'd rather be working on you than the medics, besides, Josh so has the hots for you."

"Jealous." Jensen couldn't help but quirk an eyebrow which earned him a pillow to the face.

"I'll take thad as a yes."

Jared flopped down next to his friend.

"Blow your nose already, you're a mess."

"I jus did. Id doesd't do ady good." He did as he was told anyways.

"Seriously though, I'm sure your double could fill in for tonight."

"Hey, Kirke said I don't even have to talk, just look beat up for the camera and smash my head into a gravestone."

"Yeah, in the pouring rain."

"I've heh'hEKSTHuh, snff, I've handled worse."

Jared tossed over the box of tissues in time for Jen to grab a handful and sneeze forcefully against them.

"Ugh, this sucks."

"Exactly, and I know you can handle tonight, that doesn't mean you should. You look like crap."

"See, perfect, less work for makeup."

Jared sighed, knowing the arguing was pointless.

"Hey, I'll be fine. Plus, we have the entire weekend off after this."

Jared still didn't look pleased.

"I'll let you feed me all the meds and soup you want... cuddles and bed and movies all weekend." Jensen smiled, hopeful to appease his mate.

"After the shoot you are all mine?"

"Pro...," Jensen paused pinching his nose between his thumb and forefinger, successfully stifling a set of five, "promise."

"Bless you. Get some rest, kay. I gotta few more scenes to get through, I'll come get you when Kripke is ready."

"Thanks." Rest didn't sound like such a bad idea.


Four hours, two takes, and a fake gash later it was finally a rap. Jensen wished he had taken Jared's advice earlier. He was completely soaked and couldn't stop shivering. Even after a warm shower, with Josh working on removing the facial applications, he couldn't shake the chill, or the cough now budding from deep within his lungs. If he got pneumonia he knew he'd never hear the end of this from Jared.

"Hey, you sure you don't want anything else?" Josh asked. As much as Jensen wanted to tell him not to worry, that Jay had it covered, he knew that they were trying to keep their relationship on the down low.

"It's okay. Jared is stopping by to check on me later." Okay, so Josh, probably knew anyway, but thankfully he didn't push the issue.

"Well, enjoy the weekend."


Jared could hear the sneezing before the door opened and obviously wasn't too surprised by what he saw. Jensen's normally bright green eyes were sunken in and clouded with fever. His nose was pink and shoved against his sleeve, a failing attempt at keeping mucous from dripping out.


"Jusd give be dissues."

Jared smiled and handed over a few from the box, which Jensen's nose had no problem demolishing. Tossing those in the trash, Jensen snatched up some more before collapsing on the couch.

"Fever?" Jared already knew the answer, but thought he'd ask anyways.

Jensen just nodded before curling forward in an attempt to hack up a lung.

Jared's face crunched in concern and he sat down, mug of theraflu in one hand, rubbing slow gentle circles on Jensen's back with the other.

When he was finished, Jensen took the mug and sipped slowly.

"So, when did that start?"

"About an hour ago." Jensen whispered hoarsely.

Jared palmed the back of Jensen's neck, briefly checking his temp, before drifting into a gentle massage.

"Mmmm, you're to good to me."

"You bet I am. Now finish that up and we're getting you to bed."

"Sounds good to be..hih..." Jared quickly snatched up the mug before Jensen buried his face in the crook of his arm, letting out three more sneezes.


Jensen nodded, face still buried in his arm, turning an embarrassed shade of red.

"Bless you." Jared handed over more tissues and Jensen turned away as he cleaned himself up.

"Thags." Jensen's voice crackled as he cleared his throat, and Jared gave him back his half empty mug. Sweat began to bead along his forehead and Jared couldn't help but reach up and wipe it away, surprised at how much Jens temp had seemed to rise within just a couple of minutes.

"Here," Jared got up and retrieved a few tylenol, "you should be in bed."

Jensen wasn't going to argue with that.

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Suuuper cute!

I love imagining poor Jensen getting sick on set. From what I hear, it tends to happen more to him that Jared. So I can see something like this happening.


And yes, please do continue!

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A feverrrrrr! Caretaking! Having to be in the rain when you're getting sick! I have so much love for all of those things, and this. *______*

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I love how you kept it in the real world, and not in the SuperNatural world! very intresting especially since ive never actually watched the show!

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Suuuper cute!


And yes, please do continue!

Yay, Thank you for the encouragement

ahhh i like the care-taking so much yes.gif

please more wub.png

and get well soon wink.png

Thanks, doing a bit better today.

A feverrrrrr! Caretaking! Having to be in the rain when you're getting sick! I have so much love for all of those things, and this. *______*

I see we share the same interests, lol.

Love it!


I love how you kept it in the real world, and not in the SuperNatural world! very intresting especially since ive never actually watched the show!

You should definitely watch the show, if only for the lovely eye candy. But I am very happy you can enjoy this without knowing the characters. I like real world fics too, even if it is my slightly altered universe since we all know Jared and Jensen were meant to be lovers.

Thank you so much for the feedback. It keeps me going on these. I'm pretty sure I have at least one more installment left in me, since I have some dialogue roaming around in my brain that I haven't fit in yet. Any way... part two...

"Jen... hey... Jen... wake up for a sec."

Jensen mumbled something incoherent before rolling over and sneezing into his pillow.

"Bless you," Jared handed over tissues, "you were snoring."

"What?" Jensen blew and rubbed at his still irritated nose.

"Did you seriously wake me up just because I was snoring."


Jared would've continued but he got distracted by Jensen's twitchy nostrils. Apparently, so had Jensen as he alternated between scrubbing his nose, eyelids fluttering, and random intakes of breath. After a minute or so, he finally lowered the tissues and let out a defeated sigh.


"No, I'm just enjoying entertaining you." Yeah, cause he didn't sound grumpy.

Jared just blew it off though, and reached up running his index finger gently down the bridge of his partner's nose.

"H'KTCH," a quick catlike sneeze caught Jared's hand as he was pulling away and Jensen managed to shove a bunch of tissues under his nose to catch the onslaught of mucous from three more larger sneezes.

"Bless you." Jared grabbed a tissue and rubbed at his dampened hand.

"Just trying to get me sick."

"Well, you could've given me a little warning." Jensen sat up and rubbed at his head.

"What fun would that have been?"

Jared smiled playfully.


"Jerk. And what the hell am I doing up in the middle of the night."

"Oh, yeah, you were snoring," Jensen shot him a death glare before he finished, "and tossing around and it felt like your fever was up, and you're due for more meds."

"You really had to wake me up?"

"Hey, your the one who promised I could take care of you allllll weekend. You're going to sneeze again, arn't you?"

Jensen nodded as he turned his head to the side and sneezed into cupped hands.

"Bless you."

Jensen shook his head signaling he wasn't done and Jared handed over another bundle of tissues.

"H'NGSHuh, eh'kUtshh, hUR'K'SHHT'uh." After the third and seemingly final sneeze Jensen allowed himself to flop back down on the bed.

"Bless you."


After pulling another few tissues from the box, Jared walked away saying something about buying more tissues. Jensen was to busy emptying his sinuses to really care.

After what felt like a hundred tissues later, Jensen gave up and opened his eyes to a capful of blue goo. Jared helped him sit a little to swallow and then gently laid his head back down.

"Thanks." Jensen smiled up at Jared who gave a reassuring smile back.

"Anything else you need?"

"Just you." Despite being weaker than normal, Jensen was easily able to pull his friend down next to him, not that Jared really protested.

After a quick kiss to Jen's forehead, Jared let himself be pushed and prodded until Jensen found his desired position, wrapping his arm around the giant pillow and nuzzling his way onto Jared's arm and chest.

"You good now?"

Jensen nodded and leaned into the hand stroking through his hair.


Closing his eyes Jensen nodded, drifting off, with a smile, to the sound of Jared humming some foreign lullaby.

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Awww, Jensen! I found it hilarious that Jared was the one to say "Bitch." And Jensen said "Jerk." Jared HUMMING? Yesyesyes. I enjoy that quite a bit. This is so cute!

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guuuhhhhh this is so wonderful!!! :blushing::drool:

this update is perfect for wonderful dreams! :yes::lol: yeah it´s time for me to sleep... :sleep:

thank you! :heart:

please more! :wub:

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How cute!

I love me some fluff

Awww, Jensen! I found it hilarious that Jared was the one to say "Bitch." And Jensen said "Jerk." Jared HUMMING? Yesyesyes. I enjoy that quite a bit. This is so cute!

Jared humming just came to me and I could totally see him doing it in the relationship... such a girl, lol.

smile.png wonderfullll. It isnt done is it?

Not done yet. Apparently the fetish muse has hit me so this will be at least one more chapter after this one. This one came to me this morning.

Sorry it's short and there's only one sneeze. Thank you so much for the comments.

Pt. 3

"KNOCK KNOCK... If I have to come in there and wake your sorry butt up, you are so getting it."

Jared sat up instantly thinking 'crap crap crap', but his brain seemed too foggy to do anything about it. Meanwhile, Jensen, having been tossed from his pillow took up a lean-to position muffling coughs into his fist.

"I'm coming in." Misha walked in looking straight at the bed and then swiftly backed out.

"Or maybe not."

"Really... it's not..." Jared tried to come up with more to that statement but thankfully Misha interuppted.

"It's fine... really.... just tell me everyone is decent."

At least that was true.


Misha stepped back in and was kind of surprised to see both men still fully clothed. Maybe it wasn't what he thought, not that he cared.

"Jensen... interview with People today."

Jared finally acknowledged the sputtering coming from his partner, and helped prop him up to a full sitting position while Jen made a vain attempt at trying to dislodge the gunk from his windpipe.

Somewhere between the coughs he managed the words "just give me a minute," and actually looked like he was thinking of going.

"Hell no!"

Misha looked confused.

"Sorry, you haven't been around, but in case it isn't obvious yet, Jen's been sick as a dog."

"I'b fide." Now that his airway was somewhat clear his nose decided it would make a contribution.

"I think Jared might be right on this one." Misha gave a disgusted look as Jared handed Jen a pile of tissues, and tried to ignore the sounds Jensen was producing.

"I can do this." The half croak and fever glow Jensen gave off made Misha raise his eyebrows. At least he had the solution for this argument in hand.

"Fine, I brought you breakfast." As the scent of bacon and cheese wafted from the now open bag, Jensen's face turned a greenish hue as he clutched at his stomach trying to maintain his composure.

"That's what I thought, not a chance dude." Misha closed up the bag and Jared was pleased with the win.

"Don't worry, I was going to hang out with Mark afterwards, I'm sure he can fill in."

"Thanks." Jared said with a smile as Jensen flopped back down and put a pillow over his face.


"Dude! Tissues?!"

"I think I'm just going to get out of here... hopefully, before I catch the plague."

Jensen flipped him the bird, face still hidden in the pillow.

Misha just laughed, "I love you too. Oh.. and for the record... I didn't see anything."

Jared nodded his thanks and with that Misha took his leave.

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For someone who has only watched two Supernatural episodes when it first came out I love the fan fics. But let me just say that this one so far takes the cake (mostly because I can just enjoy the boys and not be confused by plot...please don't hate me anyone who has ever written a Supernatural plot fic bag.gif)

Fever, caretaking, general adorableness! LOVE IT!!!

Need more please!

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Aww, I love Misha. And Jensen trying to seem like he can totally be a normal human even though he's SO sick and pitiful. And Jared and Misha are just like, "Are you kidding? No." And I like Misha being like, "Whoa, whoa, I'm actually NOT coming in!" Even though they were just normal, and then promising he "didn't see anything!"

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Still loving this. The idea of Jensen trying to pull himself together for an interview is pretty freakin cute. ALL OF IT IS ACTUALLY.

Now, time for sleep.

I hope my dreams are full of this fic!

Thanks for updating, love!

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