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Comments after a sneeze.


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I unfortunately have a close group of friends who DON'T discuss sneezing enough for my liking sadsmiley.gif It's a topic almost never talked about.. which is why I try to sneakily bring it up every now and then *cheeky grin*

My favorite thing is acting dumb about sneezing.. or acting like I hate it. It always brings up great conversation..which even sometimes leads to sneezing habits.

After someone sneezes (again, pretty rare) I like to say things like--

"Sneezing is so weird. Like what even is it?"

"I never sneeze ever. I cant even remember the last time I did. I honestly think it was last year" (lie)

"If you sneeze 3 times, someone is thinking about you!!"

"Saying bless you is so odd. Like why do we even say it?" (then I whip out some philosophy about the origin of blessing)

"Some man sneezed on me in the doctors, It was the most disgusting thing ever!"

"I hate sneezing. It scares me" (biggest lie of my life!)

I know it's extremely weird, but giving the opposite to what my opinion of sneezing is usually brings up great conversation. Does anyone else make little comments after a sneeze to try and keep the discussion going for as long as possible? If so, what are they!!?

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I am actually on the other side of the spectrum. If I am with or talking to non SF friends I want to move off the topic as quickly as possible. If they are talking about it I will do everything in my power to move the conversation along in another direction. Really, ANYTHING else would be a suffifcient topic. Talking about sneezing with friends makes me very uncomfortable and I strongly prefer not to.

With that being said, I can understand your desire to bring it up ... we are all different ... do you ever bring it up in a positive way? Just curious.

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I actually get pretty embarrassed to bring anything up, but like you I am in a dear group of friends that, while I love them with all my heart, we don't talk about sneezing nearly enough as I'd like to. This kind of goes with all my groups but I think I'm still uncomfortable really discussing my fetish outside of the Internet. xD

Anywho, I've made comments like that before, but it always ends awkwardly. Particularly the "sneeze 3 times" thing (rattled that one off to a group of family-friends) and there might have been another that I made...I know there was one that was just flat-out embarrassing, but the comment I made didn't even have anything to do with sneezing, it was more to...distract from it. Yeah, distract. xDD;

I might have to start doing this, if the opportunity arises and in as subtle ways as possible. Especially around certain people who I've considered coming out to/have come out to.

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