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When Jared didn't sneeze


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Fetish muse hit me and I couldn't just not write this. Shout out goes to the lovely jaredjensen, thank you thank you thank you. Many of you will probably recognize the first bit as a slightly altered version of one of her recent drabbles. It was the inspiration for this piece. It's not slash *gasp*, just friendship yummies. I don't think I will be continuing this one, but you never know.

And a huge thank you to everyone else who writes this stuff. It totally makes my day when I see a new fetishy Supernatural fanfic.

Oh, and please comment, because I am a feedback hoar, and I just recently learned how to use the multiquote function.

On with the show.

It’s a nice morning, sun shining bright after a week of rain, and Jensen’s wearing his sunglasses as they make their way through light traffic. He’s slowly nursing a giant cup of coffee and chatting with Clif, and as they pull in front of Jared’s house he pushes his glasses up onto the top of his head and rolls down his window.

Jared’s already coming out of his house, locking the door behind him, punctual as ever. He turns around with a little wave and then squints as he gets a faceful of sunshine. Jensen can’t help but laugh as he watches. He’s seen what comes next a million times.

At first, Jared just gives his head a little shake and continues toward the car, but after only a second he’s blinking rapidly and slowing a little, hand coming up to his face. He rubs his knuckles roughly under his nose, but it’s no use. When he’s a few steps from the car, he stops completely and holds up a finger toward Clif and Jensen, then turns slightly, chest heaving. His mouth falls open, eyes close, nose twitches, and then... nothing.

A look of slight annoyance appears on his face and he rubs his nose again. When he turns back toward the car, he laughs a little and waves again.

“Morning, guys,” he says as he opens the door.

"You're sick!" Jensen was kind of scary when he was accusatory.

"What?" Jared shrunk a little at first but sat straight up as he went on defense. "I am not, you've seen me all of, what, one minute, and I didn't even sn.... shit!"

"You're getting sick."

"It was just one missed sneeze."

Cliff finally chimed in from up front, "Better be loading up on Echinacea dude. I hear it's supposed to be a hectic few days. And stay away from me, I don't want it."


As Jensen and Jared exited the vehicle they both waited expectantly. As soon as the sun hit Jared's face, his nose pinched up, his breath hitched, eyes teared; Jensen hadn't even realized he was holding his breath until Jared's shoulder's slumped and they both gave a long exhale.

Jared tried to shake it off as nothing but Jensen knew better. As they split for their separate trailers, Jensen made a mental note to get chicken noodle soup and some throat lozenges. Hopefully Jared's voice would hold up through the rest of the week. Jared was busy calculating the amount of airborne and echinacea he could consume in one day.


"Any sneezes?" Jensen punched his friends arm as he sat in the makeup chair next to him.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Hey, no need to get cranky... yet."

"I'm not sick."

"You keep telling yourself that."


It was 2am when they finally were on their way home and Jared wasn't looking any worse for wear. Maybe he was fine. And then Jared sniffed; he could of sworn Jensen's eyes were trying to shoot daggers.

"It's cold..." Jensen didn't move a muscle, "speaking of which you look like you could use this more than me." Jared handed over a kleenex and it wasn't until then that Jensen realized he had been wiping his nose on his hand.

"Thanks." Jensen huddled down a little, trying to blow his nose in an abnormally quiet way. Jared quirked his eyebrows and Jen mouthed for him to "shut it."


The next afternoon, Cliff pulled up to Jared's, and laughed when he came out looking like the abominable snow man.

Jensen cracked up as Jared maneuvered himself into the vehicle.

"It may be a night shoot, but it isn't that cold." Jensen himself had packed on an extra layer, but seriously, Jared had on what looked to be four layers and a scarf revealing only his eyes and tufts of hair from underneath the old man earmuff style hat.

"Yeah, well we'll see who's cold later."

"You know I can barely hear you from underneath that animal you've got wrapped around your neck."

"Hey, it was a Christmas gift from you." Jared lowered the item and Jensen could see the tiniest bit of moisture lining his friend's nostrils.

"This sucks. You are sick."

"I am not."

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Are too." Jensen successfully pulled out a mound of tissues Jared had stuffed into his pockets.

"Just being prepared." Jared snatched his possessions back up and looked away, refusing to admit defeat. And he certainly wasn't going to admit his morning dose of Dayquil, which didn't mean he was sick either.

Jensen decided it was best to drop it, and Cliff wisely stayed out of it.


"You don't look so good."

"Kind of the point, I AM supposed to be dying."

"Well, makeup sure did their job." Jen chuckled.

"Now quit joking, you're supposed to be all angsty."

"Yeah, yeah. Just get in your spot."


"NOOOOO!" Dean ran towards Sam, catching him as he fell, clutching his head to him, feeling the blood with the other hand as it soaked through the fake wound on Sam's back. But Sam wasn't falling against him now, he was pulling away. What the hell.

"hURTSHHH! heh eh'KTSHH aHTSHHHH!" Jared's head snapped into elbow.


Jensen laughed as Jared continued to sneeze, head rising up for a few seconds at a time, mouth falling open, breath hitching, before slamming back down again.

"I thought I was supposed to be the angsty one?" A tear slipped down Jensen's cheek from laughing so hard.

"H'NGXT, at least I got you cry... H'NSHT... crying." Jared tried to act like this was no big deal, but embarrassment started to flood his cheeks. Stifling his latest sneezes seemed to do little but keep his nose from spraying snot everywhere.

"Can we get some tissues or something over here?!"

One of the tech guys threw over a clean towel.

"Thanks, Jensen blurted as he brought the cloth up to Jared's nose, hand quickly being replaced, as Jared let out two more forceful sneezes, leaving his face buried in the towel.


"eN'TSHhhg, he'XSHHHuh."

"Guess that would be a no."

Jared's chest heaved with one more forceful breath before muffling another sneeze into the towel.

"Jesus, bless you, trying to make up for the last couple days."

"Thanks." Jared murmured in between blows and sniffles.

Jensen grabbed a corner of the towel and brought it up to wipe Jared's tear streaked face, leaning in close he added, "Seriously, you going to be okay?"

"Yeah." Jared sniffed, thankful for the shield Jensen's body made.

"Hey! We okay to reshoot?"

"Yeah," Jensen backed away from Jared, "Just give makeup and props a minute."

The teams quickly shuffled over and dabbed mud on Jared's face and hooked up a smaller blood pack to his back.

"Okay, ACTION!"


Four takes later they finally had all the shots they wanted. Jared and Jensen were eager to get back and take showers, but not so eager for the few measly hours of sleep they were allotted in their trailers before some early morning retakes. Ahh the wonderful life of being an actor.

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Denial is one of my favourite things, and I love the way you tied in the photic stuff, and I love love LOVE the setting you chose and the seriousness of it all and YAY!

This is wonderful.

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Hey, I remember this! I like the continuation/alteration thing you did here! And I love how Jensen just KNOWS immediately that Jared's sick. It's cute. And I ADORE RPFs where one of the guys has to film while sick. Especially if he ruins the shot by sneezing! <3 And I like that this was set during the filming of this episode. Even if the ending of that particular episode broke my heart a billion times and stepped on it. And then set it on fire after the sad Dean-monologue in the next episode.

Hahaha, I'm such a Supernatural-freak. Thank you!

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Thank you all for the wonderful feedback. It's so nice to be appreciated. As much as this episode tore my heart apart, I thought it would be perfect for this. I knew it was vague enough that anyone could enjoy this, and that those completely addicted to the show would get a little extra happy jolt, (I often like to know when things are happening, even if it's RPF setting). I'm so glad I decided to write this. Now hopefully, I'll get back to my other fic.

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