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Your worst cold ever


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Just wondering how you would describe the worst cold you've ever had. What made it the worst, how long did it last, did anyone take care of you?

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Oh boy...I think i was like 18 years old..so not too long ago..it was just really terrible..it turned into a sinus infection..and like i had THE WORST cough ever. I would literally get into like 4 coughing fits a day. and i remember one being so bad that i like puked a bunch of mucus (TMI? idk lol)

and im not a very sneezy person..have no known allergies..and not even during colds do i really sneeze a lot but this one i would sneeze at least like 6 or 7 times a day (which is more than i sneeze in like a span of 2 weeks lol)

ugh i was actually glad for that cold to be over mostly because of the coughing part. ugh.

but i specifically remember those sneezes being SO relieving at least for a few minutes lol

oh and no..no one took care of me lol it wasn't THAT bad..im usually capable of handling colds myself..the only illness i would have that i would need someone to take care of me is the stomach virus and that's about it lol

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My worst cold ever happened when I was in college. It also turned into a sinus infection, and the thing I remember most vividly was the copious amounts of brown mucous I had to blow out of my nose. There was one session in a restroom where I blew continuously for half an hour! I just kept rolling paper towel out of the dispenser and blowing; it seemed like the mucous would never stop flowing!

Some of my favorite colds, though, were the super sneezy ones, but that subject probably deserves it's own thread.

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about a month ago, quite snotty.. and REALLY EXHAUSTING

bad persistent cough for like 2 weeks

luckily me and my gf both got it, so we could care for each other

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Last May. Ugggh, it lasted like a MONTH! It started out as solely a chest cold. That lasted about two weeks, and I had a terrible, thick, junky cough that just sounded gross, tasted nasty, and hurt. Plus I kept coughing up phlegm. Then it turned into a super sinus cold where I had to blow buckets of snot out of my nose every ten minutes and use the Nettie Pot (lifesaver) twice a day. At one point I thought I would never get healthy. It was not sexy in any way whatsoever. Oh, and I did not sneeze even once throughout the whole thing.

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Mine was this past February. The first day was just a scratchy throat and some sniffles so I went to work. Half way through my shift I started getting the "i'm sick and I hurt everywhere" feeling. I actually went upstairs a half hour early and just sat because I felt so bad. Went home and found out I had a 102 fever. I felt better the next morning so I went to work again, but had to go home early because my fever came back. The next few days I had a really sore throat, was really stuffed up a bit sneezey but not a whole lot and had a really bad dry cough. I have cough induced asthma so that didn't help either. I coughed so much that my ribs actually got sore. What made it the worst though was I went on vacation for a family 'girls weekend' and had to share a bed with my mom, and I kept her up with my coughing. The whole thing lasted about three weeks but the worst of it was that first five days or so.

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Roughly three months ago. It took TWO WHOLE WEEKS just for my cough to go away. I remained a sniffly mess for a month.

I woke up with a scratchy throat and found that my throat hurt when I swallowed. That was number 1 bad sign. I had this monster of a headache. But the sneezing and coughing hadn't kicked in yet, so I went to school as usual. By the end of the day, my voice sounded husky and at least an octave lower.

The next few days, my my nose was constantly so filled up with mucus that I was congested and I felt as though I had cotton up my nose. At one point I was blowing my nose for a good half hour, and somehow I still hadn't finished. And when I wasn't blowing my nose, I was sneezing (always in triples.) To make matters worse, it triggered my asthma, and I kept coughing up thick gross phlegm. I think I had a fever of 102-104F for approximately a week.

The sneezes were NOT a relief. My head pounded with every racously loud and wet sneeze, and an embarrassing thing happened concerning gunk flying out of my nose during an exceptionally violent sneeze... :S

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I don't know if I can remember the worst I've ever had, but the worst I can remember was last September. I almost always get a cold around the beginning of fall, so I expected it, but didn't think anything of it at first.

It started around the middle of the week, and I had a scratchy throat for days. And because that's all it was for a couple days, I figured that was all it was going to be and would go away. Well, no. That Friday, I felt like crap. But it was the beginning of the semester, and I don't like to use up my limited absences from my classes too quickly. So I went to class, but skipped work because it's not as important to me as school or my health, and I still didn't know how bad the thing was gonna get.

Luckily, I had the worst of it over the weekend - coughing all the time, headache, congested...like I felt like I had to sneeze all the time, but never enough so I actually sneezed, until I did and it was ridiculously messy and sounded like it was ripping at my throat or something. And I had a fever, but I think it was kind of low grade. That in itself is pretty rare for me, since I don't really get fevers with colds. I was cold a lot, though, so I ended up trying to snuggle up to my mum on the couch like I was 4 years old or something. I don't think she appreciated it. XD But yeah, I still had a low fever on Monday, still felt bad, so I skipped work again, went to class, and then proceeded to finally get a little bit better from Tuesday on. But while it lasted, it sucked.

And no, no one took care of me. As much as I would have loved it. xD

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I was in fourth grade. The girl that sat next to me had a cold. It gave her a stuffy red nose and congested voice. I ended up catching her cold. It started with a slight sore throat and I had a weird smell I kept smelling. Turned into a completely blocked nose and coughing. A month later, I caught another really bad cold from the same girl.

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Worst one I can remember was last summer. Turned into a sinus infection and it was no fun at all. I spent about three weeks lying around exhausted, feverish, and unable to breathe.

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My colds are almost never nasty (they include only coughing and *that* feeling in sinuses, never fever or weakness), but I think the worst one was the one I got in February last year.

I woke up that morning (I think it was Friday) with a scratchy throat. I made myself a warm cocoa and bought some candies with mint and honey, hoping that will make me feel better. During Geography class I coughed once or twice, but beside that, I didn't feel ill at all. It was my Music class when I started to feel a bit weak. By C.S. class (which was luckily the last one I had that day) I just wanted to die. It felt like I had boiling oil in my head and I was tired as fuck. I looked at the mirror during the break before that class and I was as pale as the Ghost of the Christmas Past from BBC Christmas Carol.

When I finally got out of the school, my Dad waited for me on the parking lot. I literally lied down on both of the back seats (I still can't figure out how :) ).

Next morning I felt really good (no weakness), but it "came down" on my chest and it took me about two weeks to cough out all the phlegm.

Although it was still winter, since I got ill I had to use all of my asthma medications, which means I wandered around full of corticosteroids for a long time.

I think that's it, guys.

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The worst colds are the none sneezy colds where you are just coughing and miserable. Like one I had this July.

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My worst was last year, the Christmas of 2011. It started with a sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, and some sneezing. Decided to brush it off and continue with my plans to stay at my extremely germaphobic, overly-observant grandma's house. Trying to hide the cold and muddle through it only resulting in some feverish miserableness, a nasty phlegmy cough which I was constantly trying to muffle, and more nose running and congestion.

Hiding the cold, of course, made it worse. So that phlegmy cough turned into phlegmy barking, then turned into Croup. And this damned Croup lasted a grand total of SIX MONTHS!! Saw the doctor numerous times, got referred to a Pulmonologist, got a Pulmonary Function test (which I did not do well on...) and to this day I still have Episodic Croup.

Bingo. So yeah. I think a cold that caused a lasting lung/throat condition is my worst. Mainly cause I still deal with the damned Croup today.

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If I've ever had colds in the past, they're rarely ever sneezy. For two years straight back in middle school, every winter I'd get this bad chest cold, or at least I think that's what it was. My throat would get completely clogged up to the point that I could barely talk and I had this horrible cough. Eventually after a few days it would decrease from coughing to just throat-crud with some sinusy stuff, but mostly it was my throat. I'm actually really happy I haven't had to deal with it in a while. xD

I think I had a small cold back towards the beginning of June. I came home exhausted, only to find out that I had a fever. I had a lot of trouble breathing and just felt utterly miserable. I did have a bit of coughing/sneezing with it, but not too, too much. I think I was less concentrated on that at the time and more concentrated on all the important shit I had to do the next day. xDDD

I kind of want to have a super-sneezy cold just to see what it'd be like. I know I'm going to regret saying that if it does happen, but it's one of the things I wonder about. :innocent:

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I was in fourth grade. The girl that sat next to me had a cold. It gave her a stuffy red nose and congested voice. I ended up catching her cold. It started with a slight sore throat and I had a weird smell I kept smelling. Turned into a completely blocked nose and coughing. A month later, I caught another really bad cold from the same girl.

oh my gosh! that's really awfull omg.

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Hmmn... I don't really know what would count as the worst one... Hmmn. *ponder*

Well, if we just look at the ones I've had after I got into upper secondary school (not too many so I remember better xD), I'd probably have to say the... one I had not-going-to-tell-when was probably the worst. I didn't have a real fever (a little temperature, yes, not a real fever since my body temp was 37,3 degrees celcius at highest). My voice went all asfdfg (someone said I sounded like a beached whale, lol), I was coughing... well, most of the time I tried to talk? After the cough started to go away (which was about a week after the first day) I got a stuffy and runny nose... And it all lasted for... 3 weeks? I don't know. I guess it lasted that long because I'm a "broken leg? Walk it off" -kind of guy, lol. I don't let stuff affect my life that often.

Caretaker? Kiiiind of. B| :heart:

...It kind of irritates me that I don't get actually bad colds and that I get sick so rarely. I enjoy being sick and now I finaly have someone to share it with. xD

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I think my worst was a couple of summers back, and mainly because of the setting. I was studying abroad in Spain. Which was awesome. BUT towards the end of my stay there (maybe with 2 weeks or so left) I started to feel this weird tickle in my throat, which at first just produced a little cough. Harmless, I thought. Weeeell, one night while out at another students apt, we were drinking, and I just fainted, woke up on the floor with my head banging the ground. No prompting, no warning...possible seizure? I DONT KNOW WTF. Can't call the ambulance there though, won't come, so I just ignored it.

Next day we went to a town a few hours away to watch the running of the bulls, and it all hit me at once on the train ride over. BAM. Feverish, head ache, miserable. It was a rough weekend, and by the time I got back to Barca, I had this gross productive bark of a cough. Couldn't see a doctor though, didn't have any meds. So I ignored it. Continued to go out to the clubs at night and to school during the day. At some point I lost my voice completely.

Once I got back to the states, I still had that horrible, horrible, everyone stares at you like you're Death himself, cough. And it took a good month for my stupid voice to get back to normal. Sure it wouldn't have happened had I just been able to get my hands on some damn antibiotics. OOPS.

SO. NO FUN. Not any sneeziness that I remember at all. Just pain and fever and that awful death rattle of a cough.


And no, no caretaker. All on my lonesome, trucking along!

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