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Today, in FL, (foreign language), I managed to catch one of the best classmate obs I've ever gotten. Let's call her G. She's about 5'3, with long-ish dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and a average-to-slightly-large size nose. Not bad. Usually she's a stifler, but she still makes noise, which is never a bad thing. :) But today!! Wooh!! I had noticed her voice was sounding a littly rough and congested all day, and her sister is sick, AND I heard her say something about "allergies," so I was thrilled to have her in FL right before lunch. She had been coughing a little bit, usually moaning slightly or whimpering "ow" afterwards, her eyes red-rimmed and watery from coughing. So I kept an eye on her. About twenty minutes into the class, the intercom came on. The office lady called my teacher's name, then the intercom shut off. Everyone laughed. This continued to happen over and over, causing us to be cracking up, which was WONDERFUL because right in the middle, I heard a series of three pretty rapid "ESSHOO!!" s from G. They were deeper, raspier, and a lot stronger than her normal sneezes. I managed to look back on the third one to see that she had her right elbow propped on the desk, leaning over with her face buried in her elbow. The people around her blessed her after each time, putting more emphasis on it on the last one, because they had never seen her sneeze like this. She came up, then went right back down for a delayed fourth sneeze, about identical to the first. After this, her friend next to her, laughing, goes "Are you allergic to the announcements or something??" because the intercom was still acting stupid. I was so happy for this because it gave me a reason to be grinning, though I wasn't smiling because of the technical difficulties. Then, about 15 seconds later, I see her make a classic, very desparate pre-sneeze face and turn to go into her right elbow, then it stopped.

"Were you about to sneeze again??" One girl in front of her goes. She nodded, then said something about how she has allergies. Needless to say, I kept a VERY close eye on her the rest of class.

Then, our teacher (pretty tall, dark hair, CLASSIC nerd look, skinny, etc.) gave a loud stifle into his elbow, but I missed it cause I was writing. Just heard it :( It was a normal stifle noise.

THEN another girl, H (dark skin, tall, dark curly hair) sneezed, a regular "Hepshoo!!" type of sneeze. The girl next to her, D, goes "Why is everyone sneezing??" to which she got no answer.

THEN ANOTHER girl, right behind D, sneezes another classic "PPSH!!!" type of sneeze. Then yet ANOTHER girl sneezes, again a very normal-sounding sneeze, much like the others.

Obviously, G was the highlight, but the others were good, too.

After lunch, I was walking down the hallway to go up to see one of my teachers about something when I heard to very familiar sneezes behind me. They were very wet, drawn-out "H'Pppssshhhhh!!" sneezes. I thought it was one of my classmates, but turned around to see her sister. They're very much alike. HEr sister and her both look a lot like Lea Michele. Like, a lot. Then her sister, let's call her C, stops in the middle of the hallway with an annoyed look on her face. I knew what was happening immediately. HEr friend stopped and turned, catching another classib pre-sneeze face and some breath hitching. THen she cupped both hands over her nose and mouth and sneezed another sneeze identical to the first double, bending over a little. Her friend and I both blessed her, and she thanked us and moved on. Once she'd passed and I was alone, I allowed myself to blush and grin as I pleased.

MAN, I love school!!

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Wow! I mean... wow!

It seems not only banister is lucky these days.

Thank you for sharing.

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Today, we were sitting in the auditorium, and as I mentioned yesterday, G's sister is sick. (They're twins, btw) Let's call her R. R was sitting right behind me, and soon into the assembly, she pitched forward with a very girly "HEH'ppsshh!!" It was only a single, but when I turned around, I saw that her eyes were red-rimmed, watery, and glassy. She looked tired and the epitome of miserable, her face slightly pale and her cheeks flushed. I just wanted to give her a hug. She continued to sniffle off and on for the rest of the assembly, but no more sneezes. Given that I was in a large, quiet building with five other grades (HUGE grades!), of course I heard a LOT more sneezes, but none of them were particularly special like that. Hopefully more updates to come on G and R!!

....and maybe G will catch her twin's illness??? *evil laugh*

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