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I am training a new person in my office this month. She's petite and most people would think she's cute (in a pretty way): about 5'1 and petite, long, straight, fine, light brown hair that she sometimes pins back in a very flattering style. She has a slightly angular and graceful face and a medium-sized nose that is straight and turns neither up nor down. She's a little reserved in her mannerisms, but let me tell you, her sneeze style doesn't match that at all.

Every couple of hours, she lets loose a big one. She'll stop talking, and for a second nothing will happen. Then:

she turns to the side and her whole body pitches forward: HEP--TCHEWW!

She catches them in the crook of her elbow, usually. Then she'll say something like "whew" or "wow" and scurry away to blow her nose.

Today we walked down the block to get coffee. It was bright and sunny outside and as soon as we stepped out, she paused and, HEP-CHTEW. Her nose looked a little red, and she was rubbing it a bit. A few minutes later, HEP-TCHEEEEW and a few sniffs and she was done.

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I am training a new person in my office this month

This is a great situation to be in to "capture" lots of sneezes as you will be spending so much time together


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Awesome obs. If she doesn't work out at your office, send her my way, I'm sure we can find something for her to do!

By the way, welcome to the Forum!

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