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This is my Tom Hanson story, I know that there is a story by Sneese about Tommy getting a cold on this forum. I wrote this before I found it so I had no intention to copy.

The Tom Hanson Series

Part One

“Haaatchooo!” Hanson’s sneeze reverberated throughout the almost empty chapel. “Bless you, here,” Penhall offered him a tissue from the box he’d been keeping with him. Hanson sniffed and nodded as a sign of thanks as he grabbed a bunch with slight hesitation. “You caught this thing too now?” Doug asked. “No, no it’s nothing,” Tom replied, “Just some dust or something, you got a cold?” “I did, I still kinda do, a bit, it’s a lot better now. Do you have a headache too?” Tom did, he just thought it was some ridiculous coincidence, “No no, I’m okay, don’t worry.”

“Hanson!” Now Captain Fuller’s sharp voice boomed through the chapel. Tom froze as Penhall smiled and walked off. He glanced over but Fuller was already back in his office.

“Shouldn’t you be at Gettymont High right now?” Asked Captain Fuller.” “Should I?” “Don’t get smart with me Hanson.” “I thought this case was over.” “Dylan Hawkins may be in jail but there is still somebody left to pick up some helpful words from.” Hanson looked around a little, “Who?” “Mickey Ranch.” “Oh, that creep.” “Yeah… that creep… you might wanna get down there now.” “Sure thing… Haatschooo!” Tom sneezed into his forearm. “Bless you. You ain’t coming down with anything are you?” “Oh, no I’m fine.” “I’ve heard you sneeze several times out there this morning, you sure?” “Yeah, I’m fi… Haaatchooo!” Hanson grabbed some tissues from Fuller’s desk to blow his nose. “It doesn’t sound like it to me. Maybe you should go home; Hoffs is on this case with you, you know, she can...” Tom cleared his throat, “No, no, it’s okay, I’ll go.” “You sure?” “Yeah, it’s fine.” Hanson saluted as he walked out of Fuller’s office.

Penhall spotted Hanson walking out of the chapel and ran after him. “Where are you going?” He asked. “Gettymont.” “No no no, you have a cold.” “I don’t have a cold, Penhall,” Tom pronounced impatiently. “Then why is your nose red?”

Penhall led Hanson into the bathroom to look in the mirror. “It’s only a bit red. I’ve sneezed a couple times, big deal, I feel fine… Haaatshooo!” Penhall stared at him. “You should go home!” “I’m going to Gettymont.” “Hanson, no.” “Goodbye Penhall,” said Tom as he got into his car.

Part Two

“Tom Richardson.” “Yes, Mr. Jacobs?” Answered Hanson. “Could you answer the question?” “What question sir?” Some boys behind Tom snickered. Hanson had felt really tired since he got to school, he was finding it hard to keep up, he was almost asleep when he heard Mr. Jacobs voice. “The question I just asked.” “And what would that be?” “Are you feeling alright Tom?” “Was that the question?” “No, but are you feeling okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine… Hassschooo!”

The bell rang and everyone started to leave. “Tom, could you stay here for a moment?” Asked Mr. Jacobs. After everyone left, Tom sneezed again, “Haachooo!” “Need a tissue?” Asked Mr. Jacobs as he offered the box. “Thanks.” Tom grabbed a few and blew his nose. “Tom, you’ve been sneezing, falling asleep, you’re nose is red and your eyes are watery, I think you’re coming down with a cold, you should go home and rest.” Hanson thought about it a bit. “It’s just a day off thing, I’ll be perfe… Hah-haatchoo! I’ll be okay tomorrow.” “Tom, I think I should call your parents.” Hanson looked at Mr. Jacobs and then back to the ground. “Maybe that’s a… good idea.”

Part Three

Hanson walked back in through the chapel. “You had to come back, I knew it. You’re going home right?” Penhall asked sympathetically. Tom sighed very deeply, “Yes Doug, I just came to get my stuff, I’m going home.” “You don’t look so great.” Hanson yawned, “I’ll see you tomorrow Penhall, all I need is some sleep.”

Hanson got into his car again, this time to go where he should’ve stayed this morning. At home. “Hatschooo!” He sneezed so loudly as his body was thrust forward and his head almost hit the steering wheel. He sniffed and shook his head while he tried to keep an eye on the road. Once he got home he immediately collapsed onto his bed. It was a matter of minutes before he was asleep, snoring away.

By the time he woke up it was already the morning of the next day. Tom was amazed he could sleep so long. After a quick trip to the bathroom he went out to make himself breakfast. He was starving as he hadn’t had dinner last night, so he prepared an omelette and a coffee for himself. He was about to sit down when, “Hah…” he covered his nostrils with the back of his fingers and held his breath to stop himself from sneezing. He then sat down thinking that everything was okay when his nostrils flared and the feeling struck him again, “Haah-haaatchooo!” He sneezed with such volume that it was almost like a yell. He tingled all-over but felt pretty good after such an immense and satisfying sneeze. He noticed that he felt a lot better now. A lot. Actually… he felt FINE.

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I actually went to the effort of googling the characters and watching little clips before reading this because I hadn't the faintest idea who Tom Hanson was. I really liked this!! Loving the Johnny Depp stuff so far :D

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