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Harry stared into the fire wishing that he could better concentrate on his Potions homework assignment. It was too distracting, being forced to stay inside on a Hogsmeade weekend. Damn Sirius Black!

Just when he had spied important information to add to his essay, Harry heard a dainty little sneeze from behind him.


It was the perfect, little textbook sneeze. Harry shook his head and dipped his quill in ink once more. He was having a pretty good go of it, until another sneeze distracted him.

ahhh..hhahh.. aetshoo!! atishoo!!

Turning around, prepared to tell off the offending sneezer for invading his personal space while he was trying to study in the common room Harry was now looking at Ginny Weasley. Her face was almost as red as her hair, to say nothing of her quivering pink nose.

“H-hi Harry.”

Harry’s expression softened and he cleared his throat. “Ginny, does Ron know you’re ill?”

She shook her head and coughed into the sleeve of her maroon jumper. “No. Add you're dot goigg to tell hib either!”

“Is that why you’re not in Hogsmeade with everyone else?”

Ginny nodded, keeping her eyes on her parchment.

“So you told Ron that you had too much homework to do?” Harry got up, careful not to tip over his inkwell, and crossed the short distance to where Ginny was seated. “All right. I won’t tell. With one condition: You go to the Hospital Wing to get treated by Madam Pomfrey.”

Ginny’s eyes grew wide. She shook her head. “Last tibe I had Pepper Up, by ears were steabigg for dearly a week!” She crossed her arms over her chest. “I wod’t go.”

Harry sighed. Well, there was only one other course of action then. While Ginny was busy with another round of coughing, he gathered up her things and his. Leaning in close, Harry placed a hand on her forehead. It was a bit awkward. He had to transfer parchment and quills, etc. to one arm and then swing the other back across himself to reach out to her. Ginny giggled, which came out as more of a congested snort.

“What are you doigg Harry?”

“Err...Trying to check your temperature?”

“Well that's dot how you do it. My mum always puts her lips up to by tebple. She says that it's eved bore accurate than the wand-thermobeter spell.”

Okay. Not a problem. I can do that. Harry leaned in close again. Closer. Closer still. His face was hovering just above hers. He was breathing in her scent. It reminded him of something flowery, and the soothing smell of the Burrow. He vaguely thought that she smelled nice. Closing his eyes, Harry leaned in the last little bit and felt his lips graze Ginny’s temple. His 13-year-old mind spinning, Harry tried to think on what he was doing rather than how uncomfortable he felt. Right. So, she definitely feels warm.

“You’re warm.”


“You’ve got a fever.”

“Okay...” She sniffled and watched Harry. She just stared at him! How was he going to make this other stubborn Weasley cooperate? Finally, Harry saw Ginny blink, and blink again. Her eyes became unfocused. Her nose twitched.


“Bless you. Ginny, please. “


He could see that her sneezes were wearing her out. They might not be that powerful, but her body sagged visibly with every one.

“Bless you. Just please go up to bed. Rest. I’ll make sure that Ron doesn’t find out you’re ill. I’ll even loan you Hedwig. If you need something she’ll come and get me.”

She smiled brightly, and turned on her heel. “That sounds fide by me. Thagks Harry!”

As she left, Harry exhaled. He hadn’t even noticed that he'd been holding his breath.


So this could be a one-shot, or a chapter. You decide please? And I know that Ginny is not normally the victim in these fics, so I thought it was about time. And what is sweeter than young love especially when they don't even know it?

Please excuse all the rust. It's been a while since I've ficced and longer still since I've done HP.

Thanks for reading! =B

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So this could be a one-shot, or a chapter. You decide please?

Please write more? :)

I loved it, GW is one of my favorite characters and you portrayed her well ^^

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I agree; this is an excellent story and deserves to be extended. Ginny in all her girliness is quite a rarity and we urgently need more sneezes from her.

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