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Sneezing in kitchen (self obs f)


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The last two nights I have made dinner. Yesterday night I was making homemade hashbrowns, and I wanted a little bit of pepper on them. I figured I would probably sneeze, it usually happens when I pepper something I am cooking. I grabbed the black shaker out of the pantry and began to sprinkle it on the potatoes. I knew I would probably sneeze, but there weren't too many people around. A few seconds later, the pepper got to me, ad I quickly turned to the side. "ha-IIIIIISHUUUU, hah" I sneezed uncovered onto the floor. It was very wet and loud, hopefully none of my roommates heard how wet it was, haha.

Then today I decided to make pasta. I am not sure what made me sneeze this time, as I used no pepper. I was about to get into the cabinet when I felt my nose tingle. I wanted to get this one out, even though I could hear my roommates and their friends a few rooms away from me. (I am pretty shy about sneezing around people, but am more comfortable if no one is in the same room as me.) I froze, took a few deep breaths, blinking, trying to be discreet and facing the cabinet in case anyone came in. It took a few seconds, but it was worth it. "Ha-eehSHIUUU!" This time I didn't have my usual involuntary gasp of air afterward. (I usually breathe "hah" immediately after a sneeze.) Once again, I turned to my side and sneezed uncovered, this time not as wetly. It kind of got on my hair, which is super long and red. I know people heard me but no one said anything so that was good, haha. Hope you guys liked, first self obs. :)

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I'm not a true redhead. :( But my skin is pretty pale, and I have naturally blonde-ish hair and blue eyes, so the red hair doesn't look completely unnatural.

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Wow - nice self obs! Does this ever cause a problem if you are out in a restaurant and people around you are using the pepper?

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Re-fri-giraaator, why are we always sooner or later...

Sorry, I got a bit taken over by the title. :)

Nice obs and bless you! Redheads are awesome. (said by natural brunette, but still)

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