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So who is your favorite band or artist?


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Basically the topic name says it all. Who is your favorite artist/band at the moment?

My favorite band will always be Breaking Benjamin. <3

I can listen to every song on every album and not find a single one that I dislike, and that for me is rare.

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Just click the pretty purple link in my signature, and it will take you to my favourite band. yes.gif

*obnoxiously pimping BUCK-TICK since 2006*

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This question is literally impossible for me to answer.

Lately I've been listening to Apples in Stereo, Animal Collective, and Voxtrot. I just bought tickets to finally see the Hush Sound which was my favorite in high school.

Obviously I'm obsessed with Dethklok but I wouldn't say they're my favorite.

ETA: I've given it some thought and if I had to choose, I'd say Gorillaz.

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I'm really into the band Dawes right now: the song "If I Wanted Someone" is the perfect summation of how I feel about life and relationships.

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All-time favourites: Luka Bloom, Christy Moore, Chris Smither, The Beatles and R.E.M.

Right-now favourites: The Teddybears (but only their track 'Cobrastyle') and Babysitters Circus.

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Beatles, ABBA, Hladno Pivo (that would be "Cold Beer" in English) and Elemental (another Croatian band).

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I can't really pick one favorite band, so here are a few of my favorites:

1. Def Leppard (will probably always be #1)

2. The Beatles

3. The Monkees

4. Green Day

5. The Goo Goo Dolls

6. Foo FIghters

And I used to love Maroon5, until some of their recent stuff.

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@Retro and AnonyMouse: Ooh... we have two system of a down fans.

@everybody else: I see a lot of good bands, and learned of a few more I have never heard of.

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Also on top of the tree at the moment: Eisbrecher. Their new album is a bit more ballad-y than their older stuff, but still not bad at all!

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My favourites are Bonnie Tyler, Meat Loaf, Cher, Celine and Queen. But I listen to almost anything. I'm probably the only one who has Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Crematory on the same playlist.

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At the moment? Ensiferum, the Clockwork Dolls and Rasputina. Neither of them are very well known, but I do love me some good music regardless of how popular it is.

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Right now I like Two Door Cinema Club. They have a new album and I want it :D But for now, I can only listen to some songs online and to the old album (which has a cat on the cover and therefore is already great in itself ;) ). But no, seriously, it's a great band with an original feel to it :)

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Thanks for sharing. :) I have learned of many new bands that I will be sure to check out. :D

Besides Breaking Benjamin I also listen to disturbed and course of nature. Both really good bands, and both tied for second place.

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Even though I don't listen to them nearly as often as I used to, I think my favorite band will always have to be The Offspring punk.gif Their songs have always just synced up way too well with my life, lol (I like their older vaguely punkish alterna-ska stuff better, but their recent more pop-y things are not bad and certainly better than most in the same genre, imo)

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Anyone here ever heard of the Mountain Goats?

Someone I watch on youtube mentions them a lot, but I'd never checked them out. Then recently I was watching one of their old videos and fell in complete love with the song in the background. Turned out to be them, the band I really should have checked out earlier. My favorite songs so far are probably Maybe Sprout Wings, which has this great quietly ominous feeling, and Dilaudid, which is a lot more intense than I expected from a band with a name like that. XD Love Love Love is another favorite, the song that made me initially go looking for more of their music, though I kind of shy away from it because the last line makes me kind of sad.

That may have been longer than it needed to be, sorry. I just haven't really been able to squee to anyone yet about how much I love these songs!

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