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What did i just do on the phone? lol (m)

Clark Kent

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Not sure where to start with this or why i am posting about it but............

Yesterday evening i got a phone call from a company who i needed to talk to. I was at home and alone and the lady who was talking to me sounded very nice and the obvious passed through my mind...........but this happens all of the time and it passes.....and she didn't by the way lol.

The next thing i knew my brain had decided that it would be a good idea to see how she would respond to a sneeze so let go a fake!!!

It was the lamest fake of all time i.m.o, i have no idea what came over me, but she did bless me so it must have been passable! lol I couldn't bring myself to start up a convo even though i suppose that was the whole point and the perfect opportunity.

Does anyone else know what the hell i thought i was doing or have done the same? This is clearly not the week to give up sniffing glue!!


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she did bless me so it must have been passable!


and she couldn't see you, which must help too (i.e. less embarrassment)

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