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This isn't a spectacular obs with a ton of sneezes or anything, but I thought it interesting enough to share.

Last night, my friend L and I were talking to our friend B through his living room window because we were outside with my dog. B is one of my best friends...and I'm really physically attracted to him, which makes me feel awkward a lot, especially because I love his sneezes. He's tall and very thin, with muscular arms. He's got brown hair and hazel eyes, and a slightly large nose.

Anyway, he's talking to us with his nose pressed up on the screen, when all of the sudden L just smacks his nose with her palm. L and I both laugh while he gripes and makes funny faces. He tells us how much it hurt, and how it made his nose itch a lot and asked if the same thing happened to us. We respond that we don't let people smack our noses, so we wouldn't know. He starts talking again, and as soon as he's let his guard down, L smacks his nose through the screen again. He groans, and then turns slightly away to let out a "hehchuh!"

We laugh at him, surprised that it had actually been enough to make him sneeze. I let L continue talking to him while I felt awkward and pleased at the same time and secretly hoped he'd sneeze more, but unforuntately, he didn't. I found it interesting because I know this can happen to some people, but I've never seen it firsthand!

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I have actually seen this situation before. When i was still in school taking the bus in early high school, there were these 2 kids brother and sister and the sister one day was like "watch this" to me and a few other kids paying attention and she turned to her brother and like flicked his nose. and he went into a fit of like 10 sneezes.

oh my god it was really awesome lol

but anyway back to you,

That's pretty awesome though lucky you :P

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