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The demon who came in with the cold


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Okay this summer break has been way too long. But school starts on Monday so then I'll stop spamming this

place with my bad stories, I promise. :lol:

This is anyway a Charmed fanfic that takes place in the middle of season 3 when Phoebe's dating Cole and Piper's engaged to Leo. It will be in several parts. The first one won't be very sneezy but it will come :)


Part 1

"Oh Billy! Please don't leave me!"

Phoebe was watching Kill it before it dies for the 27th time as she folded the laundry absentmidedly.

She missed Cole. He had promised to make it home for dinner, but she never knew if he'd be able to avoid the bounty hunters for another day. she sighed.

Suddenly she heard a crash and a loud scream from downstairs. She flew off her bed; 2,5 years of demon hunting had given her fast reflexes.

"Piper! Prue! Are you OK?"

She jumped off the last step and rushed into the living room. She felt the temperature drop about 10 degrees and looked up to see the reason for Pipers scream.

The demon was almost 2 meters tall and his skin was so pale he looked as if he'd never seen sunlight. The air whirled around him as he glared as he glared at the three sisters with coal black eyes.

"D-demon!!" Piper had always been good at stating the obvious.

"Freeze him!" Prue yelled back.

But before she could raise her hands the demon opened his mouth wide, and blew a cold snowy wind right at them.

Phoebe could feel a shiver run through her body, going up from her feet, lingering at her nose before

escaping through her head.

When she could move again, the demon was already gone.

"What the hell was that?!" Piper exclaimed. "Leo!"

The whitelighter landed beside her. "What?"

"Another demon just barged in." she complained. "This one had the bad manors to blow up a snowstorm in our living room!"

"A snowstorm?" Leo looked confused.

"I take it you don't know who he is?" Prue stated, and Leo shook his head.

Piper suddenly gave an unwilling shiver, shortly followed by a pre-sneeze face. "Hi-shoo!" she caught it with one hand.

"Bless you." Leo looked slightly concerned.

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Part 2


Cole had indeed managed to avoid the bounty hunters and arrived to the kitchen an hour later as Phoebe and Piper

were preparing the dinner. He noticed they were both wearing jackets despite being inside.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yeah. It's just so cold in here, isn't it?" Phoebe replied with a slight shiver.

"Uh, no..."

Phoebe just shrugged. "Well, you're a demon."

She suddenly froze, a twitch showing on her nose. She quickly put down the knife and turned away from the meat.

"HAE-SHOO!! HAE-SHOO!!" She almost bent double, sneezing loudly into cupped hands. She had always been the

violent sneezer of the family.

"Bless you." Piper said reflexively.

Cole frowned. "Maybe you're coming down with something?"

"Hey, maybe it's that demon from earlier?" Piper guessed, stirring the pasta.

"Demon? What demon?" Cole looked worried.

"Oh, one came along like an hour ago, whipping up a snowstorm in our living room." Piper tried to sound airy, but

the frustrated chopping of cucumber gave her away. She hated when her life was interrupted by demons.

"A demon conjoured a snowstorm?" Cole repeated. He glanced from Piper to the now slightly pink-nosed Phoebe,

and looked as if he'd just added two and two togheter. "It must have been Frigus."

"Frigus? Who is he?" Phoebe said.

"Decades ago the Source had a plan to attack witches on a human level rather than on a magical. To do that he

created seven demons, each to infuse a plauge on witches, rendering them unable to perform magic. One of them

was Frigus, the spreader of the mean cold. Any witch touched by his snowstorm will get sick with a nasty cold,

growing stronger until she's too weak to use her powers."

"Of course." Piper rolled her eyes. "So is there a cure for this demon-cold?"

"I don't know." he admitted. "I've never actually come across Frigus, all I know I have heard from

other demons. But I..."

"Hi-shoo!" The sneeze came so suddenly Piper had no time to cover it, instead spraying the cucumbers she had just

finnished cutting.

"Great!" Her frustration was now clear in her voice. "Now we can't eat these." She turned to throw them away.

"Never much liked cucumber anyway." Cole tried to cheer her up, before turning to Phoebe. "I'm gonna orb

underground and see if I can find out more. Try to get some rest, okay?" He kissed her gently on the


"Be caref...hah...HAE-CHOO!!" she sniffed.

"I'll be back soon." he promised.

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Part 3


"I feel like crap." Prue said, grabbing a tissue.

Cole had been gone all night. The three sisters were sitting togheter on the couch watching romantic comedies.

"You know, this reminds me of the time in elementary school when we all had a cold and had to stay home togheter."

Piper reminiscened.

"Oh yeah... was that the time when Phoebe swam in the lake in October, sneezed all over the house and

infected us?"

"No, I think it was the time Phoebe shared her lunch with a sick boy, came home and infected us." Piper

corrected her with a smile.

"Sorry guys." Phoebe said in a congested voice.

Prue took advantage of the silence, put the tissue to her nose with one hand and blew wetly.

"Well at least this is better than getting clawed or cut or thrown into the wall like we usually do."

Phoebe tried to stay optimistic. "This is just a common cold."

"Yeah, but Cole said we could lose our powers." Prue reminded her. "And he said it'll get wo.. Ha-eshh! Haeshh!"

she sneezed into her elbow. As if on a cue, Phoebe was struck with a fit of her own, her sneezes mixing

with Prues. "HAE-SHOO!! Ha-eshh! HAE-SHOO!! Ha-eshh! HAE-SHOO!!"

They both reached for a tissue and blew their noses simultaenously.

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I normally prefer allergies but this is pretty good so far! and I'm hoping you'll write more of this soon!

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Interesting. I look forward to reading more. <3

Keep up the good work.

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OMG i didn't expect that...i mean, the last time i watched Charmed, i was really young. It bring memories back, and it's a very good fanfic so i hope you'll continue!
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Wow, this definitely brings me back - I haven't thought about Charmed in years. The sister dynamic is really fun, and I do always like a good "supernatural illness" angle. More please? twitchsmile.gif

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I'm glad so many people still remember Charmed :P It was my favorite show growing up, me and my sisters actually played charmed :lol: Drew our own Book of shadows and everything.

Part 4


By the next evening Phoebe was sick of the romantic comedies and sat in her bed watching a splatter movie.

She was wearing pyjama bottoms with a tight shortsleeved top. Her hair was in a ponytail and she was surrounded by tissues.

Her nose was red and sore from all the noseblowing so she had instead gone over to sniveling. Every 15 seconds or so the characters on the screen were interrupted by a loud sniff.


Piper lay on the couch reading Jane Austen.

Her nose was not as runny as Phoebe or Prues, but her sneezes came in frequent fits of four or five.

By the end of the page she felt that strong tickle in the back of her nose and grabbed a tissue. Being an ex-chef she had always been a bit uncomfortable sneezing into her hands.

“Hii-shoo! Hi-shoo! Hih-shoo! Hi-shoo!” With the tissue still covering her mouth and nose she took a few breaths, waiting. “Hh..Hih-shoo! “

She sniffed lightly and went back to reading. After another page she gave up. She was just too tired, and there was a pounding in her head she could not ignore. As soon as she had put the book down she was hit by another set of sneezes. She pushed another tissue to her face and jerked forward with every sneeze.

“Hi-shoo!! Hih-shoo!! Hih-shoo!! Hih-shoo!!”

Halfway through her third fit the pajama-clad Phoebe came down the stairs. “Bless you!” she said in her stuffed voice. “Do you dow if there’s ady ice creab id the freezer?”

“In the second drawer.”

The younger sister was just about to return upstairs with the Rocky Road when Cole shimmered down in front of her.

“Oh hey Cole. What did you fide out?” she sniffed wetly and wiped her nose with the back of her hand.

Instead of answering he reached into his pocket and handed his girlfriend an oldfashioned red hankarchief . “Here.”

Despite her sniffles her nose was threatening to overflow so she accepted it and blew her red nose.

“This is so much softer than tissues.” She said, relieved.

Cole gave her a quick smile. “Keep it. You look like you might need it.”

He turned to face both sisters.

“I found more information on Frigus.” He paced the room. “The only way to get rid of your cold is to vanquish him. And the only way to do that is to hit him with a potion based on Ginseng root.”

“Okay, so whe…he..” Phoebe stopped, her nostrils flaring. “HAE-SHOO!! HAE-SHOO!!” Her nose was buried in the hanky. She wiped it off and continued. “Where do we find this root?”

He leaned closer to Phoebe and looked her straight in the eyes. "We are not doing anything. You are going to stay in bed with your hankarchief and a pack of ice cream while I go search for the roots."

"But idn't it dadgerous for you to go?" she objected, her nose filling up again.

"Yeah, we'll have a better chance if we all go." Piper agreed.

"I'll be fine." He insisted. "Besides your sneezing will alert bounty hunters on a miles distance." and he was off.

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