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-Dramatic little girl- F/F


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Hi Guy!

At first I wanted to put this story observation because it is based on a true hisoitre. But I finally decided to post it here. I'm sorry if there are mistakes, I don't speak English fluently. This is gonna be a long story, so hope you'll like it!

-Dramatic little girl F/F caretaking when you're sick it's not really easy...But with a little help...-


It was a cold autumn evening. Sarah was sitting on the couch enduring the terrible noise of the favorite emission of his little sister, trying to finish his article for the student newspaper with difficulty. She watched his little sister while his parents were in traveling. All day she had a headache and had difficulty to concentrate on his studies. Temperature change and the variations of heat and cold had a direct impact on the immune system. Fortunately, it was Friday. she could now relaxed wrapped a blanket over his shoulders ... Well, almost.

'' Emily Can you please turn it down?'' She asks in a voice loud enough for his sister to hear. But the child was too busy singing the song of sponge bob. Sarah raised her arm to take the TV remote control, lowering the sound itself.

'' Hey!'' Emily yelled, crossing his arms. The girl had always been the most dramatic in the family letting out a few tears from his eyes.

'' Please, sweetie Sarah has a very big headache ...'' Explained the oldest daughter depositing the remote to the left in front of his little sister.

'' Are you sick?'' Emily asked, moving close to his big sister. This shrugged focusing on his article. ''Ahh stop ignoring me!'' Cried the child even stronger than the last time. Sarah nearly jumped before bringing his hands to his ears.

'' Stop screabing!'' She screamed back while her sister laughed. '' What?'' She asked, frowning. She did not understand why the child laughed.

'' Your voice is like a robot, your nose is stuffy!'' Trying to explain the four year old girl. Sarah shook her head, looking up. She did not have the energy to argue with her little sister. Then it just happened to fast for Sarah to holding it. She started to inhale and inhale, taking huge breaths of air into his lungs.

''He, he...Hepiit-shew!'' She sneezed on his knees did not have time to cover. ''...Gross.'' She muttered expecting a comment from her sister. But she just sat beside her watching him. Sarah continued his work sniffing. '' Do you want a tissue?'' Emily asked, shrugging his shoulders, it was clear that the child did not know what to do.

''No, I'm fine, I'm not sick.'' Explained Sarah stubbornly. '' Why don't you go to your room and play with your toys?'' Asked the girl, raising her head to see Emily.

'' Because it's not fun to play alone ...'' moaned Child with sad puppy eyes. The oldest girl sighed closing his notebook, but as she was about to say something, she felt a slight tickle in his nose. She sniffled trying to remove it without success. She raised his wrist rubbing his nose. Then, his breathing began to be shorter, her eyelids fluttered. She had this expression that Emily recognized.

'' Harriishew! Haappit-shew!'' Sarah sneezed in his cupped hands turning his head towards his shoulder not to sneeze in the face of the child. She muttered something wiping his nose with the back of his hand.

'' Bless you!'' Exclaimed Emily surprise strength of sneeze her big sister. She looked at him with worry.

'' Do not look at me like that, it was just dust ...'' explained before the girl sniffed again. '' I have to give my work at Tina's, you coming?'' She asked slowly getting up from the couch, before being hit by a heat wave. The child nodded, raising his arms to his sister, Sarah sighed taking her in his arms. She was sick, a little shiver that ran up the length of her spine. She took a sharp little breath, cupping her free hand in front of her face.

''Don't sneeze on me!'' Exclaimed Emily burying his face in the new of her big sister to protected himself. She could feel the girl chest rise and fall rapidly. Sarah turned once more away from the child to sneeze.

''Hi..He...Hepiit-shew, tisshew! Sorry sweetheart...'' She sighed, rubbing his nose. Crap, she thought.


Tell me what you think, should i continue???

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Hey guys, this is the part 2! Sorry for the long delay. Hope you'll like it!


Sarah helped her sister to put on his coat and took care to put some tissues in his pocket before leaving. (Tina was one of his good friends. She was always there to comfort her when she was not feeling well.) She buckled Emily up in her car seat, taking place before driving. The child drew shapes in the window singing the song that was playing on the radio. Sarah tried to stay focused on the road sometime looking up in the mirror to see his little sister.

''Do you think mom and dad are missing us?'' Asked the child after a few minutes of silence. Sarah sighed. His parents were often in travel and she knew that her sister was sad. Emily looked down holding her tears.

''Hey do not cry sweetie, I'm sure mom only talk about you and your beautiful smile!'' With these words, Sarah park in the parking lot of his friend. ''Here we are...'' She whispered, removing the keys she put the car in park and went around to her little sisters side and picked her up. Sarah smiled when Emily gave her a smile and layed her head on her shoulder.She walked through the door knoking. Tina opened the door rushing to hug her friend. She stood and took the little girl from Sarah's harms.

''Hi honey!'' Tina kissed the child head. ''Come in.'' She exclaimed, taking the hand of his friend. Sarah followed the two girls. placing his bag on the couch.

''Sarah, i want my mouse!'' Emily asked, waving her feet for Tina lay her on the ground. Sarah opened the bag handing the favorite cuddy toy of her little sister. When the little mouse was found in her arms, the girl sniffed slightly raising his finger under his nose to dissipate the non stop tickling.

''Come here little bug, i'm going to help you to remove that beautiful coat!'' Tina asked, leaning in front of the child to be at its height. Sarah was about to say something but her nose was bright crimson as she reached for a tissue and sneezed weakly into it.

''Harriishew!'' Sarah blew her nose and coughed loudly. Tina rose walking towards the girl.

''God! bless you missy! Are you ok?'' But before Sarah had time to answer, Emily stepped between her and her friend.

''Sarah is sick.'' Explained the child clinging to the leg of his big sister.

''Sick?'' Tina repeated on a worried tone. Sarah sighed wiping the trickle of snot under her nose with her tissue.

''Do not worry, I'm not sick with cancer ... Only a cold! I'm not gonna die!'' She took a breath of air to prove her point but regretted later with a sequence of cough. She turned her head away from his sister and her friend coughing in her hands.

''...Ok, time out sweetheart, did you even eat something?'' Tina asked by filing his hand on the back of her friend making small circle. Seeing that his sister could not answer, Emily spoke.

''We ate on the way home from school ...'' She explained softly before rubbing her eyes. Tina put her hand on Sarah forehead to feel her temperature.

''...Look like you're having fever Sarah.'' Confirmed the girl kissing her friend on the cheek. Emily stepped forward to take the hand of her older sister.

''It's okay Sarah, Tina and i will take care of you.'' Said the child with a small voice. ''Hey what about playing doctor!?'' Tina and Sarah face grimaced at the same time.

''Hum...I think we are too old for that kind of game...and beside, we have to go home and get you in bed!'' Sarah replied, taking the child in her arms...But Tina stopped her movements.

''Woa wait a minute cutie! I can let you take this child and just runaway, you're sick. You are the one who supose to be in bed.'' Tina stopped as the girl jerked her head to the side and cupped a hand to her face.

''Hepiit-shew! Harriishew! Haappit-shew!'' Sarah sneezed three times, being careful to not spread her germs. ''Sorry...'' She murmured, lowering her head.

''Do not apologize, your nose could not do anything about it! Now please don't be stubborn, my father and my mom does not return until tomorrow so stay her with Emily.Then I'm going to keep an eye on you and little monster.'' Emily rushed into the arms of Tina, burying her face in the neck of the girl. ''It looks like someone is tired anyway!'' Added Tina feeling the child stifle a yawn. Sarah nodded She was woozy and exhausted and shivering with fever.

''He...He...Herriishew, ugh...Mkay.''


That was the part 2. Sorry if there's some spelling mistake, i'm working hard on it!!! Should i continue???

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