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So last night I went to my aunt & uncle for dinner. They're in their 60s, they're both from Italy, and they smoke like a pair of chimmneys. Of course I'm allergic, and of course they'd never think or offer to not light up when I'm over there. Last night's dinner conversation went something like this?

Me: *huuuuuutshhhhhuuu* ugh *loudly blowing my nose into my hanky* could you pass the *sniffle* saussage & peppers?

Uncle Lou: You wanna more saussage? *plopping a fat piece of saussage into my plate with the serving fork*

Me: Yes, thank you.

Aunt Gina: *lighting a fresh cigarette* So, how come you no get married and make a-babies yet?

Me: Well, I guess I haven't found the right *huuuuuuuuuuuuutshuuuuuu*

Aunt Gina: Bless you, you gotta do something about-a that cold.

It pretty much continued like that for the whole evening. By the time Igot home, my hanky was soaked with snot, mynose was red & raw.

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