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Am I being unfair?


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Oh hello, fellow sneeze enthusiasts. A newbie's question for you!

I do a lot of fandom roleplay and related activities particularly on Dreamwidth. This is generally a very supportive and kink-positive environment, but I've been shy of openly doing fetish-play mostly because I don't want my closer partners, whom I consider actual friends, to link it back to me somehow. They are, however, a lot of really wonderful people who know that I have a "thing" for hurt/comfort and particularly characters with colds - I've never called it a kink, the furthest I got is "fascination", but I guess some of them must've figured it out by now XD. They've always been very cool with it and I've played out some truly glorious fluff scenes with them over time.

Still... I sometimes feel weird, even unfair about this. Is this fine for me to do when they don't really know these scenes are... well, turning me on? I've been very cautious (I think!) with not going overboard, it's never been all about sneezing! I always try to make it about the actual character interaction or the plot, but sometimes I can't help myself throwing my characters at dusty situations and finding reasons for them to be sick. And still... I keep having this horror scenario where my closest roleplay partners/friends find out and are furious at me for... I don't know, taking advantage of them.

Am I right to be worried? Should I stop? All advice appreciated!

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Am I right to be worried? Should I stop? All advice appreciated!

Hey, Argent, a fellow roleplayer, here. o/

No, I don't think you're being unfair at all. One of the most important things in roleplay is setting apart in character and out of character, right? So, as long as you're advancing the plot and providing entertaining/engaging roleplay for the other person, why does it matter if you're getting a kick out of it? There's a heck of a lot of Roleplayers out there who have a kink for fluff, so I really don't think any of your RP partners would feel as though you're 'taking advantage' just because some of the stuff you roleplay turns you on.

I would definately say stop worrying and keep enjoying your RP! Heck, I actually really admire your courage for being able to RP that sort of stuff; I could never bring my sneezing kink into my own RP because I'm such a wuss about it. Just keep on doing what you're doing and making sure you're advancing the plot/not making the RP too sneeze-centric and you'll be fine. But putting in a little kinky hurt/comfort/sneezing every now and then is totally okay. Your partners obviously don't mind your 'fascination', otherwise they wouldn't be roleplaying with you.

And if your friends/close partners find out, I'm pretty sure the first thing they'll think most certainly won't be 'she's been taking advantage of me!'. Chances are they'll either think it's cute, cool, or it won't really bother them either way. During my time in a couple of roleplaying communities, I've noticed that most RPers are pretty open minded.

Really hope this helps.

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I actually think you're managing very well indeed. Role-playing is about acting out fantasies, isn't it? Well, partly, anyway. I really don't think you have to worry about it, especially since you seem to be doing well on the self-control front :)

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