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We had a test...


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Long time no see!

So, my girlfriend has a cold right now. Usually her colds aren't really that sneezy, they just make her to blow her nose often. But this cold is different.

Today, while we were at shool, she sat next to me when it was time to start our math test. We don't want to attract any attention to our relationship while we're at school, so we just said hello to each other. Then I noticed that her nose was slightly pink.

"Do you have a cold?" I asked casually and tried not to sound like I care so my classmates wouldn't get suspicious.

"Yeah, I just noticed it this morning. Didn't think you cared." she answered smiling (so, our classmates have actually no idea that we're dating except our closest friends wink.png )

The test started as test usually start. The teacher comes in, gives us the papers, and I panic as I try to solve the problems dontgetit.gif ) About ten minutes later, I heard somebody's wet sniffle. And turned quickly and saw my girlfriend rubbing her nose with a faraway look on her face. Then she sneezed wetly into her cupped hands. I couldn't even bless her because when doing the test, class must be extremely quiet. I turned my head back to the test paper, but then I heard her sneeze again, only this time she sneezed almost uncovered one while just turning her head away. I swear I felt some spray on my right arm. I looked at my paper once again and it was silent for a minute or two, until she sneezed once again. It kept going like that almost the rest of the test. So you never guess who didn't pass that test pinch.gif .

"I couldn't do anything with you sneezing next to me." I complained to her after the test.

"What, did that make you want to kiss me?" she answered and I blushed really hard. How does she know me that well?

Anyways, I'll let you guys and girls know if she has another sneezing fits like that.

See you next time.

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Now go and practice math. :)
Well, I could do that or the I could just be with my girlfriend listening her sneezes and noseblows. Try to guess which one I pick.
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