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I Don't Even Know What to Do Anymore!


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So over the summer I made this friend at camp, H. I decided I wanted to tell her about my fetish after a couple days, because I wanted to see her sneeze and anyway it was a three week camp and, as she lives far away, I doubted I'd ever see her again. It went well, she agreed not to tell anyone and didn't laugh or anything.

A week later we were sitting on my bunk bed talking. My roommate, S, was on her phone on her bed. I get close to H, touching my forehead to hers, something we did when we wanted to say something that no one else would hear. "You know, I still haven't heard you sneeze," I told her. How did I get so brave that night? "I'm not letting you get back on that plane until I hear you sneeze."

H draws away without a word, turns, and does a convincing fake sneeze. I'm thinking, '... What just happened? That couldn't have been real.' S blesses H. I tell H never to do that again, that it's teasing. (pretty sure S heard me saying this, hopefully she was too absorbed in her phone to make anything of it) H apologizes and admits that she faked. S offers us some candy and I take some chocolate, H takes a lollipop with a long, plastic, bendy stick.

S leaves the room to go to someone else's room, and I climb down from the bed, bringing up the sneezing thing again. H asked me how she’s going to do it, and I’m like, “Inducing!” I hold up a plastic lace lanyard, a girl in our group made one for every girl in the group. For those who don’t know, the plastic lace is a great inducer. It doesn’t get soggy like tissues, it bends nicely, and I find it doesn’t poke the inside of your nose too much. “You shove it up your nose.” H takes the end of the stick of the lollipop and does just that! shock.gif

She pulls it out quickly after. “It tickles,” H says. “It’s supposed to!” By now I’m against the ladder that you use to get onto the bunk bed, looking up at her. I refused to get on the bed in case I had any sudden impulses. H sticks the plastic thing back up her nose, this time moving it a bit deeper. She keeps a calm face, but at one point I see her nostrils flare ever so slightly. My heart is pounding with anticipation. Finally, her face scrunches up, and I get what I’ve been waiting for. Her sneezes always sounded something like “Isshhoo!”. drool.gif It was not high-pitched, which surprised me since her voice itself is rather high-pitched, and sounded wet. Her inducing was followed by a fit of coughs, H telling me she isn’t used to that. I finally get back on my bed, sitting next to her again. “Thank you,” I say. “That’s what friends are for!” H responds.

Flash forward almost a week later. It’s the day before the camp ends, and H and I are sitting against a wall talking. Somehow we got on the subject of the fetish. H confessed to me she thought she was bi or lez, I told her I felt the same. I guess this was when I explained my gender preference? “I’ve always like female sneezing more than male…” “Sneezing,” H finished off the sentence for me. I nodded. "I really want to make myself sneeze now!" H says. shocking.gif Am I dreaming? I can't help but smile, holding up the lanyard. "Let's go to the bathroom."

We walk into the empty bathroom. H takes the lanyard and sticks one of the lose ends up her nose. She's quicker with inducing this time, and sneezes once, followed with another fit of coughing. She goes into one of the stalls and blows her nose, and then we leave. We said our goodbyes the next day, everyone was crying, and then left.

After that we began video chatting. The first time we video chatted I looked down at one point, and when I looked back up I saw that H had some hair up one nostril. "You're not," I say, not believing what I see. H gives me a mischievous grin. "Not what?" She sneezes once, and I don't say anything about it.

She gets a cold not much later. A really bad cold. J, another friend from camp, he likes H but H has told him that she doesn't like him back, the two are still friends, and I were text chatting with H. She says she thinks she's getting a cold. In the group text chat I'm acting all sympathetic, but I send her a quite different message in a text chat just the two of us can see.


H: y not

me: Just, nevermind.

H: ah, no sneezy just cough

... She knows me too well. We video chat a little and her voice is incredible hoarse, which I find kind of cute until she loses her voice entirely. Pretty much the whole time she's sick I'm torn between the part of me that wants to see her all sick and vulnerable and the part of me that wants to care for her in her miserable state. (the latter I can't do if I wanted to either way, she's too far away) H tells me that she isn't sneezing much (I asked, took a couple days to build up the courage to), and says she usually doesn't sneeze much when she's sick, but she does promise me if she starts she'll video chat me.

Luckily, she got her voice back after a few days. J, H, and I video chat once H gets her voice back again, though H often leaves for a few minutes to go blow her nose. She does this once, but when she comes back something pops up in the text chat only us two can see.

H: Hey A, (I'll call myself A)

me: Yes?

H: I thought it best to leave before I sneezed...

I wish I could have seen my face when I read that.


H: I know I said I wouldn't but with J on...

me: I'm not happy.

H: thought you might not want him to know... Or would you prefer he did?

me: Well I DON'T I'M GOOD AT HIDING IT How do you think I survive everyday life?

On the video side of the chat I'm shaking my head at H. J has no idea what's going on.

me: You'll pay for it later.

H says, "Wow, A, you're such a forgiving friend." I wonder what J made of that statement. Later on J leaves, and it's just the two of us. I know that H is going to leave pretty soon, so I decide now's the time for my revenge.

me: You know you still owe me from earlier.

H reads the message in the video chat box, then once again induces for me with her hair.

H: Happy now?

I smile and nod without a word. She doesn't look annoyed at me, which I take as a good sign.

The last ob come a good amount of time later. H is over her cold. We're talking for a bit, then she wants to read something. We often do a thing where we do separate activities but keep the video chat open so we can talk to each other. Once again, I'm looking at something else, and when I look back at H I see she has her hair up her nose. I can't tell if she knows I'm staring at her, as any mouse clicking or keyboard tapping on my end stops. I can't seem to wipe a big smile off of my face.

H has a couple false starts, coughs a couple times, but eventually sneezes. "You're too good to me," I say. "I know," she replies.

She induces again later in the conversation. After that I'm really getting curious why she's doing it. "Do you like that?" I ask her. "It feels funny," H replies, which I take as a yes.

H hasn't induced since, but I really don't know what to do! Every time she induces it just makes me so aroused... I think she knows that very well but I don't know if she does. Back at camp we'd do things like cuddle, which always has made me wonder whether H likes me. I don't want to ask her now, because she went through a lot of boy drama at camp (many boys liked her and went after her, she liked none of them) and until that wears off I'm not bringing myself into.

Comments? Suggestions? Anything?

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Wow! In a way I'm kinda jealous of you. In your position I would not have a clue on what to do. All I can say is do what your heart tells you to.

I think your friend H must like you in some way if she has induced for you and continued to do so without you asking her to. That's how I would take it.

I can't really tell you what to do? All I can tell you to do, is to do what feels right to you. I wish you the best of luck in this relationship of yours.

Sorry if I wasn't of much help.

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