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Sneezy trail walk (self-obs)


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Since it was a beautiful day outside I thought a nice nature walk would be nice maybe, I'd see sneezy people boy, was I wrong I felt that tickle form in the back of my nose and, I was with my mom, I hate o sneeze in front of anyone. I tried to rub my itchy nose but, the tickle persisted to taunt me my breath hitched I lost the battle and stifled four sneezes my nose was all stuffed up I sniffed and wiped it but, thebtickle remained I sneezed again a little wetter "hittschoo." sounding and again "hitschoo" I rubbed my itchy nose again and stifled three more sneezes by than I was a mess and, the sound of someone cuttong their grass got closer. I sniffed and stifled a few sneezes the whole time walking so, glad my mkmndidn't notice... hope you enjoy (I just sneezed once while writing this)

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