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An Almost Interrupted Kiss and More


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Just a little something I thought I'd share with you guys:

Last Thursday morning was nicely brisk and cloudy - a typical morning around this time of the year where I live. I had just left my parents’ house with my fiancé (R.L, as some of you might know). She’s average height, has red hair and eye glasses and the most perfect nose I’ve ever seen on a woman (she’s the one who realized that it’s just the kind I once drew while explaining what kind of noses I like the best). In my opinion she’s got a nice body and her features are… soft in a beautiful and elegant way? Yes.

On Wednesday she had complained a little that her throat had got sore during the day and so on… Of course she didn’t admit that she might be getting sick. So as we were walking down the private drive (her throat wasn’t any better and she was coughing a little) I just decided to give her a small kiss to the lips. It was just a quick peck and if it had been just a bit longer she wouldn’t have turned away to sneeze right after the kiss but right in the middle of it. The sneeze was rather quiet and soft and just the kind that tells she had a sore throat. Sadly thought I don’t remember it well enough to give you a spelling.

On Friday her voice was somewhat rough/hoarse and she seemed a little tired. She was a bit grumpy the way she is always when she's sick. Sadly I don't go to the same school with her because judging by the comments she said she had got from her classmates ("You look tired and sick", "Your face looks interesting because your cheeks and the bridge are red but otherwise you are pale white" and one from her teacher: "I thought you had a cold" after she had told she had drunk too much and thus her voice was the way it was) being there would have been pretty great. heart.gif I had given a tissue (one that has "love" written on it) that morning but she hadn't needed it... yet.

On Saturday morning she claimed to be feeling better. I don't know if she was, but at least her voice didn't sound the way it had sounded. We had decided to go to movies over a week earlier and we also did so. During the movie (Brave 3D) she got pretty stuffy and a little sniffly, breathing through her mouth for the duration of the entire movie. I told her to try blowing her nose because if she kept breathing that way her throat might just get sore again or her cough might worsen (to which she answered that she would not do it in the movie theater).

After the movie we went to eat some sushi. While we were sitting there she complained a little that her neck was stiff/achy (in a muscle pain kind of way) and that she couldn't taste much. I have to admit that she sounded adorably stuffy there. heart.gif

Later on, when we already sleeping but had woken up, she said that she didn't feel comfortable lying down and that her head ached in the "regular" way, not like migraine, which she has a tendency to get. We ended up getting up and going downstairs (because my room is all too warm and stuffy because there is no real air conditioning there). She went to sit on the sofa, where I carried a pillow and a blanket for her, while I went to get some broth from the soup that I had made earlier and ice cream for her. Seriously this must be one of my favourite fetishy images: someone sitting on a sofa with a blanket and maybe a pillow, a hut cup of tea on a table in front of them just as well as one or more tissues (preferably at least one used and one clean one ready to be used) and possibly some extra stuff. And there I was sitting next to her in the middle of such a picture (on the table there was the cup of tea, the bowl where the broth had been and another bowl with some chocolate ice cream in it, a used up tissue and a clean one). The skin around her nostrils was the slightest bit reddish and according to her it felt a little raw. Pretty. Damn. Adorable.

On Sunday we went to visit a shopping mall to get her sight checked (for free). I think she blew her nose a few times while we were there and I know she sneezed at least twice (and once before we left my parents' house). She was still coughing a lot, sniffling and sounded stuffy and... sexy? LoL The skin around her nostrils was a bit more red and you could see how it was dry and... You know how it kind of might... peel off a little? Damn, I don't know how to explain it, but I do know that it looks lovely. Anyway, I knew it didn't feel nice to her as she doesn't like being sick and I just happened to have some balm in a little container in my pocket and at one point I randomly just turned to her and applied some to the reddish area (with a finger when there was no one seeing and a bit later by putting it on my lips and planting a kiss there). At some point she complained that she had sneezed far too many times that day (I think the total of that day so far was three)...

I could babble on for ever but I guess this is long enough already... xD

...maybe someone had the energy to read through it all even though it probably wasn't that interesting. xD

Oh... BTW, I know who she probably got the cold from but... Lets keep that a secret. (;

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