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Subway sneezing fit...


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I was taking the subway home from class late one night, and I was sitting across from a thin man in his mid-forties. He had blonde-grey hair, a lined, weather-worn face, and blue eyes. He was wearing a navy windbreaker. He was sl umped in his seat and looking rather worn-out. I didn't think much of him, since I was trying to work on my NaNoWriMo novel, being a bit behind. He caught my attention when he sneezed, violently.

"HROUUF!" It was a loud, hard sneeze that snapped his body forward like a twig. Afterward, I watched him out of the corner of my eye, and turned off my iPod. His lip began to quiver, and his nostrils started to flare. His eyelids shook, and he pitched forward in another "HROUUF!" At this point, he took out a neon green handkerchief, and held it to his nose, waiting for the next sneeze. It came. Three times. He put his handkerchief away, but had to take it out again a few seconds later ot catch another sneeze that sounded exactly like the last one. After sniffling a bit, he blew his nose, then knitted his brows in consternation. He sat with the handkerchief in his hands, awaiting more.

He sneezed about ten more times, with fifteen second intervals between each one. Every few sneezes he tried to blow his nose, but he didn't usually finish before the next one came. When it was over, he angled his head toward the window and stared out onto the bridge landscape, eyes half-closed and visibly exhausted.

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