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Allergies grew in

Floating Feather

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Title: Allergies grew in

Author: Floating Feather

Fandom/Original: Original

Summary: A conversation goes on between two while a female's allergies kick in.

Authors Notes: Experimental style, focusing on just conversation, movements, and sounds. Some of the good parts!


"Anyway, I've picked up a new hobby lately."


"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's just a bit dusty in here or something." She shifts her long legs, showing off the muscle tone.

"Oh, do you have allergies?"

"No, I-" her lie is revealed by a sudden gasp, her head lifting back. She calms down just as quickly, setting her gaze back in place, a grin added. "Sorry, lost it."

"You're not very good at lying, you know."

She laughs. "Okay, I ha... have a few allergies." She smiles, lifting her finger to rub under her nostrils. "I didn't always. They grew in. I like to pretend they don't exist sometimes."

"Grew in?"

Her short skirt is catching to the eye, but no glimpse of what's beneath is shown past crossed legs. Briefly, her nostrils flare out, as if catching a scent. "Yeah, I didn't have all my allergies as a kid."

"Not all of them, huh?"

"I've always been allergic to dust. I like to lie about it anyway. When I hit puberty, I started to get a few more. One by one they..." Her eyes flutter and her head rears back suddenly, a gasp flowing into her mouth.

"Are you okay?"

She shakes her head, hair tossing back and forth. "Y...yes, I'm fine. I thought I had to sneeze!" She offers her smile again, which is interrupted by a light sniff and a look of concern.

"You've got quite the troublesome nose, it looks like."

"Yes, I... HUHhhh!" She raises a hand to her face as if to protect against a potential outward flow of air, but curls her fingers until just one rests underneath her nostrils. "You don't... Ha..have any dogs, do you?"

"No my dear, I'm not a dog-owner."

She wiggles her nose back and forth. "That's a relief. Canines are my w-worst ah.. AHh.. Ah.."

"Your worst...?"

The blush forming on her face is visible as her breath hitches, head tilting back bit by bit. "AAH.. AHHH.. Aller.. ah..ah..aller...AAAAHHHHHH...!" Her nose wiggles back and forth, rubbed by her finger, eyes fully shut. She takes one final, desperate gasp. "AAAAAAHHHHHHCCCHHHHHHOOOOOO!"


"My worst ah.. allergy." She sniffs. "I didn't always ha.. have it. But one day I started noticing my..." Sniff. "My nose tickling ah.. ah.. ah-around..." She holds up a finger, begging for some time.

"Around dogs?"

"Around the biggest dog. A fluh... HUH..HUHHhh... fluffy sheepdog. He was so cute I couh..." She rears back again, legs shifting. Her inhale pushes her breasts upwards.


"Couh..couldn't hheh...HHEEHH...HHHEHh..HHEEEEHHHHCCCCCHHHOOOOOOOOO! Help but hug him, and then my nose starting tih... hih... HIIIIIHHHHCCCHHHHOOOOO!" Her body tilts forwards, showing even more underneath her low-cut shirt. She's a treat for the eyes, but mostly for the ears.

"That's how you discovered you were allergic?"

She sniffs loudly, nodding her head. "Sorry about all that, somethhih...HIH.. thing is making my nose itchy." Her nostrils flare again, slightly pink by now. "I'm reah.. really interuhh..HHUHHh..." She freezes mid-hitch, hand on her chest, and tries to calm down.

"It's fine, please continue. It's an interesting story."

Rubbing her nose with a finger doesn't seem to do much for her, but she tries it all the same. "D..do you HAAAHh... have a caah...HHHAH.... HAAAAHHH! HHHAAAAHHHCCCCCCCCHHHHOOOOOOOO!"

"A cat? No, I don't own any pets. I take it you're allergic to cats as well?"

She sniffs loudly. "Always ha.. have been. Dogs and huhhh...HHUHH... HUUUHHHCCHHHOOOOOO!" She bends down far enough to show the underwear beneath her top. "Horses." she hurriedly finishes. "I... HUHH! I used to..." She gasps, but holds down her reaction...

"Oh? You're allergic to horses? What'd you do?"

"Used to be a bih... HIHH... big horsebaah...AAH...AAH...Hhah--AAHHHH! AAAAAHHH!" Her body arches back, legs straightening out, offering a glimpse beneath her skirt at last, perhaps hoping better posture will quell the itch. She gasps repeatedly, head bobbing in place. "HHAHh...HAAAH.."

"Big one coming in. You used to be a horseback rider?"

"HHh... Y..yes, but now it's one of my worst AAH...AAAHH..." Her finger is placed under her nose again, for all the good it does. She sits up as straight as a statue, but is far from inanimate.

"One of your worst allergies."

"Y..yes. Sorry, I've ihh... IHHh.. interrupted far too long, what... HUHH! What's the hobby you were... were..." Her nose wiggles in place... A sniff flares her nostrils up.

"Oh, I was going to mention I've recently taken up horseback riding..."

Her eyes flutter, a loud sniff made, and her head cranes back. She gasps once, twice, three... "HEEEEEHHHH... HEEEEEEEHHHHH... HH-HEEEEHHHHH..." then she does freeze for a moment, eyebrows lifted, a finger beneath her nose...

"HHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" She sneezes, loud and unrestrained. Her chest shakes lightly, then breaks into bouncing as she rears back and tilts forwards again. "HHHHHHEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!"

"Oh... You're not.. w-wearing the same clothes, I huh.. huh.. hope..?"

An apologetic smirk is all she gets for her trouble of asking, and she stands up quickly, sniffing as she walks for the door. "P..pardon me, I need suh.. some fresh ah... AAHh...AAAAAH..."


She doubles over on her way out, offering the sight of an impressively toned rear. With click, the door shuts... but her sneezing can be heard all the way down the hall.

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That was really great! I totally get what you mean about focusing on movements. Something about how you wrote made it really easy for me to imagine everything. I'm not quite sure what it is, but this was just amazingly written.

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personaly i have to say this experiment was a great success . i got to experience the perspctive of the observewr imagining both the girles hot body and lovely sneezes

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Hot. Such relentless allergic sneezing from a descriptively hot girl. Love the toned rear. Seeing a hottie sneeze always gets me conflicted. Better to observe from in front or behind?

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She sniffs loudly, nodding her head. "Sorry about all that, somethhih...HIH.. thing is making my nose itchy." Her nostrils flare again, slightly pink by now. "I'm reah.. really interuhh..HHUHHh..." She freezes mid-hitch, hand on her chest, and tries to calm down.

Perfect build-up! :D Love the way you combine the trying to talk through sneezes, the physical descriptions and the way she tries to control the sneeze. And loud sneezes with plenty of build-up are very, very close to my heart... :)

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