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Taylor woke up, feeling stuffy and like a train had run over her. She let out a racking cough that was wet and left her feeling utterly exhausted. Underneath her twelve blankets, she still felt cold. Flinging off the covers, she grabbed a tissue as her nose began to tickle.

"Hechoo! Hechoo! He-he-HE-CHOo! Oh by god, how ab I goig to be able to-KERCHOo!-give this stupid codcert?"

Stumbling towards the shower, Taylor fell to the ground. Standing back up, she coughed and jumped in, hoping the hot water would soothe her. She got sick like this every year, but if had never been this bad.

Taylor dressed warmly and headed outside into the cold Wisconsin air. Never had she been this cold. Halfway through the concert, Taylor began to cough and sneeze. Finally, she was able to continue singing. She was at the meet and greet when she began to feel terrible. The last person was approaching her when Taylor's knees went weak. The girl rushed over.

Taylor began to sneeze, harsh and wet.

"Hurushoo! Hurshoo! Hurushhoo!"

This continued until the girl handed her a Kleenex.

"Taylor, are you okay?"

Taylor spoke in a pitiful voice.

"Do, I'b dot. I hab-kerchoo! The flu, ad by bodygaurds left ad I'b all alode ad I dodt thigk I cad bake id hobe."

The girl said " my apartment is right across the street. How about I get you there?"

Too sick to refuse, Taylor accepted.

To be continued!!!(should I?)

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YES!! by all means, please continue :)

this is super cute, and a part 2 sounds like heaven :) I love Taylor Swift, so glad you posted this :D

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Thanks for your support, everyone!! Here is an update!

The girl leaned down and pulled the five foot eleven star to her feet. Taylor groaned and slowly cleared her dizzy head. Suddenly, her stuffy nose began to react.

"Oh by god-heh-by dose-heh-I deed a kledex. Please ib godda sdeeze!"

The girl handed Taylor a hanky, and Taylor completely lost control. It was all the poor girl helping Taylor could do to keep the sick woman upright.

"KerCHOO hatchoo KerCHOO kerchoo KerCHOO ha-ha-ha CHOO! Oh by god ib so sorry, I KerCHOO diddt wadt you to see be like this-haTCHOo!"

As the fit continued Taylor slumped to the ground in a faint. Though the girl was only five foot, she possesed the body of a gymnast and gathered the unconscious singer up, carrying her home. She knew Taylor had cons without her bodyguards because they intimidated her fans, so she felt responsible for Taylor. The girl, whose name was Sabrina, carried Taylor inside and laid her on the couch, unable to take her any further at the moment. Rushing around, Sabrina managed to scrounge up some blankets, and let the superstars body temperature settle in the apartment. Taylor's thin form shook, and dark circles laid under her eyes. Sabrina took Taylor's temperature, knowing from her forehead it was high. It was 105.99. Sabrina took Taylor up again, grabbed the blankets, and tucked her into bed. By now, the blond should have woken up. She was shivering. Sabrina sat worried.

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Wow, dramatic! I'm interested to see what happens next.

Just so that you're aware, a fever of 105.99 degrees is, in most cases, fatal. A neighbor of mine once had a fever that high, and it resulted in a coma. He was in the hospital for a long time, and almost died. A fever that high is a medical emergency, and Sabrina should be called an ambulance, not just tucking her into bed.

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Oops! Sorry, Natto! If I could edit the post, I would change it to 103.4. I apologize, that was a mistake. I am sorry about your neighbor! Should I continue?

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Hello! Here is an update. Remember how I said "it was 105.99?" Well, pretend I said it was 103.4. I didn't realize the former temp was fatal. Anyway, here is the promised story!!!!

Sabrina was sitting in her chair, watching Taylor shiver violently. She wasn't sure what to do, other than grab six blankets from the top shelf of her closet. Taylor moaned, and tossed about in bed. Sabrina took her temperature. It was 104.1. Grabbing a washcloth, Sabrina dipped it into a pitcher of ice water. In one smooth motion, the covers were off of Taylor. Setting the pitcher down on the bedside table, Sabrina undressed the shaking singer, then redressed her in oversize pajamas. Taylor relaxed a bit as Sabrina bathed her forehead in cold water, then tucked Taylor back in. Sitting down in the armchair, Sabrina fell asleep.

Taylor woke up in a strange room. She panicked, not knowing where she was. She began to cough weakly, but the coughing shook her body. Instantly the girl was at her side.

"Taylor, my name is Sabrina. You are very sick, and I am taking care of you. Here, let me take your temperature."

Sabrina took Taylor's temperature. 105.1. Instantly she called 911. Taylor lay there, confused and disoriented.

"Hello? Yes, my name is Sabrina Lakeni, and I need an ambulance. Yes, the patient is Taylir Swift. No I am NOT joking! She is running a fever....hello? Da-I mean CRAP!!!!!!!!!"

Hanging up the phone, Sabrina turned to Taylor.

"I am going to go downstairs to get a wheelchair. Everything will be okay, I promise."

With that, she left the apartment.

To be continued. Sorry for the lack of sneezing! More to come soon!

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Psuedosneeze, I thought that fan art was like a fan fiction. I only just started posting-what does fanart mean? *sheepishly asks* I apologize for the mistake!

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New update!!!

Sabrina entered the bedroom again with the promised wheelchair, and helped Taylor sit up. This provoked a bout of painful coughing, and then caused the stuffy nose to react.

"Kechu ketchu ketchu KETCHU KE-ChUu KerCHOO KerCHOO hatchoo-oh by god! Hatchoo CHOO CHOO!"

Sabrina held Taylor steady, then when the fit ended, helped Taylor into a winter jacket. Settling her in the wheelchair, Sabrina tucked a blanket over her legs and wrapped another around her shoulders, then wheeled her downstairs. Sabrina's car was warming up, and Taylor closed her eyes as the heat surrounded her. Sabrina quickly started the drive. Taylor's temp was up to 105.99, and Sabrina said,

"C'mon, C'MON! Taylor, just hang in there okay? I'll get you to the hospital, it'll all be okay!"

Taylor tossed and turned, coughing so hard that Sabrina felt chills race up and down her spine. She didn't bother to get a wheelchair when they pulled up-she just grabbed Taylor and ran into the hospital.

"Emergency emergency!"

She screamed, holding Taylor against her. The ER docs sprang into action, hooking Taylor up to tubes and oxygen. Her eyes opened, and she whispered Sabrina's name. Sabrina opened her mouth and began to sing softly to soothe Taylor.

"I remember tears streaming down your face..."

Taylor stopped her.

"You have an....katchoo! Amazing kuffahu voice."

She went to sleep then.

To be continued.

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