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First off, hey forum! I've been missing you while life's been busy.

Anyway. Recently, I threw a mini gathering at my house to celebrate finishing this stupid life-sucking school project, with about 6 other friends, and alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

About 2 hours in and everyone was relatively buzzed, and we were all sort of lying around in my living room. My guy friend, let's call him B, was leaning against the couch, directly opposite from me. He's 6'1" tall, blue eyes, auburn hair, absolutely beautiful bone structure, top grades, plays bass guitar, black belt in karate, comedian, feminist etc. Basically, one of the most all around attractive, talented and lovely people I know. Also completely modest, and can't grasp why pretty much every girl he talks to is smitten with him.

Anyway, I digress. We were all babbling about something stupid, as you do, when suddenly, B slouches forward, raises his hands haphazardly near his face, and sneezes. 6 times.

I wish I hadn't been as far gone as I was, because WOW, they were about as wonderful as the rest of him. Really desperate, but full bodied and masculine. Sounded pretty vocal but still with a hint of wetness, all of them identical. If I had to spell it, something like 'HAIIH-chssttt!'

Because of my shameful intoxication, I watched him the entire time, and as soon as he was done, yelled out 'BLESS YOUUUU' about as loudly as I could. Aghh <:') luckily, he seemed to just find this funny, and we started a wrestling match on the nearby twister mat. Wtf.

So yeah. Nnf. His girlfriend is a lucky lady, that's for sure.

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Guh that sounds amazing!!! Especially the way you described him! Usually it's all "blah blah hair, blah blah eyes" but I could literally picture him! Wow she is lucky! Thank you for sharing :D

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