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Yesterday I got a tattoo ... It is so perfect and exactly what I wanted. It's a Hungarian embroidery design on my right foot and I'm in love with it ... but that is neither here, nor there in reference to this observation.

My tattoo artist was a guy in his early 30's/late 20's. He was on the shorter side, but sexy in a punk type way. He was wearing a well trimmed beard, had tattoos all up his left arm and was dressed like a skater. Not really my type, but cute non the less.

When we walked in he was getting things together at his station for me and my friend. He aknowledged our presence and asked us to give him a few more minutes to get ready. After about 5 minutes I heard a rather cute "Heh Nxxtchh! - fuck." Of course, I turned to see him standing at his cabinet looking at ink colors while rubbing his nose. My friend that I went with is the only friend that knows about the fetish. When I turned back she was smiling. I said, "What?" and she replied with "You're red ... was that a good one?" I burried my face in my hands and embarrassed said, "Stoooopppppp ..." She laughed and said, ok.

When he was done he called us back and I sat in the tattoo chair. The three of us were making small talk, but I noticed he was very sniffly. While he was cleaning the area he turned around in his swivle chair, raised his elbow up to his face and sneezed a strong, "Huh EKnnxxxt! - shit." I blessed him, but sadly, he did not respond to my blessing glare.gif . He got up and washed his hands, which I thought was kind of odd because he sneezed in his elbow. I think that was more for my benefit than anything. When he sat back down he re-cleaned the area (again, I think for my benefit) and placed the tattoo. He asked if I liked the placement. I was envisioning it higher on my foot, but liked where he put it, so I spent a few moments looking at it trying to decide if that was where I wanted it. During that time, he turned his head towards his left shoulder, raised his shirt over his nose and sneezed another, much harsher and less stifled, "Heh EkkNXXT-Chuh! - FUCK and BALLS!" He got up and walked out of his station towards that back of the shop and I could hear him give several wet blows. I looked at my friend and she was all smiles. I smiled back but turned away. She said, "How you doing?" I replied with, "Fine ... Stop looking at me!" and she laughed.

When he returned he said, "Sorry about that. Something was bothering my nose and I couldn't get it out. I swear I'm not sick!" He went over to the sink and washed his hands for a third time. While he was doing that my friend said, "So your nose is feeling better?" My head snapped towards her with an angry face and I mouthed, "You bitch!" She beamed back at me. As he continued to wash his hands he said, "Yea. I don't know what that was. I'm not even a big sneezer. Hope I didn't gross you out." I didn't say anything, but my friend said, "Oh, trust me, we aren't grossed out." I couldn't even look at her. As he was drying his hands he turned back to me and said, "So have you decided about the placement?" I was all shook up. I didn't look at him when I said, "It's fine ..." "Ok, lets get started then!" he came back with.

The rest of the session there was not even a snif from him. In seriousness, I am glad he got all his sneezes out of the way before he started with the needle.

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OMGH~! You're friend is so mischievous and evil! But haahahahahaha~~! You're so adorable xDDD

I probably would be just as embarrassed.

Great, great ob~! So cute!

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Oh yes, your friend is wicked! :lol: Really, I can't explain why, but that story is just so cute... I hope you're enjoying your new tattoo! :D

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Ohohohooo I loved this story. I love attractive punky men. I feel like that is what my friend who knows about the fetish would do. His cursing after each sneeze is hilariously adorable.

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Those sneezes sounded DELICIOUS! But man, I would have just burst into flame and transform to ash on the spot from what your friend was saying/doing, and not the good kind of bursting into flame, either! blowup.gif

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