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My breathing was raspy. My respiration grew weaker and weaker. I told everything I felt right now in my meek voice, “Hannah, ib hurts tub talk. I cun hardli breathe. *sniff*”

“Oh my God, you poor baby!” She pressed a finger against my lips to assure me. “Don't say anything okay? I'm here now, I'm going to take care of you.”

I can feel the mucus dripping out of my nose. I stopped sniffling because it annoyed how it would always come out. Embarrassed, I was about to turn away until a sneeze caught to me. With my tissue in head, I ducked to sneeze not twice, but three times. "H--he---HEH-CHOO! ESH-SHOO! E-E---ESHshoooo..."

They were the messiest sneezes I've had it. She must have been so disgusted! I was surprised to see she didn't turn away, she just stared at me on awe. I could feel some of the snot coming out from the tissues. Embarrassed, I rolled to the other side of my bed.

“P-Please leab.” I hid under the covers. “I dun want yub here. I dun want yub tub get sic.”

This only convinced her more. “Rodney please, I want to help you! You can't take care of yourself. I know you have before, but this time it's different! I want to be here. I want to help you!” she used that sickening tone of voice. My stomach knots twisted from the guilt I succumbed. Why was I so – about this? I always was fine when it came to colds, I can always take care of myself. She was right, however. My cold was severe...I could feel my head burning. My entire body felt it was on fire. Oh God...I can't think straight at all.

I kicked my legs and arms to remove all the blankets off of me. She gasped.

“You got a fever! You must! Here, I'll help remove all these blankets!” My body felt so weak. At ease, she removed them for me. “How do you feel?”

“I'm so hot...” I ailed. “Jesus...”

“Let me take your temperature! Where's your thermometer?”

With each gasp, my brain grew fuzzier. I couldn't remember clearly. I muttered some words saying DeAndre had it, but I don't think she heard me. I glanced to see her frantically opening every drawer and looking down under the mess I've had to find it. Fortunately, she pulled out that clear stick with Mercury from the first drawer.

"Come here." she cooed, sticking the thermometer under my dry tongue. It took a couple minutes for it to analyze my temperature. Finally, her hand pulled it out. She stared at the top of the meter. Her mouth went ajar. “103.6?! This is horrible! I hope I don't have to take you to the hospital!” You mean my parents. And no wonder I felt so incredibly weak. I closed my eyes, breathing through my mouth. I couldn't sleep. This damn heat annoyed me. I wanted to take off my shirt, it's long sleeves were suffocating me.

OMG what is wrong with me not uploading other characters arrrrgh

But seriously I wanted to do this because I thought it would be a good draft from my story as well with him getting extremely sick which is still in the long writing process and I don't know how long it'd take. I am a big fan of those scenarios where the girl or guy takes care of the sick male in bed. I hope this will happen to me someday, but now here's fiction.

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This is cute! I like the story that goes w/ it and I REALLY like that snot on his lip... SO hot. <3

I am a big fan of those scenarios where the girl or guy takes care of the sick male in bed
Me too! This is a big part of my medical fetish as well - I love the doctor or nurse/patient relationship for this very reason, whether the caregiver is sweet and nice to the patient, or... not so sweet and nice. ;)
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