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Hey Guys :)

I'm sorry if im being too pushy on the boyfriend thing but his obs are just too cute to post :) So here ya go!

Now again he doesn't have allergies so his sneezes are a mystery(: Nevertheless, it is just so adorable.

(Heads up! This will be long! Hope it's worth it!)

Okay. Well D recently started to take Spanish at my school as one of electives. (He doesn't go to my school) So i was excited about that. He also sits right in front of me. So one sunny morning he started sniffling like crazy and sighing so in class i started zoning out and directed all my attention towards him. He knows about my fetish so he kept looking back and smiling at me (which was adorable) I look up and few minutes later to see him hunched over his desk with his face in his hands. He sat for a few seconds until releasing a sneeze. It kind of sounded like *Hehetshewww*

He took another deep breath, as if to sneeze again but I guess it was a false alarm. Like around 7 seconds later he sneezed an identical one. I intently stared at him, noticing the way his hair flipped each time he sneeze,, something about that gave me major butterflies. Im not gonna lie. It turned me on a lot and i was doing my best to hide it :) I rubbed his back and blessed him. He tilted his head backwards and kind of glanced at me, smiling again. "Thank you sweetheart!"

If i was in love then, imagine how the rest of my day went. I was daydreaming and having a pretty hard time focusing in all my other classes till lunch.

During lunch, i grabbed my food and went outside where there were more tables. I sit with my friends and start talking. 5 minutes later im surprised with a hug from behind. D wraps his arms around me and gives me a soft kiss on the cheek. I turn around and smile at him. He kisses me on the lips.He sits down next to me and steals one of my french fries so i playfully smack him on the chest. He puts his arm around me, and since were so close I feel the way he is breathing. His breath starts to hitch. He turns to his side and sneezes a cute, wet double. I awkwardly squeak out a bless you, blushing at the same time, hoping my friends wouldnt notice how attracted i was to his sneezing.

D puts his head against mine. He turns away and sneezes one last time.

"Are you alright?"

"Im just fine. Theres juss been a tickle in my nose all day"

He rubs his nose. sweatdrop.gif I was melting(:

Later after school we were at church for youth group and we were in the office sitting on the couch. We were cuddling a little bit when an unexpected sneeze sneaks up on him. He violently leans forward to sneeze. He sneezes about 6 times before getting up to blow his nose :3

Later again he and I were sitting in the pew and i look away and hear him let out a stifle. The second time, he couldnt stifle it and ends up sneezing really loud. Everyone stares at him and he blushes. (Very cute)

Right before going home, he gives me a hug and a big kiss. As i get into the drivers seat to drive home, he leans against the car while im getting buckled. He reaches in the car and pushes the hair out of my face.

"I <3 you"

And smile and blush(:

"I <3 you too!"

He turns and sneezes a cute double

"Bless you!"

"Thank you! sweetheart drive safe!"

Very awesome that day..

:) What do you think?

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Oh lord. I am so envious. Those were some wonderful obs and idk about everyone else, but I love that you're sharing your boyfriend with us. (if I had a boyfriend, I'd keep his wonderful sneezes all to myself heheh)

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