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Okay, so I mentioned Herr Port, but now I will talk about my dream for Frau W.

In my dreams, Frau W. would be allergic to flowers, but herr port would have some on his desk. During the lesson, her nose would begin to twitch. She would scrub at it frantically as the itch continued, and her breath would begin to hitch, like this.(dream dialogue, too!)

"Okay cla-hah-class, phuh-pl-he, please take out your ver-hAH-verb sheets, and start to-to-to Hah-HEH-HUH!" And then the urge would die away. Then, she would continue to scrub at her nose and she would launch into a frantic buildup. "Heh-ha-ha-HA-heh-hah-huh-HAT-KERCHOO! KerCHOO KerCHOO KerCHOO KerCHOO KerCHOO!" And she would run out of the room, her sneezes echoing down the hall.

An ob I wish would happen as well is my friend Katie being tied down and me sticking a feather in her nose.

Neither of which will happen.:(

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