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So one of my friend hosted a Friendsgiving (Thanksgiving but with friends only) yesterday. We all brought dishes and ate like pigs during the afternoon, then played games and chatted until late. It was a lot of fun, but it was actually pretty cold outside, and all the windows and the door to the balcony were opened because some people were smoking the hukka out there.

I didn't know most of the people there as they were colleagues of my friend the hostess, but there were two girls in particular who held my attention for most of the night because... well, they were sneezing constantly :P

One was an American Indian with a gorgeous smile and a long, big nose. She started sneezing while we were eating and she looked embarrassed about it. She'd try to sneeze on the side, and she'd sneeze doubles most of the time. At some point she looked at me (I was sitting near her) and said "Oh man, the windows are opened, that's probably why I'm sneezing so much! I thought I was allergic to the cat or something..." I just asked if there was a lot of pollen this time of year still, and she said that it didn't matter, she was very sensitive to tree pollen at any time of the year.

Her sneeze isn't really my favorite kind though, it sounded like a quick little cough, not much buildup.

Throughout the night, she sneezed a LOT. Towards the end, she was sitting on the couch with a tissue pretty much constantly on her face. She'd put it in her hands and then cup her hands over her nose and mouth and sneeze into it, then just leave it there with her eyes closed. Her eyes were super red and she looked exhausted from sneezing so much. She sounded super stuffy and tired. I felt really bad for her!

The other one had long wavy dirty blond hair and she was really upbeat and chatty. She had a small, cute button nose. She started sneezing towards the end of the afternoon, but it got worse and worse. She started sniffling at first, and the other sneezer actually asked her if she was allergic to pollen too. She said not really, but that maybe it was the cold air. She said "it must be because I'm so used to the city air, the fog and the smog... that fresh air is making me sniffly!" I honestly think she came down with a cold and it was blossoming over the evening.

Her sneezes were really nice, very feminine and varied. Sometimes she'd sneeze a small "Tsshhh". And other times she'd sneeze a more stronger "ATSH-ewww". She was sneezing in singles, doubles and triples. You never knew what you would get :P I was too shy to look at her directly when she was sneezing though so I didn't really get a good look of her pre-sneeze expression. Booo!

At the end of the evening, they were both sitting near each other on the couch, looking tired and congested (it was very audible when they'd speak). One of them actually said "Hey sneezy" when the other came to sit down next to her hahaha. My friend the hostess kept asking if they needed anything like allergy pills or tylenols, etc. She looked concerned and was saying "I'm so sorry you two don't feel so well, I wish I could do something". So nice of her! :)

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