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Rodney and Hannah-first date(for greydarkness)


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Rodney woke up at 11:15 in the morning. He felt terrible, and he immediately felt a tickle in his nose. "Heh-ah-huh-huh-HUH-HUHHUHHUH-hetchii!" For a man of his height, Rodney had extremely delicate sneezes. Grabbing a Kleenex, he blew his nose. "Brppscjt-HATCHii!" Coughing loudly, Rodney began to make his way to the bathroom. He stumbled once or twice, then had to lean against the wall as the next fit of sneezing hit him. "Chii Chii CHIO CHIO CHOO!" Oh god, what was he going to tell Hannah?

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OMG I didn't know you would start this soon! I haven't had time to start on yours yet and as I said may take a while. I feel bad since you're the one who asked first and started already so please, take your time. ^^; i do like it so far, poor Rodney xD I love the juiciness so far, keep it up :D

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Rodney knew he was in for a rough time when he entered a packed elevator. Some woman was wearing strong perfume, and it aggravated Rodney's poor sensitive nose. He had no room to grab a Kleenex, so he sniffed. Big mistake. He inhaled more perfume, and launched into a coughing fit. Suddenly he had plenty of room to grab a Kleenex. He muffled twelve sneezes.

"Heh-heh-HEH-huh-HEH-huhhuhhuhHEH-huh-huh-HUHPCHOii Huhchii Huhchii HUCHII HUHCHii Hatchii HUCHII Hatchii Hatchii hehhuhHAHCHII CHii CHii! Oh, bless be!"

He said in a congested voice. He rushed to his car, and then pulled up to the restaurant.


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