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HI this is my first topic post so sorry if its not good. Also I am not very good at sneeze spellings but I will try a bit I guess. Also I apologize for it being so long. And finally sorry if my word usage or grammar is incorrect cause I am not the smartest 19 year old. LOL

Today my friend J invited my friend M and I to the animal shelter so we could take care of some animals and just visit her job. First we learned how to properly groom a cat. Then J tells us we will get to clean a few dogs, and walks us to a room with three bath tubs and sinks. When J leaves, M looks over at me and asks "Wait did she just say dogs?" "Yeah why?" I ask. Before M can answer J opens the door "Isn't he cute?" J she says pointing to the dog in her hands. "Yeah he reminds me of the dog I had when I was 10", I tell her. J hands M and I each a sponge and we get to work. A few minutes later I notice M is starting to sniffle a bit and I look over at him and I notice his nose is slightly pink. Another minute later M gets up and walks to a corner in the room. I mouth “what’s wrong” He holds up a finger singling me to wait. Then he gets this adorable pre sneeze face, then finally lets loose two messy sneezes, that cause him to bend over forward. “Bless You” Both J and I shout. He sniffs wetly then replies “Thangs” in an adorable stuffy voice. He sits back down next to me and asks J if there are any tissues, she hands him a box of tissues. After thanking her he grabs two tissues and empties his nose. Only about a minute later I see M quickly grab a handful of tissues, lay it over his nose and release four more wet sneezes. After blowing his nose J asks him if he is sick he replies”Doe I’b dodn’t sic idt’s just HehChh Chh allergies.” J nods. HehAschoo HehAschoo Chhh “I will be right back.” He tells us before exiting the room. M returns to the room finally about 15 minutes later and sits back down. J looks up at him and asks him if he is ok. He nods and sniffles. “What are you allergic to anyway.” I ask even though I pretty much figured it out.“I’b HehChoo HeAschoo HehChh Chh oh god. I’b allergic to dogs.” “What why didn’t you tell me?” J asks surprised. “Cause I really wadted to help the adibals.” “I understand but it must be terrible for you, do you want to go home?” No, I HehChh HehChh HehChh Chh I feel fide.” M continues to have sneezing attacks ever five minutes until about 20 minutes later I finally say “M you look and sound terrible please let me take you home.” “But I feel fide really” J agrees by saying “Yeah M you really do, I know you want to help but what use is staying when you feel like shit. “I guess your right” M finally gives in. M and I grab are things and say bye to J. Once M and I get in my car. M asks “Do you have ady tissues cause I will probably deed sobe?” I hand him a box of tissues I always keep in my car since my brother has terrible hay fever. He thanks me than grabs some tissues and blows his nose. M sniffles and says “Ugh eved thought I blew by dose it is still stuffy.” “I hope you have some allergy medicine at home.” “I Hehchh Chh Heashoo HehASSHOOOOO I wish, I rad out last week.” “Oh that sucks” About a five minutes later I begin to think the sneezes have wore off cause M just keeps coughing and sniffling but suddenly M sneezes really loudly which causes me to jump. “Gosh you scared me!!!” I say surprised “Oh I’b really sorry” M replies feeling bad. “No its fine I just didn’t expect it that’s all” I about minute later he has a stifled sneeze attack that contains about 16 sneezes. “Wow M you shouldn’t do that it sounded like it hurt.” “A little but I didd't wadt to scare you agaid.” “It’s fine if you have to sneeze then sneeze don’t let me stop you. About 10 sneezes later I finally reach his house, then drive back home. About an hour later I call M on video chat, when he picks up I ask him how he is feeling. “I still feel awful I cad't stop sdeezigg add by dose is super stuffy.” “Aww I hope you start feeling better soon.” “Me too I HehChoo HehAchoo HehIshhoo I dod't dow how buch logger I cad talk all of this sdeezigg. We talk for about an hour when he finally decides to go to bed.

This obs was amazing smile1.gif, Although I do feel a bit bad for him he looked awful. I was surprised because I usally don’t get obs this good. stun.gif

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Oh gosh, poor guy! He's adorable, trying to help although he's terribly allergic to dogs.

I hope you keep us updated ;)

By the way, I think it's great that there's more and more German people over here :P

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That is such an adorable obs! It sucks that he has his poor allergies but it's so nice he wants to help out even if he's allergic to dogs. This is one of the best obs I've read so far. :D

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I think this observation just gave me a diabetes.

You only got diabetes, I just died stretcher.gif


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