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He sneezed on me lol


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Hey guys sorry if I'm posting a bunch of Obs right now but i just keep remember them, Hope you don't mind too much!

So this was a little while ago and i just remembered about it. So my boyfriend of 11 Months and I were cuddling and he had his arm around me/under me and the other one was holding something i think, I'm not sure either way he couldn't use it at the time anyway. So were laying there and suddenly he says "help!" in a really desperate voice. I was confused at first and i look over at him and realized he had a pre-sneeze face so i move my face a little because i didn't really want him sneezing on my face. So he ended up sneezing into my shoulder/back area. After he sneezed hes like "So you move instead", I must have given him a confused look because he continues "When I asked you for help I meant pinch my nose or something." I'm like "Oh sorry". And we go back to cuddling.

(Oh for those of you who are wondering my boyfriend is a pretty sneezy guy, not extremely but it isn't surprising to get a few sneezes out of him per day. I usually get roughly 1 or 2 outta him a day, so this situation wasn't that surprising.)

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