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Okay so this is probably going to be a very long Obs but please read? Sorry in advance.

So a few people around school have been sick lately and my mom has a bad cold so on Thursday i realized i was probably coming down with it too -_- greeeeat

Oh also before i start i should probably mention that my boyfriend knows about the fetish, and completely accepts it :) he likes to tease me something though :P (also we go to the same school but he lives roughly an hour and 40 minutes away so he cant just come over any time :( which sucks)

Umm i don't want to use name on here so let's call my boyfriend B


I woke up with a small sore throat and a slightly stuffed nose and knew i was probably coming down with the cold too. But besides that i was fine. So i got to school and my nose starts running like crazy and i started to get a small headache. In Math class (first period) my boyfriend asks me "Are you sick?" I'm like "Yeah -_-". I had to go to the bathroom in between each class just to blow my nose -_-. It was one of those days were i constantly felt like sneezing and my nose wouldn't stop running but i don't like sneezing in from of people (Not even my boyfriend) so i had to hold them back all day -_-.


Pretty much the same, LOTS of nose blowing, constant need to sneeze but not being able too, very runny nose but my throat felt better. I was supposed to be going to my boyfriends house that night to spend the weekend and i was a little nervous about sniffling the whole way there. So his mom came over to pick us up to go to his house (He walked home with me from school) so she came over and offered to take my family out for dinner at Boston Pizza since she needed to eat anyway and she had a gift card. So we were there and i was sniffling the whole time but my mom actually blew her nose at the table. I could never do that..

After that we went for the hour and 40 mins ride to his house and i was sniffling but no sneezes. unfortunately we had to stop at his grandparents house so his mom could do a few chores for them but B and I stayed in the van. when we finally got back to his house i kinda complained a bit about how my nose was bothering me (only to B not his mom of course) it was pretty late by the time we got so we cuddled for a bit but then went to bed. Before we went to bed B had kissed me a few times and i told him "You're going to get sick" hes like "I don't care". I said sorry a few times randomly during the night and he didn't understand why i was saying sorry. When he asked i said i just felt like saying sorry but i was really saying it because i knew i would get him sick (although i kinda wanted him sick :S i still felt bad)


I hate going to sleep with a stuffy/runny nose because it is totally nasty the next morning and kinda on your face. So unfortunately i woke up like that. B kept trying to kiss me but I refused because i felt all gross. So i finally went and blew my nose. Then came back and let him kiss me. Most of the day we laid around cuddling and watching TV shows on his computer. There were many time that day that i had to get up to blow my nose. one point during the day hes like "it's kinda funny that you like it when other people sick but you hate it when you're sick" I'm just like "yup" There was one point while i was in the bathroom blowing my nose that i sneeze 4 times in a row! At this point my nose was red and very chapped and painful from all the nose blowing so when i was done i went back to B's room and said "look at my nose, it hurts, its falling apart." He just kinda smiled and kissed it. So i showered that night at his house and it helped a lot but once i got back out i couldn't breath through my nose again and i told him so "I could breath a lot better in there -_-" hes like "Because of the steam?" "Yeah". my throat started hurting again that night too -_-


We slept until around 11:30am. When i woke up i was feeling better then that before. B seemed a little stuffy for a bit but not too bad then it went away. On our way home i was alright but when we got home (B was staying at my house Sunday night to walk to school in the morning again) i started feeling crappy again. Like i just didn't really have energy. I had to blow my nose still but less then before.


I was doing a lot better, was still a little sniffly but not really and my throat felt a bit dry most of the time but besides that I was doing a lot better. At lunch B sneezed a double (i think) and seemed a little sniffly. Although it isn't rare for B to sneeze he doesn't usually sneeze doubles. After school we were texting and he was complaining about a bad headache

Here's our conversation:

B: I have a major headache and my throat is like sandpaper, yet my mom still wants me to go to hockey practice -__-

me: why's your throat hurt? (some time his throat hurts randomly. i was kinda hoping here :/ feeling guilty now lol :P)

B: I got sick. Probably from your family. Lol

me: Hehe :)? :P More like from me.

B: Whatever. It hurts.

me: Sorry :/

B: no problem

He ended up going to bed early because he was feeling crappy

I'll post what happened today soon(i melted today omg)! I'm sorry this was so long(and not very many sneezes.. sorry)! Thank you so much for actually reading all that.

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Okay so today:


So this morning B texted me like every morning heres our conversion:

B: G'morning

me: Morning

B: I feel really crappy today.

me: In what way?

B: Can't breathe, throat hurts like h*ll, headache.

After that we just kinda randomly talked then he fell asleep on the bus. Once i got to school i was sitting in the cafeteria with my friends when he walked in. You could tell he was very suffed up when he talked. we were sitting there and I'm just kinda talking to him and smiling so he starts teasing me and does this fake high pitched sneeze thing he does somethings to tease me. I'm like "shut up! *:P*" after that we went upstairs to french class and he started telling me about how he asked H (his best friend who also takes his bus) If he had any Buckleys or cough syrup. He texted him this morning. Apparently H asked his mom if they had any and all they had were cold pills so H's mom gave him that to give to B and make B some hot chocolate. I found that kinda cute :) lol. He also sneezed in the middle of his sentence. Then sneezed a few times during class. So we were in class and he kept sniffling and saying that he needed a tissue. finally he got up while our teacher was teaching and asked if he could go blow his nose in the hallway my teachers like sure let's listen. I think B thought he was joking so he left. and my teacher told us to be quiet while they all tried to listen to see if they could hear him blowing his nose! i just sat there totally embarassed look at my friends she knew i was embarrassed im just like "shut up!" lol Then B came back in and my Teachers like "impressive" I was all shy.gif . Anyway so he was pretty miserable all day. i would rub his leg in class. At lunch he was trying to find someone who would go out and by him medicine but no one wanted to go out (because we have to walk to the stores and it take up almost all of our lunch).

The rest of the day i would ask him if he was okay and he would always reply no. Lol hes such a baby when hes sick. When I was sick i didn't really complain and i didn't even take anything for it. This guy keeps complaining and wants a bunch of medicine! lol. So after school we were texted and he was acting all pitiful because he knows i find it cute. Here's our conversation:

Me: Hey Toutou (Toutou = Teddy bear in french)

B: Hey

Me: Whats up?

B: Feel sick

Me: Sorry

B: No problem

Me: lol why do you keep saying that?

B: Idk

Me: it is my fault

B: Oh well. lol

Me: Do you even know what i mean? And oh well what?

B: Yes. You mean you got me sick. And oh well. I don't mind that you got me sick

me: lol you seem to mind every time you complain :P

B: :P

After this we kinda changed the subject for a bit and somehow came back to it here it is:

Me: *Hug* sorry Toutou you are cute though :P

B: lol :P

Then i tried t get him to say that he sick cause i like hearing/reading it when he actually says it it just seem cute to me. This made me melt :)

me: Say it.

B: Je t'aime? (Je t'aime = I love you in french)

me: No lol. What are you at the moment?

B: Sick?

Me: Now say it

B: I'm sick

Me: With?

B: I have a cold. I'm sick. Hold me? Pweeeease? (stretcher.gif & i just melted. to bad he lives an hour and 40 mins away! D:)

me: :)shy.gif

B: *hug* :)

me: *and cue crazy, embarrassed smile*

B: *:D* lol :)

Me: lol i read that text (not out loud) and my dad was in the same room. I'm sitting here embarrassed and smiling like an idiot lol shy.gif

B: lol :D:P

Once again this was later:

B: lol I had some buckleys earlier too. lol

me: You had some at home?

B: Bought some while we were out

me: You did? or mom?

B: Mom.

me: You asked her?

B: yeah

me: Did she ask why? or..?

B: She know i have a cold?

me: shy.gif And she does?

B: Yes, she does know i have a cold.

me: You told her?

B: Yes

me: When? you just randomly told her? or she asked? or...? (ik me asking too many question lol but i wanted to hear him talk about it! shy.gif )

B: I'm stuffy as f*** and keep complaining about having a cold. Pretty obvious.

me: omg shy.gif you do?? like what??

B: I keep saying "I can't breathe!"

me: lol really? at home too? anything else?

B: Yes really, mainly at home, and not really

me: lol that's not really complaining that you have a cold.

B: Also told her i think i have a cold yesterday.

me: when you didn't want to go to hockey?

B: yeah

Then i tried to get him to say it again shy.gif I'm so bad twisted1.gif

me: say it?

B: I'm sick with a cold. Hold me?

me: lol i can't hold you ur an hour and 40mins away!

B: :'(

me: come to school tomorrow and i will. wanted to today..

B: k

me: you didn't really let me lol

B: sorry

me: Do u even know what i meant?

B: i feel sad because i want a hug. and apparently not.

me: lol all i got was a few quick hugs. I didn't even get to hold you at lunch.. and *hug*

B: sorry..

me: for?

b: not letting you hold me..

me: lol its okay. Did you want to b held?

B: kinda.. I wanted hugs

me: I would've given you hugs lol. Did you think i wouldn't?

B: idk

me: you know me

Basically now we've changed the subject to me asking him how he can be so open to talking about being sick and admitting that hes sick. like today one of our friends (lets call him K) said "Hey B" He replied "Hi, i have a cold." that is something i could never do! just hearing him say that made ME embarrassed i cant be open about being sick. at least not anywhere else except here. even admitting to my boyfriend that im sick is awkward and embarrassing for me! i have no idea how he can do it! Am I alone? anyone else like that? & am the only one who's noticed that (if your a girl) when you get sick it last for a while but when the boys get sick they seem to get better in like 2 days? what the heck? so unfair. So Am I alone?

Once again thank you for reading all of this.. I know most of you wont read all of it because its very long and kind of boring.. im really sorry. but i just REALLY wanted to share with you guys..

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