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This show is my life now...




Title: Just Great

Notes: Written for SexualOddity's meme on LJ! Also the first one I've ever written.

Prompt: Sam sneezes when he gets cold and/or wet.

It’s a crisp November afternoon and Sam’s nose is red and running like a faucet. It had started the minute they stepped outside.

“You getting sick?” Dean prompts.

“No. It’s just cold.” Sam answers, then sniffles again, quick and wet and thin like when he has allergies. His eyes aren’t glassy and he’s not wincing like when he has a headache, so Dean doesn’t press any further.

As they walk further into the neighborhood of the woman they’re supposed to be interviewing, the sky goes dark and an impressive mess of bloated, mushy snowflakes float to the ground.


Dean tilts his head and turns to his brother with raised eyebrows. “Bless you,” he says, sounding both surprised and accusatory at the same time.

“I’m hh’mnkCHHew! I’m fine. Heh…

Dean rolls his eyes while Sam rubs his nose to stave off the third sneeze. It doesn’t work.

Heh… Eht’CHHSHhuh! God.” Sam sniffles some more, and Dean pulls a crumpled up but probably clean tissue from his pocket and wonders why he didn’t think of that sooner. Sam just holds it underneath his nose.

The snow falls more quickly, violently. A gust of wind blows around them, and Sam sneezes again.

“Okay, come on,” Dean says, turning in the opposite direction.

“What are you doing? The first witness’s house is six more blocks down.”

“Yeah, and the car’s just three and a half more blocks this way. If we stay out here any longer you’ll just get worse and we can’t have you sneezing through the interview.”

“I’ll be fine once we get inside,” Sam promises. “No point in wasting gas.”

Dean shrugs, because his brother’s right. It’s typical of Sam to start sniffling and sneezing when the air gets chilly, like he’s allergic to the cold weather. They always come on suddenly, quickly, and they always stop once he’s warm again.

Six blocks later and the houses have gone from looking normal and bright to small and dark and at first Dean wonders why literally none of the residents are home, and wonders if it might be something supernatural that they’d have to deal with on top of the case they’re already on.

And then their witness answers the door and says apologetically, “The power’s out on our street because of the storm. Happens here a lot. Would you mind coming back another time?”

Dean sighs because of fucking course the power’s out since it’s just their luck and wow he really needs to get Sam underneath a pile of blankets before they do anything else.

“We just have a couple of questions,” Sam explains, and then sniffles again. “It won’t take too long.”

The witness softens a little. “You must be freezing,” she says with a furrowed brow. “Sorry I can’t offer any tea or anything. But I do have blankets…?”

Perfect. “That would be great, actually, thanks,” Dean says, stepping inside as Sam shivers and muffles a sneeze into his sleeve.

Sam is still shivering when they sit on the couch and the witness comes back with a faded pastel quilt that must be at least twenty years old.

“I could only find one, so you’ll have to share,” she announces.

Dean gestures to his brother. “He needs it more than I do, believe me.”

Sam sneezes, as if to prove a point. “Huh’MMPtshew! Aet’SCHH! Uhhh. Ndo, I’mb ogkay, idt’s ndot that bad.”

“Bless you! Here,” the witness spreads the quilt over the two of them, and Dean grimaces because it’s covered in dust and isn’t that just fucking wonderful.




Title: Long Overdue

Notes: Written for SexualOddity's meme on LJ!

Prompt: Dean puts a dandelion by Sammy's sniffly nose and it makes him sneeeeeze.

When you’ve been driving through the dry New Mexico desert for nearly a day, the sight of a grassy field can be almost refreshing. This is especially true when the field is decorated with picnic tables and grills as if someone were having a summer barbeque.

It’s not someone’s barbeque, though. It’s a themed outdoor restaurant complete with charming red-and-white-checkered tablecloths and huge milk churners to sit on instead of chairs. Some of the grills look a little rusty and the grass is definitely overgrown, and despite it being past lunchtime but not quite into the evening yet, the place is full of customers.

“What can I get you boys?” The waitress asks, and Dean puts in their order while Sam rubs his nose. His allergies had all but vanished during their time in the southwest, but now that he’s in Texas they seem to be back with a vengeance. And being in the middle of pollen central certainly can’t be helping much.

“Antihistamines?” Dean suggests, once the waitress is gone.

“In the car. Didn’t think I’d need them today.” Sam rubs his eye, sniffles a few times. “We got here a lot faster than I thought we would.”

Dean grins. “Never underestimate my baby. She always gets us where we need to be.”

“Mmm,” Sam mumbles in confirmation and sniffles again, then takes a sip of his drink.

Dean plucks something from the ground.

“Hey Sammy, check it out.” He’s holding a couple of dandelions, with perfect full spheres of cottony seeds. The field is covered in them, grown tall enough to reach past Sam’s ankles. Dean blows gently on one, sending a tuft of white feathery seeds into the breeze. He holds the other weed in front of his brother. “Make a wish.”

Huh’AETSCHHuh! TSCHCHew! HurrATSChth’uh!” Three quick, harsh sneezes tumble out of him before he can respond, and some of the seeds float off of his dandelion as well. “Deand, quit it!”

But Sam hadn’t done much sneezing in New Mexico so Dean smiles and figures he’s long overdue.




Title: Algid

Notes: Written for SexualOddity's meme on LJ

Prompt: Sam is very weak/injured. He can barely walk by himself. Maybe he tries to and it’s snowing/raining outside and he falls and his jeans/clothes get all soaked. Maybe he also has a cold. Dean is awesome, of course.

Dean turns toward the passenger seat and hands his brother a bandana. “You lost a lot of blood back there,” he says. “You holding up okay?”

Sam weakly grabs the thin cloth and presses it to his shoulder, which isn’t really bleeding so badly now but could still use the extra pressure. He winces and leans against the window but gives no verbal response.

“Just a few more minutes until we’re back at the motel,” Dean assures. “Sammy?”

“Snowing,” is all Sam says.

“Fuck, you’re probably getting a fever too, all that cold outside. Shouldn’t have brought you out here sick, Sam, I’m sorry.”

“You… mmh,” Sam pauses, and moves his hand from the bandana to cup it around his face. “Huht’ITSCHHeh! TSSchhhUH! You couldn’t have done it al-alone. Ow.”

“Bless you. Okay, hold on.” Dean steps hard on the gas pedal, and then he turns down the music because he’s sure Sam’s got a migraine.


They run into trouble when it comes time to leave the car and walk to the room. Dean’s standing outside the door to the passenger side and tapping on the window. “You can get out, can’t you?”

Slowly, Sam opens the door, and the wind tousles his shaggy hair. “Hh’ETSCHHuhh! Yeah. Just give me… a second.”

Sam is stumbling and swaying. Dean’s got to wrap his arm around him to get Sam to the room without him falling over, and he feels more like dead weight at this point, although Dean can tell he’s trying.

“Let me see your shoulder,” Dean says once he’s got Sam on the bed.

“Shoulder,” Sam repeats. He looks confused.

“Right, remember? Here, you take off your shirt and I’ll try to find some Tylenol.”

Sam’s still struggling with the buttons when Dean comes back with a roll of gauze and some pills.

“Swallow these,” Dean instructs and places the medicine in his brother’s hand. He pulls down one half of Sam’s bloodstained shirt and gets to work on patching him up. Sam’s back is covered in bruises and cuts from the fight, and Dean can’t tell if he’s more worried about the injuries or the sickness. Granted, it’s just a cold (and a fever now, too, but Sam had always been prone to running a temperature when he was sick – although it wasn’t usually this bad), but Dean knows that these sorts of things can turn ugly fast, especially when you spend most of the night fighting monsters in the snow.

“I saw a 24-hour drugstore on our way in yesterday. You try and get some sleep while I run over to pick up a few things,” Dean says. “What do you need?”

“Stuffy,” Sam mumbles. “Throat hurts.”

“I’ll be back soon,” Dean promises.


When Dean does come back, he sees his brother trying to pick himself off of the icy ground. He slips and lands in a snow bank.

Dean’s immediately rushing out of the impala to help him back up. “Sam, what the fuck?”

“I fell,” Sam explains.

“Yeah, I get that. Why were you out of bed? What’s wrong with you!”

“We’re od a job,” Sam says condescendingly, like he’s talking to a child, although the effect is lost some with his voice distorted from congestion.

“Sam, no,” Dean corrects. “We killed that thing hours ago, it’s over!”

“We did?” Sam asks, and he’s coughing now, dry and chesty and raw.

“Shit, you’re really sick, aren’t you? Come on.” Dean’s grabbing Sam’s wrist and leading him back into the room.

“Just a cold,” Sam protests weakly when Dean hands him an assortment of different medicines and a bottle of Gatorade.

“Not at the rate you’re going, it isn’t,” Dean says. “Bless you.”

HuhAAESCHHhUH! Ow, oh by god.”

“Throat still sore?” Dean guesses.

“Sore,” Sam confirms.

“Okay, here,” Dean coaxes, nudging the bottle. “Drink some more of this. I’ll get you some dry clothes.”



That's all I've got written for now! They've been up on my LJ but I figured I'd post them here too.

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this is just so perfect!!!!! :yes:

i like all the short drabble thingys you wrote ;):drool:

sneezy!sammy is so cute! :drool::nosebleed:

and YES please go on posting them here too :heart:

please more :wub:

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Awwww. They're adorable.

I'm so jealous of people that just... can write them, just so effortlessly, and their voices are perfect and UGH *crawls up and cries at their perfection*

These are wonderful. Really. :-)

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I was lucky enough to have read these amazingly delicious stories on LJ, but I'm glad they've showed up here as well. They're actually... just SO adorable. And you're amazing! Thank you!!

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Sweet sneezy Sammy. Aww. Can I cuddle too?

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