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So, my allergies have been acting up all day; my nose has been burning and itchy and just annoying. But I've been really busy and around people, which I hate sneezing in front of so I've willed them away and held them back. Now, after a nagging teasing sneeze while trying to do my homework - which it's making fairly impossible as I keep pausing to rub my nose and appear sneezy without the actual relief. I decided i should try to coax it out. Yay for q- tips which are the only thing that work. HAssssSHEW! They're a bit, harsh and strong though girly, with a high pitched "choo" at the end. :blushing: :blushing: :blushing:

However, I know think I've awoken my allergy that's been stuck in there all day...:oops::oops::oops:

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I only sneezed twice more after that after many false starts and teasing tickles; heh hEchEwwwA! Followed by an extremely messy ish HeeeECHEwwwwa!

But my nose is feeling much better; itchy sneezy bliss.

But, could someone please come take care of me? My allergies are going to get pretty nasty from this point on. Someone should come induce out all those super stuck and itchy tickles so I can get some relief. Pretty please? :[

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