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Okay, I've only seen the movie once and I hope everyone's in character, if not, I'm sorry.


Part One

“Johnny come on! It’s freezing!” Ponyboy called out to a far behind Johnny. “My f-feet are so c-c-cold.” Johnny’s teeth chattered as the bitter wind blew strongly in his face. After a few more small, slow steps he ran stiffly to catch up with Ponyboy. “Johnny we gotta h-hurry. We’ll go to your place f-first alright?” “Okay. My f-folks should be in bed by n-hn-now anyway I reckon. You’ll be alright to get h-home?” “Yeah, sure.” As Johnny sighed, steam floated out of his mouth. “I told ya we should’ve g-gone back sooner. I could tell th-the weather was gettin’ bad, Pony.”

After walking a fair way, the two reached Johnny’s house. “I c-can’t hear ‘em. They’re probably asleep. I might get in th-through the back window; I got the key in m-my pocket.” “I’ll come around with you.” “N-no, you should get home.” “I have to m-make sure you get in alright.” “Okay.” Ponyboy followed Johnny around the side of the house to the window that would get him into the hallway. It was just next to his bedroom door. “Don’t you have a key f-for your window?” “No, th-this is the only one I could find.” “Okay, quick then. You n-need a lift?” “Yeah, thanks.” Ponyboy knelt down next to the window, one leg up. “Alright, step on.” Johnny stepped up onto Ponyboy’s leg and looked down at him, “You okay?” “Yeah, just quick, get in.” Johnny unlocked the window and quietly slid it open. He lifted a leg and thrust it in, then the other. Once he was in he leaned out the window, “You better h-h-huh…” Johnny lifted his eyebrows, closed his eyes and sniffed, breaths snagging. He spluttered, then forcefully, “HaaitchOO!” He sniffed, and then looked down at Ponyboy who had his eyes on him nervously. “Johnny, I’m really s-sorry if you catch a c-cold from all this. If you do it’s m-my fault. It was stupid to wait u-“ Johnny interrupted, “Pony, you gotta get h-home or you’ll c-catch a cold. Don’t worry about m-me, just go home.” “Right. Seeya tomorrow Johnny.” “Seeya.” They waved to each other as Ponyboy walked back around the side of the house. Once he was out of sight, Johnny stood still to see if he could hear any noise. He’d have hated to wake his parents because he’d never get any sleep. He couldn’t hear anything. He sighed in relief and sniffed a couple times as he opened the door to his room, but just as he walked in, the need to cough overwhelmed him. Not having the time to cover his mouth, he coughed harshly towards the floor. It shocked him and his eyes widened as he listened for any stirring in the bedroom next door. Still there was no sign of them noticing anything. Johnny quietly tiptoed to his bed and pulled the warm covers over himself, sighing satisfyingly as he sunk his head into his pillow. As it was late and Johnny wasn’t feeling the best, it didn’t take him long to fall asleep.

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:D It's a nice start! Just one small thing, if you could space out the dialogue a bit, it would make it easier on the eyes and my confuzzled brain LOL

Why did i never think of sick Johnny before this heheh please continue! (soon!)

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I really wanna post part two but I'm having lots of difficulties with putting it on the computer, I'll do it as soon as possible.

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