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Bro (Homestuck) (gif) (scribbly)


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oh wow... sorry... i'm still painfully shy. this is a scribbly gif (not clean like the other one) that I just sort of doodled because I wasn't sure what do draw. so uh, yeah, Bro Strider this time (also little dave sleeping next to him...). it's funny i've only posted art on here when i've never really drawn sneezing all that much (i do lot of just sick doodles though, mostly of dave or bro shh...) (well more dave because i tend to get sick a lot and i sorta normally look like dave with the same hair cut and not really taking my shades off and sorry dumb ramble). but i've been in an awful writing block for a year now.

oh uh, also annoyingly enough i freaking sneezed in the middle of doodling this and my headphone and shades fell off my face.

but uh yeah... okay... hey i'll just leave this little bonus gif here of bro coughing that i made a long while ago for an askblog...

kay, now i'm just going to awkwardly walk away...

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Oh my, those are painfully cute. <333 And I rather like the scribbly nature of them. Great work (props to anyone who can animate) and thanks for sharing~!

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:D Ohhh my goodness. Yes. Yesssss. Adorably scribbly mode, good animation, and best of all... Bro Strider. <3333 You are amazing. This is amazing.
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You're like my sole source of Strider sickness and I'm so glad your art is so cute! Thank you so much for sharing your gifs with us! (And you said you doodle sick Dave? Do you post those anywhere? blush.png )

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Okay these are just TOO CUTE. I freakin' love them. WHERE ARE THE REST. You said you have other doodles? YOU MUST NOW REVEAL THEM. Don't tease us like that. ;-;

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