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Elaine looked over at her boyfriend, Daniel. They were cuddled in the living room, in front of a heated fireplace. Elaine still wasn't sure what to say about Daniels birthday tomorrow. She knew he had a fetish for sneezing, so she knew he would like a sneeze filled evening. What she didn't want was to embarrass him by bringing it up. Summoning her courage, she took the plunge.

"Daniel, for your birthday tomorrow, would you like me to sneeze for you?"

God, he was surprised! But oh God, did he want her to!

"Babe, that would be the best evening of my entire life!!!!!"

Daniel said enthusiastically. Giggling, the two lovebirds went back to cuddling. They made plans. Elaine would go to Daniels house, since he had cats. They would go into the basement, where Daniel had a spare bed, and Elaine would have her nose tortured by all her allergens, along with a few surprised. The next day came, and Elsine went down to the basement with Daniel.

Laying down on the bed, they looked at the arsenal. Feathers, ground pepper, and the room they were in had no windows, lots of mold, and literally inches of dust. Daniel tied Elaine down, and said

"Babe, when those sneezes come, I want you to talk while trying to hold them back."

Elaine asked, already starting to feel sneezy,

"What should I talk-heh-abo-huh-abou-hah-about?"

Daniel felt aroused already.

"How the sneezes feel."

He whispered, excitement building.

"By-HEH-dose itches so buch-heh-HUH-HUH-I cad't-heh-KERCHOO! KaCHOO! Hold theb back-huh-huh-HUH!-"

Daniel pressed a finger under her nose, preventing the sneeze from escaping. Allergic tears filled Elaine's inflamed eyes. Slowly, Daniel inserted a q-tip coated in dust into Elaine's nose, keeping steady pressure so she couldn't sneeze.

"Dadiel, you ebil bad! I-heh-heh-deed to sdee-heh-CHOO! Get be-huh-huh-HURUSHOO! A kle-kleee-kleede-huh huh HUHRUSHOO! Kledex!"

Daniel left the room and came back with a dander covered Kleenex. Eyes widening, Elaine started to thrash.

"Do, dod't huh-CHOO! Do id!"

But slowly, Daniel rubbed her nose with the Kleenex, feeling her try to escape the bonds, and pressed a finger under her nose. Ever so carefully, he traced her nose with a dust and pepper coated feather, then dumped all hef allergens on her and let go of her nose. Elaine exploded.

"Etchoo Eshoo KerCHOO KerCHOO hatchoo washoo! CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO...,!"

The sneezing went on for ten minutes before Daniel led his girlfriend upstairs, thinking

"Best birthday ever!"

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Great writing. I love her talking while trying to hold in her sneezes.

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Thanks so much to everyone who commented! I feel so happy! XD So, could everybody comment their fave allergens, and whether you want female sneezing, male, or both? I kinda have writers block, so I'm hoping this might inspire me!

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That was pretty hot! I would loveee if you could do a male sneezing story next. It would also be nice if you could describe, like, the spray a little bit.

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I would like an induced male or female, your choice, with maybe pollen or dust? I dunno. As long as you write another story I'm MORE than happy!

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Okay, sorry it took so long!

"IXxCHIEWoo! IXxCHIEWooo! IXXCHIEWW!" Elaine sneezed. The pollen outside was just too much for her tortured nose to bear. She sneezed again.

"ICXXXCHIEEw! RASHIEW! IXHCHIEW!" Snot bubbled out of her nose in copious amounts, and she had to blow her nose constantly. The spray emitted during her sneezes was large, but confined in a Kleenex. Groaning, she rubbed her nose again, and sneezed.

"AAAATTTCHIIIIEEEEEEWWWWW! HRRASHHIEW! ETSCH! ETSCH!" Turning to the lady in front of her, she asked,

"ExcusssCHIEW! Excuse be, ba'ab, but could you plea...plea...pleASECHIEW! Close the widow? I have horrible allergies." Elaine let out a long, gurgling blow into a Kleenex. Daniel smoothed his girlfriends hair, trying to make her feel a bit better. The lady shook her head no.

"Sorry, but it's way too hot, what with the broken air conditioning and all. But can you please stop sneezing?" The lady said, and turned back around.

Do you like it so far?

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Elaine scrubbed at her nose with both hands, trying not to sneeze. She didn't want to disturb the lady, but the pollen...!


Sorry it's so short!

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