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Mmmm, yummy guy sneeze fits (: (l


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Okay, so today I was lucky to have 3 amazing obs <3 I just really felt the need to share!:)

Okay so here's #1

Today I was in science writiing down note and my teacher let out an extremely cute "hetTCHEWww" it was so adorable! :) I've even waiting for him to sneeze again for about like 2 weeks :D (description: he's about 5 foot 8 brown spiky hair pointy knows and red cheeks, probably early to mid 40's)


This one was also from science. I was working on a paper when all of a sudden I heard a partially stiffled "heh-choo" then a light cough then another partial stifle "heh-chew" his sneezes were so yummy. ;) then for the rest of class I heard very quiet build ups. And a lot of coughing. Description: pretty short maybe 5 foot 4, pretty tan skin, very skinny, brown spikey hair, and a pretty small nose.


This one is my favorite even if I was so far away. So, I went to the mall with my friend and we were sitting in a table in the foot court. I looked over behind her and a Verizon worker was trying to hide behind a wall in the store and have a sneeze fit. He sneezed pretty loud "HEH-CHOO"s. when I looked over he was on his last one though :( but, it looked like he was there a while and one of the other workers was with him talking to him! I wish I could've heard the dialogue. Description: blonde hair, gelled up, kind of pointy nose, I could t really see very good. But it was still amazing thanks for reading :)

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