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I was at an outdoor art show this morning with some friends and one lady whom I haven't met before named... Well, we'll call her A. She's a mutual friend. She had a nice medium length cardigan on. Fell to about mid thigh but more intriguing than that was the large bulge in the right pocket. I could see the tiniest corner of a hanky poking out. To further describe her, she's about 5'6 with long strait brown hair, a small pointy nose and a little thick. I waited most of the morning and nothing from her. Until we had already seen everything and we were all heading back. She suddenly yanked what was a large handkerchief with pink strawberries on it from her pocket. "I have to sneeze" she said as she tented her hanky over her nose. There was a brief pause then she decided to blow her nose instead. She stopped and turned away and gave a high pitched long honk, then finally sneezed. Her sneezes were tiny compared to her blow. Like " Hech... Hech... Heyehhhchoo" she began walking and blew her nose one last time on the way to the parking lot. Nice nose blow!!!

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