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This is a little Harry potter and snape fanfic. Lily Potts is my charachter, but all other rights go to JK Rowling.

Lily walked into the dungeon, feeling apprehensive. It was the last class of her first day at Hogwarts. She had heard snape was the worst. Lily had seen him earlier, and she was worried about him. His hooked nose had been red, his eyes inflamed. As she entered the room, she was silent. Everything about lily was graceful and delicate, and she always moved quietly. She had long black hair that hid her face, large violet eyes, and skin that was as white as paper. She was taken aback at the sight of the feared professor. Obviously he didn't know she was there, for he was sniffling and suddenly erupted in a loud fit of sneezes.

"Huchaaaa! HusHAAAAA! Rashaaaaa! Hechuuuuuh! Bloody hell!"

As he wiped his streaming eyes, he caught sight of Lily sitting quietly in the back of the room, her head down. His face reddened.

"Wh-heh-who are you, ad why are you here so-HUCHAAA! Early?"

Lily cowered.

"My name is Lily. Lily Potts."

To be continued.

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Snape felt awful. His eyes itched and burned like mad, his nose felt like feathers were stuck in it, and he had a horrid headache. Lily looked at him with eyes filled with compassion and concern. Snape glowered at her.

"You dod't deed to stare, Biss Potts."

Snape grimaced inwardly, hating his voice for sounding so stuffy. He whirled around, and ducked into his soundproof classroom, where he exploded in a fit of sneezes.

"Hah-nght hngxche hngxche HNGXCHE HENGXCHE! Oh bloody hell! Why dow?" He blew his nose, then went back out. He felt his heart melt a bit as he saw Lily sitting with tears running down her face, but he was determined not to show it.

"Miss Potts!"

He snapped. Lily's head jerked up, and she visibly shrank.

"What is that on the-the-the HNGXCHE! Floor?"

He knew perfectly well that it was an old stain on the floor, but he needed an excuse to dock points. He needed to show that he was still to be feared!

"It was there when I came in sir!"

"100 points from gryffendor! You are dot to bake*SNIFF* a mess on your first day, especially not on my floor, do you understand? And you will address me as professor Snape."

Lily choked out a

"Yes professor Snape."

"Good. Now, we will begin making our potions."

All went well, as he was finally able to control his blasted nose! That is, until he walked over to Lily's cauldron, and saw that it was perfect. The potion was bloody perfect! Why did she have to be so much like Lily Potter?

"Miss Potts!"

Lily looked up at him with bloodshot eyes, as she had been crying the entire lesson.

"Ye-yes professor snape?"

Snape towered over the girl.

"Don't you know that cheating is not allowed?"

Lily burst into tears, clapping a hand over her mouth.

"Professor Snape! I didn't cheat, I swear!"

"Don't lie to me! 200 points from Gryffendor! You get a zero on your potion. Never cheat again in my class!"

He thundered, and cleared out her cauldron.

"And miss Potts? You have detention."

The bell rang, and lily ran out of the classroom, sobbing.

Snape collapsed at his desk, and started sneezing.

"KaCHOO KaCHOO KaCHOO KaCHOO KaCHOO KaCHOO! Heh heh KACHOO! Oh bloody hell! I feel terrible, both from these blasted allergies and going off on Lily!"

In the meantime, lily was so blinded by her tears that she ran straight into Professor Mcgonagal.

"Miss Potts! Whatever is the matter?"

Lily sobbed

"I'm sorry, professor! I lost three hundred points for Gryffendor, Professor Snape gave me detention, and I got a zero on my potion!!!"

Professor Mcgonagal said

"Miss Potts, go to your dormitory. I'll have a talk with Severus."

And with that, she marched down to the dungeons, where she burst through the door.


Snape looked up at her, bleary eyed.

"Do you realize that Lily Potts is upstairs sobbing because of you?"

Snape yelled

"Get out!"

And locked himself in his office. Minerva sighed and went upstairs to comfort Lily.

Snape groaned. Why was he so boneheaded?

I am thinking that lily will develop a flu soon, and she'll push through it. That way, there will be two sneezers!

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Update 3

Lily walked downstairs towards the dungeons, trembling with fear. Steeling herself, she walked into the classroom. Professor Snape was hunched over his desk, nose buried in a handkerchief, sneezing harshly.

"Kechit Ketchit KECHIT KECHIT! Hah hah HUH-KECHIT!"

Lily's heart went out to the man, and she softly said,

"Bless, Professor Snape."

Snape's head jerked up, and he snapped,

"Blast id, Biss Podds! *SNURF* must you always come in so quietly?"

Lily was about to respond when Flitwick strode in.

"Professor Snape!"

He squeaked.

"The flowers we were changing into mice are all over! We need your help!"

Snape groaned, but grabbed a few Kleenex and hurried after Flitwick.

"You will leave miss Potts and I alone, Flitwick."

And with that, Lily and Snape marched into the room. Snape barely managed to soundproof the room before erupting in a sneezing fit. Lily walked over to him, and to his surprise, rubbed his back.

Sorry it was so short. Should I continue?

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Lily guided the still sneezing professor into a corner far away from the flowers, grabbed the list of spells snape had, and hurriedly changed the flowers back into mice. Snape gaped. Never had a student been like this to him. Lily locked the nice in a cage, and turned to her professor.

"Professor Snape? Are you alright?"

Snape sniffed, and sneezed.

"RASHHHHAOOOOOO! Yes, I ab dow."

Lily took his arm, helping the dizzy professor down the hall and to his office. Snape was humiliated, but pleased and grateful.

"Biss Potts. I trust that you cad fide your owd dorbitory?"

Lily nodded.

"Can I get you anything, professor?"

Snape suddenly spun into a rage.

"Do. Get out. OUT OUT OUT!"

Lily ran out crying. Why was he so mean to her? She had only been trying to help!

Snape cleaned himself up, and hurried to Dumbledore.

"Professor Dumbledore! Lily Potts just performed year SEVEN spells perfectly! Hngxche!"

Albus surveyed snape.

"Bless. We will discuss this after I speak with miss Potts herself."

Snape flushed. Sitting in the chair with tears running down her face, was Lily.

"Why is she here?!"

Albus responded coolly.

"Minerva talked to me earlier about your behavior and how it upset miss Potts terribly. Why don't you sit down?"


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Okay, it has been a little while. Thanks for the helpful comments, but I do have something to confess:


I know, groan. Anyone have any suggestions?

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