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The Christmas Cold


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I know it's a bit early, but I found this and I had to post it smile.png Enjoy!!

Sophie smiled as she slipped her hand in her boyfriend’s. Finally life is panning out the way she’d always hoped it would. Fresh out of college, with already a nice career and a caring boyfriend. She didn’t think life could get any better. She has a nice, warm apartment to go home to, which is lovely in the bitter cold of December. As she walked down the scenic park path with her boyfriend, Luke, she couldn’t help but keep smiling. Everything was decked for Christmas. Just the feeling in the air produced a child-like tingly sensation in her, making her eyes light up and her facial muscles contract into the inevitable smile. Luke loved her like this, all happy and excited. They were, or so Sophie thought, just beginning to understand the complex feeling of true love. She wasn’t going to stop it. Neither of them had ever really experienced true love, but they both thought this had to be it. When your life becomes a whirlwind of joy and amazement just because of one person, it just has to be love.

“So, are your parents coming down?” Luke asked Sophie. Sophie shook her head.

“They invited me there for Christmas, and I love them and wanna see them again, but I don’t wanna go without you,” she said.

“Well, you know how my family is. They haven’t invited me anywhere,” Luke said, chuckling.

“Would you come with me?? Please??” Sophie begged, turning and walking backwards to face Luke, holding his hand with both her own and giving him a pleading look. Luke laughed.

“I don’t see why not. There’s no one else I’d rather spend my holidays with,” he said, then brushed her cheek gently with the thumb of his free hand and pecked her lips. She beamed.

“I’ll call them tonight,” she said, falling back into step beside him. The young couple continued their peaceful walk down the path. It wasn’t long, though, before a small, nearly undetectable shiver ran the length of Sophie’s back. She smiled as Luke gently wiped a snowflake off her eyelash. In doing so, though, his pinkie finger had accidentally brushed against the undersides of her slender nostrils, making her quickly scrunch up her nose to extinguish the tickle. It didn’t work, but she pushed the thought away and continued on her walk. She only got a few feet, however, when the tickle became too strong for her to hold back. She stopped, making Luke stop as well, turned around to face her.

“Sophie? What’s wrong?” he asked, cocking his head slightly at the expression on her face.

“Wait, I h-have to…Hih’ISH’ieww!” she sneezed into one soft, mitten-clad hand. Luke chuckled.

“Bless you!” he said as Sophie smiled and caught up with him. They continued walking, but Sophie couldn’t ignore the lingering tickle in her nose. Luke, too, began to notice her sniffling quite a bit.

“You okay?” he asked her.

“Of course! I’m fine,” she replied with a bright smile. After just a few more minutes, though, she had to stop again.

“Huh’PSH’iew!” she sneezed, again into her palm. Luke reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a soft hanky, holding it out to her.

“Bless,” he said again, smiling.

“Thanks,” Sophie replied, giggling a little as she gently swiped the soft cloth under her nose.

“Must be the weather,” she said, chuckling. Luke wrapped his arm around her in response.

“Better?” She smiled, resting her head against him as they walked.



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This is just too adorable for words! I want to hug them both!

I love the mittens, by the way. It's a really minor detail, but mittens are just so cute.

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@Sneezelover123 thank you so much! glad you like them smile.png

@prisma lol thank you smile.png

@Blah-San thank you! And I agree: mittens = yes biggrin.png

Part 2! Sorry for the lack of sneezing, I'm just trying to set the scene first smile.png Enjoy!!

Later that night, the couple was resting peacefully on the couch in front of their TV, a soothing digital fire crackling on the television screen. Luke still had his arm around Sophie, a warm blanket spread over their laps, half-empty mugs of hot chocolate for Luke and tea for Sophie on the coffee table.

“This is nice,” Luke said.

“It is,” Sophie replied with a soft sniffle, discreetly clearing her throat.

“Are you sure you’re alright? You’ve been sniffling all evening,” Luke said, concerned, as he gently tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. Sophie smiled.

“I’m just fine. It’s the cold weather. Happens every year,” she said, reaching for her mug and taking a sip of the lukewarm liquid.

“Here, lemme warm that up for you,” Luke said, getting up and gently taking the mug. Sophie relaxed against the back of the couch, listening to the beeps of the microwave.

“Careful, it’s a little hot,” Luke said upon returning, carefully handing her the mug.

“Thanks,” Sophie said, taking a sip after blowing some of the steam away. The steam rose up into her face, tickling her delicate nostrils. Her soft brown eyes began to squint, her nostrils flaring slightly, allowing a small bead of moisture to begin dribbling down her upper lip.

“Hih!” her breath hitched softly as Luke settled back into his previous position next to her. Soon Sophie felt a clean square of fabric being pressed into her hand. She held the handkerchief over her mouth and nose as a suddenly congested sneeze rocked her thin frame.

“Huh’EISHH’ooh!!” Luckily, Luke had taken the mug from her hands before the tea could splash over the rim from the force of her sneeze. She sniffled, murmuring a soft “excuse me” as she dabbed at her irritated nostrils with the soft cloth.

“Bless you,” Luke said in a tone of voice Sophie felt was immensely comforting.

“Soph,” Luke said quietly, passing the mug back when she was ready. Sophie sighed, then cleared her throat discreetly to ward off a cough.


“You’re coming down with a cold, aren’t you?” Sophie sighed again in surrender.

“It’s possible.” Luke could tell that she didn’t want to talk about it, so he just held her, talking softly to her, noticing that her replies got quieter and less frequent as the night went on. Finally he heard her breathing even out. As much as he hated to leave her, he had to get home himself. He slowly eased himself out from under her sleeping body, gently taking the mug and setting it on the coffee table once again. He covered her with the blanket, brushing her hair back and giving her a soft kiss.

“Luke?” she murmured, her eyes slowly blinking open.

“Hey, Soph. I gotta get home, but I’ll be back tomorrow, I promise,” he whispered.

“Stay here? Just for tonight?” Sophie asked in a small voice. Luke hesitated. He wanted to, but…

“Heh! Heh’ISHH’iew!!” Sophie sneezed again, wetter and more desperate this time.

“I’ll stay,” Luke said, giving her another tender kiss.

“But let’s get you to bed.”


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thank you to everyone!! Your comments make my day :D

part 3! Enjoy!

The next morning, Luke awoke to something less than pleasant.

“Hep’PSH’iew!” Sophie sneezed, then a soft moan escaped her slightly parted lips. Luke slipped his hand under her shirt and began gently rubbing her back.

“Luke?” Sophie murmured, sounding miserable and even on the verge of tears.

“I’m here, Sweetheart. Shh, just rest,” he soothed. He took his hand out of her shirt to pull the covers up higher on her body. He gently smoothed her hair off her forehead, then pressed his palm to her skin.

“Aw, babe, you have a fever,” he said. Sophie just sniffled in response. She turned so she was facing him and buried her face into his chest, muffling a rattling cough into his shirt.

“Are you gonna be alright to go to your parents’?” Luke asked softly, stroking her hair. She nodded.

“I have to be.”

“No, no, Sweetheart, don’t think like that. We could always just stay here, curl up on the couch with some hot chocolate…” To his utter shock, Sophie began to cry.

“Doe! I have to go to by paredts’. I go every year!”

“Okay, okay. Shh, calm down, we’ll go,” he backtracked. Sophie nodded, beginning to calm down.

“I think it’d be wise to at least see a doctor first, hm? You sound like you’ve got something nasty,” he said. Sophie looked up at him, and the corners of her lips twitched into a small smile when she saw the concerned crease between Luke’s eyebrows.

“Dot yet,” she protested weakly.

“Well, today’s Sunday. Christmas is only nine days away, and we leave for your parents’ this Friday. So if it’s not better by, say, Wednesday, then I’ll call, okay?” Sophie nodded weakly, already preoccupied by the tickle in her nose, growing at an alarming rate. Her eyebrows raised and furrowed, her eyelids drooping. Her red, irritated nostrils flared and a small rivulet escaped from them. Her lips parted slightly, her jaw slack. Luke chuckled at her, leaning back to get a handkerchief from the nightstand, glad he’d thought to keep a few there.

“Huh’PPSH’uh!! PPSHH’ooh!!” Sophie sneezed desperately, whimpering when she saw the splatter of spray on Luke.

“Bless you…and bless you,” Luke said, smiling warmly as he cleaned himself up, then folded the hanky over and gently pinched her flaring nostrils in it.

“Blow, Sweetheart,” he murmured soothingly. Too tired to fight him, Sophie complied, giving him a weak blow. Luke held the hanky there, stroking her hair with his other hand, until she finished, the gurgling sound subsiding.

“There you go,” he purred softly.

“You need anything? Tea, soup?” he asked as he gently wiped her nose, then set the used hanky on the nightstand. Sophie shook her head.

“Just you…” There it was again. That tickle. This time Sophie just let her eyes close, too tired to fight the sneeze. The thought of sneezing on Luke again, though, made her self-conscious, so she hastily pinched her damp, flaring nostrils in between her fingers, ducking down to stifle the sneeze.


“Bless, Sweetheart,” Luke repeated. Sophie sighed, aiming a cough into her fist.

“Why don’t you rest, hm?”

“Thad soudds lovely,” Sophie mumbled, nuzzling her face into him and closing her eyes.

“Night, babe,” Luke whispered to the darkness as Sophie fell asleep.


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This is just adorable! Sophie's so cute, especially when her nose starts getting stuffy. Makes me want to hug her. :P

Plus, Luke holding a tissue for her <3

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This is incredible! Please please continue!

You know ..........I will have to say it has esculated from cute to HOT!

I agree, prisma my dear :lmfao:

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Thank you guys SO MUCH for all the comments smile.png Spent all night in the hospital last night, so it was nice to finally come home and see all the kind words smile.png Thank you!!

And without further ado, part 4!

The next morning, Sophie woke up slowly. She stretched and blinked her eyes open, looking over to where Luke was, only to find the bed empty.

“Luke?” she called, her voice weak. Talking only made her cough, a deep, rattling cough she aimed into her fist. Sophie pushed herself up, grabbing a tissue when her nose began to run immediately upon being upright. She blew her nose heartily, getting another tissue when the damp moisture soaked through the first. After Sophie had cleared her nasal passages as much as possible, she got a blanket, wrapped it around her shivering body, and trudged out to find Luke.

“Luke??” she called again as she entered the living room, her call punctuated by a series of congested coughs.

“Hey, hey, why are you out of bed, Soph?” Luke asked, slightly alarmed. He rushed forward to gently wrap his arms around his shivering girlfriend. He led her to the couch, helping her sit.

“Huh! H’ISH’iewhh!” Sophie sneezed as Luke tucked another blanket around her.

“Bless you, babe,” Luke said, getting a tissue and handing it to her, then kissing her forehead as she cleaned herself up.

“You just rest, okay? I have some soup on the stove if you want some. I also have juice, tea, cough drops, the works. You tell me what you need,” Luke said. Sophie nodded.

“On that note, do you need anything?” Luke asked, giving her a caring smile. Sophie nodded timidly.

“What do you need, babe?”

“You,” Sophie murmured.

“Me?” Sophie nodded.

“That’s easy. You want some soup while we’re at it?” Sophie pondered a bit, then nodded.

“Alright. How about you pick out a movie while I go dish you out, hm?” Sophie nodded, taking the remote from him, as well as a clean hanky.

“Thadk you,” Sophie said. Luke smiled.

“This,” he stated, tucking the blankets around her tiny waist again, “is nothing.”

“Thadk you adyway.” Luke smiled again at her.

“Anytime, Sweetheart,” he said, then got up. Sophie relaxed with a soft sigh, surfing the channels on the remote. Finally she settled on a cheerful Christmas movie, sighing at the irony.

“Here you go, babe,” Luke said, carefully handing Sophie the bowl of steaming broth.

“Ooh, wait,” Sophie said quickly. Luke took the bowl and held it while Sophie pressed the handkerchief to her quivering nostrils.

“Hih’ISH’iew!! PSH’iew!! Heh’PPSH!!”

“Bless you!” Luke said with an amused smile.

“Gosh,” Sophie said breathlessly.

“Here, babe, you’re gonna get dehydrated,” Luke said gently, holding a cup of juice to her chapped lips, cajoling her to drink.

“You’re so compliant when you’re sick,” Luke joked, kissing her warm forehead. Sophie laughed dryly, her laugh turning into a cough.

“Alright,” Luke said as he sat down next to her, handing her the soup and wrapping his arm around his girl.

“I love you, Soph,” Luke murmured, holding her free hand, absently rubbing his thumb against her soft skin.

“I love you, too. Bore thad you kdow, trust be,” Sophie replied, dabbing at her nose with the hanky, then taking another bite of soup.

“This is really good,” she said.

“Good, I’m glad. Eat up,” Luke said. Sophie nodded. Together the couple sat, Sophie in Luke’s arms, slowly eating her soup. The Christmas movies continued to play in a marathon, a perfect distraction from Sophie’s cold and the snow outside.

okay, question: end it here or keep going?? hmm.....

and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

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okay, question: end it here or keep going?? hmm.....

Are you seriously asking this? No, no keep going please?! I love it how it's my turn to fangirl over your writing now! You at least have to get it to Luke feeling a little sick from being around a contagious Sophie ;) ? Even if not, I'm loving it!

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I'd say keep going if you feel inspired. It's your job as the author to know when it's right to continue and when it's right to stop.

Still loving their relationship here. I also totally adore the way Soph talks with her stuffy nose. I just makes me want to cuddle her forever.

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ugh, guys, sorry it took so long! I was seriously inspiration-deprived for a while, but I got the spark back :) So, without further ado:

part 5:

“Huh! Huh’ISHH’iew!!” Sophie sneezed for what seemed like the millionth time that night, her body pitching away from Luke’s.

“Bless you,” Luke murmured in the darkness, half-asleep.

“Ugh, I’b sorry, I didd’t mead to wake you up,” Sophie said, sniffling thickly.

“Shh, you don’t worry about that,” Luke said, his typically clear voice thick with sleep. Sophie had always admired Luke’s sleepy just-woke-up voice. It was always so sexy to her.

“C’mon, get some rest.” Luke tightened his hold around her slender frame, his right arm wrapped securely around her waist. Sophie backed up into him, feeling his warmth from behind. He rested his chin on her head, and soon she heard his deep, effortless breathing settle into an easy rhythm. Sophie wished she had it that easy. Her chest was aching with every breath; she couldn’t remember ever having felt this awful. And so close to Christmas! Before she even realized what was happening, tears were trickling down Sophie’s flushed cheeks. She waited until Luke was really out, then she slowly untangled herself from him and started downstairs.

Luke awoke later in the night when he stirred in his sleep and didn’t feel Sophie’s body next to him. In a flash of panic, he realized the bed was empty. He immediately turned on the bedside lamp, throwing the covers aside and getting up. The room began to spin wildly. Luke had to catch himself on the nightstand to keep from falling.

“Woah…stood up too fast,” he murmured to himself, rubbing his forehead before remembering the task at hand: find Sophie. He checked the bathroom, then started downstairs. Sure enough, he found her sitting at the dining room, her head in her hands, crying and looked downright miserable.

“Soph, what’s wrong??”

“Hmb?? Oh, I-“ Sophie broke off to aim a rattling cough into her fist. Luke knelt next to the chair, rubbing her back until she composed herself.

“I called by paredts cause I’b afraid I’b dot godda be able to bake it for Christbas,” she said, the tears starting all over again.

“No, no, don’t think like that. You will, definitely,” Luke soothed, standing and pulling his weak, shivering, feverish girlfriend into a loving hug. He stroked her hair.

“We may have to see a doctor, get some medicine for you, but other than that, I think you’ll be okay. You’ve got a while.”

“But-“ Sophie began to cough again, this time a bead of runny moisture dribbling down her upper lip. Luke plucked a tissue from the box nearby, wiping her red, chapped nose as gently as he could. She still cringed.

“No buts. You trust me?”

“Of course.”

“Well, then, come hell or high water, you’re gonna see your family for Christmas.”

And another question:

Are you guys for or against Luke getting sick?? hmm....

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