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I feel like I haven't posted anything (writing-wise) on this forum in FOREVER. Thus, today I bring a random Wreck-It Ralph drabble that focuses on the "precious baby" known as Fix-It Felix Jr. I've fallen in love with him, just because he is SO hopelessly adorable. I may write more in the near future - since it's my most present obsession - but for now I offer a small, pointless jumble of words.

Also, Garnet shared THIS with me (Gravity Falls spoof, anyone?) and I think it accurately describes the situation. Hah!

Enjoy~ biggrin.png


Helping Hand

By Spoo


"That should be the last of it," Fix-It Felix Jr. announced, setting his gloved hands about his hips.

Both he and Wreck-It Ralph stood in front of Ralph's recently renovated home. The two of them had worked together to add the finishing touches after Ralph had initially built it, even though it would have been much easier for Felix to simply tap the place with his hammer.

Still, since it was Ralph's house Felix didn't want to overstep any boundaries.

"Looks good," Ralph agreed, his eyes glancing down to Felix. "Thanks for your help."

The small handyman smiled - a true and genuine smile that reached his blue eyes. "Not a problem, brother. Always happy to help."

Ralph still thought it was pretty amazing how he and Felix had managed to overcome their differences. Then again, after everything that had happened it was perfectly understandable why. All he really knew was that, come closing time, he and Felix were no longer 'good guy' and 'bad guy', but relatively good friends.

"I think all that's missing is a walkway. You know, so you guys can come and visit," Ralph proposed, grinning.

The idea of visitors was once an impossibility, but since the Nicelanders had deemed Ralph an acceptable part of their community, they often came by with tokens of their appreciation. It was nowhere near the level of love and praise they gave Felix, but Ralph would happily take whatever he was given.

Felix was prepared to help Ralph with his newest suggestion, but just as he went to retrieve his hammer he was gently ushered aside by one of Ralph's thick fingers.

"I've got this," he explained, prior to cracking his huge knuckles. "Just keep back."

Immediately, Felix understood. He stood back a few paces and watched as Ralph readied his great and powerful fists. The entire area seemed to quiver as the giant man began pounding the leftover bricks into the ground, creating a successful walkway.

Felix didn't think he was standing too close until a thick cloud of brick dust settled over him, coating him from head to toe. Ralph had yet to notice until he was finished with his task.

"Oh, sorry," he apologized, looking over to see that the majority of Felix's blue clothing was now coated in brownish-red.

"No harm done, Ralph," Felix assured him, dusting off his shirt. "I just need to…"

The tiny hero didn't finish his sentence. He trailed off as an almost confused expression claimed his face. Ralph, who had been awaiting Felix's response, arched an eyebrow.

"Are you okay?" he asked, not quite certain what was happening.

Unthawing from his seemingly frozen position, Felix slowly, and…unsurely?…brought his elbow towards his face.

Thinking he'd done something offensive or harmful, Ralph instantly went to apologize again. But before he could even form the words 'I'm sorry', Felix was snapping into his raised elbow.


Ralph was even more confused than he'd been before. That had been a sneeze, right?

"Uh…gesundheit?" he offered.

But Felix didn't appear finished. Twice more he repeated his former gesture.


In the aftermath, Felix lowered his arm and gave his head a small shake.

"Goodness gracious," he said, reaching up his wrist to dab at his wet eyes. "'Scuse me, Ralph. Guess some of that brick dust got up my nose."

"Sorry," Ralph once more apologized, rubbing an enormous hand across the back of his neck sheepishly.

He seemed to be searching for something else to say when an idea passed through his head.

"You wouldn't want to head to Tapper's, would you? I figured we could celebrate since my shack is finally done."

Felix himself didn't visit the bar very often (if at all), but he knew that Ralph enjoyed Tapper's. And really, they did have a notable accomplishment to celebrate.

"A cold root beer sounds good to me," he agreed with a nod. "So long as we're back before the sun rises."

Ralph returned the nod and began heading towards the departing tunnel with Felix. "Sure thing."

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You. You wonderful person...You beat me to the punch, but also helped to inspire~ :DDD This was just as cute as I thought it would be. Even with it just being a drabble, I faved it to reread! Love knowing there's another WIR fan to share the adoration with ^^ <3

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Ahaaa~!! :D How painfully cute! I too have been fangirling madly over Fix-It Felix Jr. (As I'm sure you've seen with me reblogging every ounce Hero's Cuties from you on Tumblr, Spoo ;D) and just...AUGHHHG, this is so sweet and adorable. I love Ralph and Felix's emphasized friendship, and his little sneeze and just---NGH. LOVE.

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"Goodness gracious", he says. Ahaha! I'm dead. So very dead. That was all kinds of precious, Spoo, aaaaah! ;u; Thank you for posting!

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Awwwwww!!!!! I haven't seen the movie yet but I can't wait to, and that was just so adorable!!! <33333 Would you consider doing one with Ralph maybe? I just loved the way you wrote this, good work girlie~ :D

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Sergeant Calhoun: I'm glad I could inspire you! This forum needs more WIR, methinks. happy.png Felix is just all-around adorable, so it's no surprise his sneezes would be, too! I'm really happy you liked it. heart.gif

Galaxy: Hah! I love it when you reblog or 'like' my WIR posts. It lets me know that you're enjoying my spam! Hehehe. I like Ralph and Felix's friendship as well. They're total bros now that everything is cool in the arcade again. biggrin.png

pinknose: Weeeell, if it's as much squealing as I was doing while writing this drabble, then that's a WHOLE lot of squealing! tonguesmiley.gif

Garnet: BWAHHHH. NOOO. GET OUT. Butomgthankyou. shy.gif I just CAN'T EVEN with Felix, OKAY?! He's a precious baby. I want to pick him up and cradle him and then sing him to sleep. *Gross sobbing*

Akahana: You need to see the movie soon, girl! It's soooooo gooooood. Also, I guess I could consider writing a Ralph drabble. Though, it probably wouldn't be as cute as Felix, but I'm sure it would be interesting and, um, loud. Haha.

Thanks again, everyone! Love you all. wub.png

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Awww! Spoo, this is amazingly adorable! I haven't even watched Wreck-it-Ralph yet I am completely in love with this! Please please write more and I will love you forever and ever! wub.png

I hate that us Brits have to wait until Feburary next year to see this amazing film, I've been waiting for this since August! But I'm sure it's completely worth it! Hehe!

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*cries tears of joy* QWQ... OH SPOO..

I'm currently completely obsessed as well, and I went searching for a fic, and was DELIGHTED that I found one by you~!


*goes to reread again and again*

I love you so much! YOU CAPTURE THEM BOTH SO WELL! Felix is just-! *faints*

I would LOVE to see more from you, as I always do~! :DDD

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AppleBlossom: Thank you so much! You're very sweet. wub.png I'm sorry to see that you have to wait so long for the movie to come out in the UK. sadsmiley.gif They aren't the best quality, but there are leaks of the movie online that I've come across (if you're truly desperate to see it). Still, it doesn't compare with seeing the actual film. Hang in there! hug.gif

Kittykat: Isn't it just one of the CUTEST and BEST fandoms ever?! Jimminy-Jamminy, I can't get enough! yay.gif Thanks for the compliments. Gahhhh. Coming from you that's just…shy.gif Bwahhhh. <3333 I will definitely consider writing more! I love Felix sooooo much!

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KatieLynnxoxo: Well, this isn't 'part 2', per se, but it's another drabble! biggrin.png

Daisoku: THAT IS HORRIBLE! I'm so sorry you have to wait. Like I told AppleBlossom, there's a link online to watch the movie, but it's not superb quality. I would imagine you guys want to wait for the real deal in theaters, so hang in there! hug.gif It's worth the wait!

Alright, there has been some serious WIR love on this forum, and I am SO thoroughly pleased by it. So much so, in fact, that I've written another silly drabble (this one is a bit longer than my last). Additionally, this drabble focuses on Hero's Cuties themselves so there WILL be spoilers. Also! For those of you who don't already know, Calhoun's first name is Tamora. happy.png

LASTLY (jeez, shut up already, Spoo!), there may or may not be a twist in here. wink.png Enjoy!


Taking Cover

By Spoo


Felix didn't expect to find himself in Hero's Duty once the arcade closed for the night. He also didn't expect to find himself pressed tightly against Calhoun as the both of them hid in a tight crevice of sorts. Were it not for his size they wouldn't have been able to fit as compactly as they did, so Felix thanked his lucky stars his programmer made him as small as he was.

Nearby, the familiar sound of a Cy-Bug's tinkering and spiny legs scraped over the barren wasteland. Were it any other case Calhoun wouldn't have hesitated to take out the monster with her gun, but having Felix with her gave the sergeant an even larger helping of responsibility.

The handyman was all she had, and she would not lose him.

Felix could feel his pixelated heart thumping in his chest as he clung to Calhoun and kept himself quiet. He knew how dangerous and unstoppable a Cy-Bug could be, which explained why he didn't want to compromise the situation any more than his general presence already did.

From the angle in which they were positioned, it was hard to look around, let alone move at all. Felix could really only turn his head slightly since Calhoun was wedged beneath him, supporting his body with her upper half.

He could feel her breathing through her armor; he was elevated slightly with each inhale and then returned downward when she breathed out - both actions being silent and perfectly timed to avoid being heard. She was mighty dedicated, his wife, and Felix loved her for it.

But now wasn't the time for thoughts like that. Not when they were hiding from a ravenous virus with an insatiable appetite.

Above him, Felix felt Calhoun dip her head, so that her chin was now resting on top of his hat. She didn't say anything, but he knew that she was scouting out the area with her eyes and seeing if they had even the tiniest chance of escaping without being spotted.

Felix tried to lean back a little, to give her some room, but in the process the longer pieces of Calhoun's golden hair dipped over the brim of his cap and entered his face. The strands brushed against the underside of his rounded nose, which wasn't a big deal in retrospect, but boy…

Did it sure tickle.

He would have lifted up a hand and ushered Calhoun's hair aside, but in order to do that he would have had to move his arms, which were already busy clinging to her torso. He tried breathing out with enough air to move the locks, but in such close proximity they weren't going anywhere. They just bounced right back and brushed against his nose again.

This was a problem. Especially when Felix began to feel the initial itch bloom into something much more difficult to fight off.

Goodness, no. He couldn't. Not then.

In an attempt to smother the sensation before it could grow into an actual sneeze, Felix pressed his nose against Calhoun's shoulder plate. He slowly counted to ten in his head as he hoped and prayed that the tickle would extinguish itself.

It most certainly didn't.

If anything, it became offended that Felix was attempting to snuff out its precious life-force. Thus, the feeling intensified and therefore increased the small hero's dread.


Unlike most characters, Felix lacked the ability to sneeze only once. In fact, the very idea of sneezing only one time was laughable if you knew the fixer and his kittenish fits. Vanellope had hypothesized that since his nose was so big there was plenty of room to fit all of the sneezes, but Felix doubted that was the actual reason.

…And really, his nose wasn't that big.

Yet another untimely brush of Calhoun's hair nearly undid Felix on the spot, were it for the fact that he broke the safety of their mold and withdrew one of his arms. He quickly clutched his nose in his gloved hand just as another hitching breath filled his lungs.


He felt Calhoun shift and look down. She must have sensed that something was wrong based on the urgency of his actions. Felix tilted his head back and looked up at her; his eyes were coated in a thin layer of moisture from the effort it took of holding back the impending spell. It was too much, and he…oh, he just had to…!

Calhoun caught on a moment too late, for in the next second Felix was snapping down into his cupped hand.

"Hk'ngxt! Hh--igkxt!…nhg'kxtch!"

It was only the beginning, Felix knew, and since he was stifling them there would be even more to boot.


That last one had been louder than the others, and it resulted with the prowling Cy-Bug turning towards their hiding spot.

Calhoun's expression grew grim when she heard the monster approaching them. She knew that what was happening wasn't Felix's fault, but if he kept it up they were deader than an overcooked turkey at a table of starved wolves.

In an attempt to remedy their risky situation, she replaced his hand with her own and clasped it tightly over his nose and mouth, which stopped another sneeze before it could even properly develop.

Felix's cheeks burned beneath the flexed expanse of her hand, mostly because….well…it was awfully embarrassing.

Calhoun waited a beat to ensure that the situation was under control before she looked through the opening of the crevice again, only to see four neon green eyes returning her stare.

They'd been found.

The Cy-Bug began viciously wedging itself into their hiding spot, snapping its crushing pinchers. Although, when said crushing pinchers actually reached Felix and Calhoun, they dissolved away into nothingness. The same went for their surroundings until a neon-lit dome came back into existence over them.

With an irritated sigh, Calhoun dragged herself up and helped Felix to his feet while one of the computerized voices from Hero's Duty spoke from above.

'Simulation failed.'

"Well, I guess that's the end of that scenario," Calhoun stated, shifting her weight to one leg.

Felix, on the other hand, didn't hesitate to apologize. "It was my fault we failed that one, Tammy. I'm real sorry."

Calhoun looked down at her pint-sized husband and then kneeled to be at face level with him. "No use crying over a couple of sneezes, Fix-It," she reassured him, tugging the bill of his cap down over his puppy eyes.

Felix smiled sheepishly and righted his hat before leaning into the kiss she pressed against his lips. "Should we try that one again?" he asked.

Calhoun stood back up and nodded. "We'll keep trying until we can get past that filthy abomination. The kids are getting better these days and making it to the tower. They need to know when to take cover and pump the brakes on their trigger finger. Especially since they've got a civilian to protect once they're inside."

"Sounds good to me," Felix agreed as they both prepared to renter the practice simulation. "Say…would you mind if I, uh, faced the other way this time? Wouldn't want a repeat."

Calhoun smirked. "Good thinking, soldier."

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*attempts to calm down to avoid further embarrassment*

Okay, okay~


This is fanTASTIC~! I can TOTALLY see them in this most adorable, hunched, clutched position, and it makes me squeal with delight~!

Vanellope had hypothesized that since his nose was so big there was plenty of room to fit all of the sneezes, but Felix doubted that was the actual reason.

…And really, his nose wasn't that big.

That made me giggle so much x'DDDDD. I can just see Felix taking that comment politely and then looking away to gently scowl at such a suggestion x'DDDD

I am DEFINITELY going to be reading this one frequently for a while <3


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Spoo... ohmygod. *dies*


I mean, I know you can write, but MAN, that was perfection!

*crawls into a corner and reads again*

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All I can say to this is OHHH MYYYY GOOOOOOOD.

I remember thinking "I wish there were Wreck-It Ralph fics, but I know no one's going to write any", and then, BAM, quicker than a sneeze itself we get, like, 4 of them. <3

And this one has SWH. Really, really, REALLY cute SWH.

I love you people.

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OH MAI GOD I SAW THE MOVIE!!!! NDIheubnupiagbupwiebugsuyieqwpiu'awjflqwe'rueqw'yhq' <33333333 :D :D :D These drabbles are so adorable and I can enjoy them that much more now and holy shit I can't stop shipping Felix and Calhoun, THEY'RE JUST SO PERFECT!!!!!! Ahjufgba;eibgq;yhfgb r3q I love this~ Awesome job girl!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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Oh jeez, how did I miss the second drabble? SO CUTE. Hair-induced sneezing is my very favorite kind, and aww aww I love those two. A+ WOULD READ AGAIN.

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Heeeey guys. It's been a while. heh.gif I actually wrote this one a couple months back and posted it on tumblr, but I've since then edited it to befit this lovely forum~

There can never be too many sick!Felix stories. wub.png



By Spoo


It would have been so much easier to use her thermal scanner, Tamora knew, but that was left with her armor back in Hero’s Duty. Thus, she was forced to rely on the dinosaur of a thermometer that Felix owned. It did make sense why he would posses such an ancient relic though, since his game was created back when glass thermometers were actively used to classify degrees of fevers.

“Alright, Fix-It,” she said, speaking to the bundled-up ball of misery that laid in front of her. “Tongue up and no talking.”

The short hero obeyed, but only after he muffled an impressive coughing fit into his blankets. Afterward, the thin tip of the thermometer was settled beneath his tongue before he closed his lips around the tool, holding it in place.

Tamora found his obedience pleasing. “Sit tight for a second and try not to move.”

Such a request wasn’t hard to fulfill, because the absolute last thing that Felix wanted to do was move. His body hurt far too much for that.

While they both waited for the final reading, she reached out and idly brushed some of her husband’s uncombed bangs from his tired blue eyes. The back of her fingers took a detour and stroked along his hot, round cheek; he tilted his head and leaned against her hand, sniffling pathetically. Since Felix (and the rest of Niceland, for that matter) had been knocked off of their 8-bit feet by an unforeseen virus, Tamora had been camping out in the apartment building to look after him.

Vanellope was doing the same for Ralph at his place, even if the racer’s methods of care-taking were a bit…questionable. Tamora highly doubted that making candy soup and ‘ordering’ Ralph to feel better was going to convince the wrecker to get well any time soon.

Then again, her own obvious lack of experience when tending to the sick was less than impressive. She hadn’t been programmed to be a nursemaid or anyone who would coddle and care for someone who was feeling under the weather. In fact, her first instinct was to demean an ill soldier by telling him to stop being a baby, and that was after she forcefully shoved him in the direction of the infirmary.

Even so, it was different with Felix. Everything was.

“That should be long enough,” the sergeant mused, retracting the thermometer and bringing it up to her eyes for inspection. She wasn’t very good (or patient) with devices that predated her game, but she was smart enough to know that the old-fashioned fever reader was telling her that Felix had a temperature (if the long strip of crimson said anything).

Her contemplative silence concerned the handyman, and he couldn’t stop himself from asking aloud in a hoarse, congested voice: “Is it bad?”

“Bad enough to have you in bed until I see some improvement, soldier,” Tamora replied, setting the thermometer on the nightstand beside his small bed.

Felix pawed at his stuffy nose, which currently resembled one of the candied apples that hung from the trees in Sugar Rush. “You don't have'ta stick around, Tammy. I know I'm not the best company at the moment.”

Tamora repositioned herself on the edge of his bed. “Who else is gonna make sure you’re fit for duty once the arcade opens up again?”

No virus was a convenient one, but at least the arcade was currently closed for a holiday weekend, which gave the sick characters some time to work the bug out of their codes. Additionally, the virus didn’t seem to be contagious to anyone that wasn’t a part of Fix-It Felix Jr., so that was a nice little perk, too.

“Anyway, that’s enough self-pity out of you. Do you want something to eat?” Tamora asked, knowing it was best if Felix had something in his stomach.

“No, thank you,” he coughed. “M’not really hungry.”

If she was being honest, it bothered her to see Felix like this. He wasn’t smiling or looking at her with those sappy googoo eyes of his. Granted, it had taken some serious prodding to get the fixer to admit that he was sick in the first place, but once he had given in there was no more keeping up of appearances.

"Hihh…! Hhp'kchhish! Ih'tsschh! Hhg'ntschhish!"

The three consecutive sneezes dragged Tamora out of her thoughts; she watched as Felix resurfaced from the fit, wriggling his red nose like a rabbit.

Oh my land, this is just awful,” he groaned, wishing his wife didn’t have to see him like this. “I haven’t felt this terrible since our first virus.”

“It’s happened before?” Tamora inquired, arching an eyebrow.

“Uh-huh. A few years after we were plugged in. Everyone was s-so---hh'ngtsch!…worried. 'Scuse me.” Felix sniffled and reached for a nearby tissue. “We didn’t know what to do, so we all headed over to Dr. Mario.”

He’d never forget the expression on the mustached doctor’s face, or the surprised “Mama-mia!” he cried when they’d all piled into the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital, looking more out of place than a Fire Flower in Arctic Thunder. Unfortunately, Dr. Mario had since then been unplugged from the arcade, so they were all on their own this time around.

“Well,” Tamora said, once he was finished blowing his nose. “I’m no goody two-shoes doctor, but I’ll see that you pull through.”

A small, lopsided smile kicked up a corner of Felix’s mouth. He reached out, resting a hand upon Tamora’s before he braided their fingers together; her long, slender digits felt wonderful in his short, stubby ones.

“I’m feelin’ better already, hon'.”

Tamora suddenly felt the need to retract her earlier thought. Apparently, Felix wasn’t too sick to make googoo eyes at her.

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I come to check out the forum, and look what I find! A NUGGET OF GOLD~!

And I happen to actually be WATCHING the movie at the moment too!! *huggle*

Spoo! This is of course amazing, you are of course incredible-

What more can I say?! You've done it again!! The characterization, the pacing, the sweet little details-! >w<~


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Ahhhhhhhhh! Ohmygoshohmygosh! It's just so wonderful! God, please continue this, I am completely in love with your writing! You write them so beautifully, they are all in character!

I wanna pinch his chubby little cheeks! XD :wub::jump: Ahem! V-very good writing. :)

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