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Lovely people,

I have just started watching Merlin and I am absolutely in love with it! Would anyone be willing to write a Merlin/Arthur (slash please :) ) fic? I would prefer Arthur sneezing either from cold or allergies (though I am slightly more of a fan of colds). I am more than happy to do a trade with someone if they want. Also, I'm fine with this being regular or 18 +. Author's choice.:)

I will love you FOREVER!

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Mmm, I love Merlin! I'm more brotherly love on Merlin/Arthur though, otherwose I'd totally do this for you. Would you be willing to tak a gen fic? I'd love to get my hands on a sniffly king/prince myself! (BTW, what season would you prefer? Anything in the spoiler region?)

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I'd take a gen fic. No problem. And no, I don't have a preference for season. I'm only on season 1 but my friend kinda already spoiled everything important for me. Haha. Anything you might want in exchange?

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Ooh, cool! Okay, I'll get on it.

In return... Well, I pretty flexible and don't have anything in mind, atm, aside from the request I made on the board a few days ago. :)

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