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Two separate work obs for you guys. (I work at my school's union as part of the "set up" crew - moving around tables and chairs and such to set up the rooms for meetings and things.)

I was taking the trash out of the room we were cleaning, and just as I walked out of the room, I had to sneeze. It snuck up on me so quickly that all I could do was stop in my tracks, lift my elbow, and sneeze a forceful "Hek-tchew!"... to the obvious surprise of the rather cute boy who happened to be sitting in a chair studying right in front of where I stopped. He glanced up at me, smiled, and said, "Bless you." I muttered "Thanks" and hurried to throw away the trash, blushing like mad.

The second obs..... I've been waiting for this literally from my first day on the job. My supervisor (I'll call him M) is from Argentina. He's tall, probably 5'10" or 11" or so, skinny, has short brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and the most AMAZING accent ever. Seriously. And sooo many times while I was working he would sniff, or rub his nose with his wrist. Sometimes he coughed a little. One day he was out sick, and when I went to work the next day, he was there, and I got really hopeful, but... nothing. Finally, FINALLY, last week, toward the beginning of my shift, he was just standing and talking to me and one of my coworkers when he stopped, turned his face to his shoulder and sneezed into the sleeve of his t-shirt. It was medium volume, slightly wet and rough sounding, like "Uusschh!" Unfortunately, I was standing slightly behind him, so I wasn't able to see his face. I didn't bless him either, because I was way too stunned, but luckily my coworker picked up my slack. She blessed him and he said thank you and then continued like nothing had happened. And that was it. It sounds slightly anticlimactic, but believe me, it was long anticipated, and it did not disappoint!

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Aw, I can sympathize with the embarrassment of sneezing in front of people. Sneezing in front of cute people? I would probably die, haha.

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Correction: I would die if they said bless you and if they did any more than that I would avoid them for a little bit. I am so crazy...and skittish, haha.

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