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Lavi (m) for smileyfacegirl^^


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Happy birthday (again)~!

So I figured since the actual fic is going to be super late, I still wanted to have something for you today. I'm not the greatest artist in the world, but when inspiration for this struck me, I wanted to do it anyway. xD Since I've been looking at other people's drawings with sneeze expressions, I figured why not try it? And being a Bookman, Lavi's bound to encounter plenty of really dusty old books. ;)

I hope you like it! :)


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OMG!!!!!!!! Elements!!!!!!!! :jawdrop::boom: I can't.... WORDS..... O.o :'D Uwaaaah~! Why are you so nice to me???? *dies* OMG. Seriously, this might be the cutest, hottest, most epic thing I have ever seen :heart: :heart: :heart: And you did it for me!! Kyaaa thank you SOOO MUCH!!! *virtual glomp* lol I don't think there is a *melts into happy puddle of goo* emoticon (and I'm too lazy to troll the list ahaha) but if there was I would use it. :D GAH! Just...thank you. <3 :hug: I am using my iPod to reply to this, that's how much I love it and you :wub:^_^

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* Q *




why are people so multifaceted D8

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@smileyfacegirl^^: I'm so so so happy you like it!! Every time I reread your comment, I smile. :D Your comments always make me happy, though, so I really wanted to give you a little something. Seriously, though, everything you said just...I want more words to say thank you for saying all of that. xD You say so many nice things and write great fics among other things for the forum, I'm just glad you like this. I know I already told you half this stuff, but I wanted to reply here, too. XD

@pig: Thank you! Oh yeah, I remember you did a painting of Kanda once, didn't you? I absolutely loved it, and even before I joined the forum, I kept going back to look at it. xD

@Ciuty80: Hahaha, thank you so much~!

@Emily: xDDD I was picturing you (or what vague mental image I've constructed of what you might look like) doing that. BUT I'LL JOIN IN THE DUSTY BOOK THROWING except maybe that would hurt him so...inconspicuous dusty book shaking in his presence?

@Akahana: He is, isn't he? Can't get enough of him. :heart:

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Hahahaha somehow I think he can handle having books thrown at him, honestly. If all else failed, he'd just give it the Ozuchi Kozuchi treatment. laughing.gif (In fact, it wouldn't exactly surprise me to learn that Bookman has thrown books at him before... though then again he's usually more direct with his abuse tonguesmiley.gif ) But yeah, shaking dusty books in his presence works. XD Or hey, just sticking him in a dusty library. aaevil.gif

<3 <3 <3 so I have to comment again, Elements, because I wanted to tell you some specific things I like about this picture biggrin.png (in addition to the semi-incoherency that was my first post. heh.gif ) First of all, his hair. It's so fluffy, hehe :3 I like the way you drew the little poofs of dust, too... and his mouth in the first panel LOL that just makes me grin XD You also gave him very nice collarbones tonguesmiley.gif And just overall the way you did his proportions and clothing and stuff - I love that I can see your style, but you kept his original look intact happy.png And as for the sneeze panels... asdklajfaskljfsadfj GAH I still can't even. X) hahaha it's just sooo good! I love the blush marks biggrin.png and his expressions! And just... yeah. It's so perfect! XDD I love the sneeze spelling, too. It totally fits!! yes.gif *starts fantasizing about nonexistent Lavi sneezes in the anime*....

LOL anyway, I know I've totally said it a ton, but THANK YOU for this. hug.gif You haven't really posted any art here before, have you? Because 1. I am SO honored that you would for me!!! and 2. You SHOULD. You're amazing. heart.gif This is seriously one of the coolest birthday presents I have ever gotten. happy.png

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@smileyfacegirl^^: You bring up a valid point. I neglected to remember Bookman's Lavi abuse. xD I feel like he has chucked a book or two at Lavi's head...maybe it's only in my head. Suddenly, I'm becoming inspired to write a little something on this...hmmm....

But WOW, you flatter me!! So many of those things I put in as little details, just because it kept feeling like something was missing (like the collarbones) and didn't really expect would be all that noticeable. I'm really glad you did notice them, though! I loved your partially incoherent comment, but knowing what you like about it means SO much, I can't even tell you. :hug:

I'm sososo happy you like this and bothered to comment more than once, seriously, you're awesome. But no, I haven't posted any other art here. :sweatdrop: I didn't know it'd be so well received. xD I never thought I was that great an artist, so the most I'd post are sketches, but if you want...maybe I'll get around to doing a few more from time to time? (Btw, your last sentence? That just...like...words. I don't have them. :heart: )

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LOL yes. Bookman is always giving Lavi a hard time. hahaha i don't know if he did in the anime, but like i said it wouldn't surprise me at all. laughing.gif

DO IT!!! XDD hehe. The world needs more good Lavi fics. >:3 Like.. waaaaay more good Lavi fics LOL biggrin.png

I mean every word! happy.png I loooove little details. XD

Aww, well I LOVE your art! I think you are VERY good. I would love to see anything else you do~! <3

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