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My husband, L, is one of those people who do not get sick easily, however he has been saying for the past couple of days that he has been "fighting something off" it's been making him a little stuffed up but no real sneezing. I

Until yesterday that is.

My boy is a larger man, long blonde hair that's a little wavy with very strong features. His sneezes vary from the very loud and abrupt to the breathy buildup sharp types. I happend to have obs of both...like some sort of mini fetish buffet.

We were at my parents house, sitting at the table just hanging out when he grabs for a napkin and lets out two, "HETCHOO! HETCHOO!" followed by a sniffle and a very embarrassed look. I blessed him quietly, because I was around my family which make me oh so paranoid about my fetish. L, does know about it though, in case you were wondering.

Cut to several hours later and we had just finished...some play time which during I noticed several signs of an impending sneeze, his triangular nostrils flaring, blonde eyebrows drawing together and several small breathes. Afterwords, I cuddled close to him as he sniffled once more, rubbing a finger under his nose,

"Thought you were going to sneeze." I giggled, mostly at saying the word "sneeze" which is hard for me to vocalize for some reason.

"Yeah, I've been feeling a bit congested so it was hard. You aren't feeling stuffed up are you?" his eyes were getting hazy again, he must have been feeling the tickle again because he squinted his eyes shut, gave a very breathy,


His nose twitched, nostrils flaring, and then his head snapped forward with a sharp,

"Hih'TSCHoo!" which landed wetly on my shoulder. He shuddered, sniffled, rubbed at his nose again,

"Heh...ehhhh....HEH!" the pause felt forever, his eyes still shut, finger crooked under his flaring and twitching nose, mouth gently parted before his head snapped again forward,

"Heh'TSCKhhuhn!" again on my shoulder, then he seemed satisfied, fixing me with a sardonic stare, his blue eyes twinkling.


Idhfignslenfornfkfjfjfjf! My brain melted!

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Nothing specific, pollen can work or dust. Usually a strong scent will get him but it's not very reliable. Forunatly, he is willing to indulge me.

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Sounds like my boyfriend! He has long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and is kind of evil when it comes to the fetish as well.

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